What Should a Software Press Release Include?


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What Should a Software Press Release Include?

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What Should a Software Press Release Include?

In search of the best strategies for writing a press release about a software company, we turned to industry experts for their insights. Seven professionals, including content managers and CEOs, shared their top tips, ranging from focusing on a problem-solution narrative to promoting the unique selling points of the software. Dive into their valuable advice to make your software press release stand out.

  • Focus On the Problem-Solution Narrative
  • Highlight Solutions and Engage Journalists
  • Demonstrate Benefits With Real-World Case Studies
  • Provide Real-Life Examples and a Captivating Narrative
  • Balance Technical Expertise and Layman’s Language
  • Address Industry Needs and Include a Boilerplate
  • Promote Unique Selling Points of Software

Focus On the Problem-Solution Narrative

When writing a press release for a software company, my top tip is to focus on the problem-solution narrative rather than just listing features. Journalists and readers are more interested in understanding the value your software brings to the market.

Start by identifying a common problem your target audience faces, then introduce your software as the solution. Explain how your software addresses this problem in a unique or superior way. While it’s important to mention key features, they should be presented in the context of the benefits they provide to the user.

Remember, the goal is to make your software relevant and interesting to your audience. A problem-solution narrative can help you achieve this and increase your chances of getting media coverage.

Madhurima HalderMadhurima Halder
Content Manager, Recruit CRM

Highlight Solutions and Engage Journalists

While product features are important, they will resonate with the audience more if they’re tied to real-world solutions. Journalists and their readers are interested in stories that impact them directly, so highlight how your software addresses a common issue or improves efficiency in a specific industry.

As for getting media coverage, it’s crucial to build relationships with tech journalists and influencers in your field. Personalize your pitches to each journalist based on their beat and previous articles. Show them how your software fits into current trends, or even better, how it’s set to define new ones. Offering exclusive interviews or access to key figures in your company can also be an effective strategy for securing coverage. Remember, the goal is to make their job easier by providing an interesting story!

Katie WhiteKatie White
Content Marketing Manager, Centime

Demonstrate Benefits With Real-World Case Studies

For gaining media engagement on their press releases, tech firms should focus less on product features and more on what the benefits or outcomes of these features are for your customers and the potential impact of these on wider industry challenges.

The most straightforward way to show this is by quoting real-world case studies from customers who have already seen tangible results from using your product. These could be beta or pilot customers using a pre-launch version of your software, particularly if they are a household name.

If these results also address a wider topic or issue facing an industry, this immediately makes the press release more newsworthy than a list of new features without context about why anyone should care.

This approach will maximize coverage by drawing attention from both trade publications and tier-1 business and tech media while strengthening the partnership with your top customers by helping to push their own PR agenda.

Tom LloydTom Lloyd
Founder and Managing Partner, tllo

Provide Real-Life Examples and a Captivating Narrative

It’s like throwing a tech party and getting everyone hyped up! Now, should you focus on features? Sure, they’re the rock stars of the show, but don’t forget the magic word: benefits! Data says it all! Incorporating real-life examples and data points highlighting how your software saves time, boosts productivity, or solves a universal woe can make journalists go gaga. Numbers never lie, right?

Now, the secret sauce for getting media coverage? Create an irresistible story! Craft a tale that sparks curiosity and tugs at heartstrings. Picture this: your software as the superhero swooping in to save the day for businesses or individuals—reporters love a captivating narrative! So, go ahead, sprinkle some wit, add a pinch of data, and serve a delicious press release that leaves the media craving for more! Bon appétit!

Himanshu SharmaHimanshu Sharma
CEO and Founder, Academy of Digital Marketing

Balance Technical Expertise and Layman’s Language

A press release for a software company should show a balance between technical expertise and layman’s language. Please note that while you want to highlight the impressive and sophisticated features of your innovation, a press release is a primary source of information for published news that will be presented to the general public, who may not be tech-savvy.

For the media to cover technical offerings, focus on the solutions that your product can address and how this can ease the regular use of end consumers. Give a walkthrough of the benefits and how this can be a game-changer.

Tristan HarrisTristan Harris
Demand Generation Senior Marketing Manager, Thrive Digital Marketing Agency

Address Industry Needs and Include a Boilerplate

While highlighting unique features is essential, it’s equally crucial to emphasize the real-world benefits and value your software brings to users. Showcase how your solution solves common challenges and addresses specific industry needs.

Including a well-crafted boilerplate at the bottom of your press releases helps journalists quickly grasp your company’s background and essential information, increasing the likelihood of media coverage. Remember, presenting a great story with a human touch alongside technical details will captivate both journalists and their readers, enhancing your chances of successful media coverage for your software company.

Matias RodsevichMatias Rodsevich

Promote Unique Selling Points of Software

When writing a press release about a software company, you need to lean into what makes this company different and better than its competitors. They say we shouldn’t compare ourselves, but you want to push their unique features as much as possible so that the journalist can automatically find the USP (Unique Selling Point) that inspires them to engage with the company.

Software is an enormous market, so a USP is essential to get you noticed. Most people will naturally sway to the bigger brand names and companies that are already known, so you really do need to push whatever unique feature you have, whether it’s technical, design, or something else so that the journalist will know that you have something to grab the audience’s attention and imagination.

Bobby LawsonBobby Lawson
Technology Editor and Publisher, Earth Web

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