What Should a Conference Press Release Include?


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What Should a Conference Press Release Include?

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What Should a Conference Press Release Include?

To ensure your conference press release captures attention and provides the necessary information, we’ve gathered insights from PR strategists and business leaders. From articulating the “Why” of the conference to grabbing attention with exciting mentions, here are the top four recommendations these professionals have shared.

  • Articulate the “Why” of the Conference
  • Highlight the Headline Speaker
  • Include Essential Conference Details
  • Grab Attention with Exciting Mentions

Articulate the ‘Why’ of the Conference

In my experience as a communications strategist, if there’s one must-have element a conference press release should include, it’s the “why.” Besides the usual information like the event’s title, date, location, and speakers, it’s crucial to articulate why the event is noteworthy.

Address what problem or knowledge gap the conference aims to address and how it brings value to the attendees and the broader community. Stating the “why” narrative garners interest and helps to shape media coverage around the conference.

In a sea of information, a well-crafted “why” statement acts as a lighthouse, guiding the right audience and stakeholders to your event. Why should participants, press, and potential attendees care? By answering this question, you’ll have a winning press release.

Elias Bustos
PR and Communications Strategist, Be Influential Public Relations

Highlight the Headline Speaker

One essential element is to feature the headline speaker prominently, their relevance, and unique value to the conference. Highlight the exclusivity. By spotlighting the headline speaker, the press release captures the interest of attendees and enthusiasts and generates excitement.

Matias RodsevichMatias Rodsevich

Include Essential Conference Details

When writing a conference press release, one important element to include is the key information about the conference.

Clearly state the essential information about the conference, including the event name, date, time, and duration. Mention the specific venue or whether it’s a virtual conference with details on the online platform or access instructions. Remember to craft a concise and engaging press release, focusing on the most newsworthy and compelling aspects of the conference. Write in a journalistic style, keeping the tone informative and professional.

By including the key information mentioned above, you can effectively communicate the conference’s value and generate interest from journalists and potential attendees.

Georgi TodorovGeorgi Todorov
Founder, ThriveMyWay

Grab Attention with Exciting Mentions

A conference press release needs to be attention-grabbing and exciting! To get the interest of journalists, you should include three important things: who, what, and why.

First, mention the important people attending, like famous speakers or special guests. For example, someone like Elon Musk or Lady Gaga would be great to mention. Next, talk about the interesting topics and sessions that will be happening at the conference. Maybe they’re talking about amazing things like teleportation or understanding dogs.

Lastly, share some impressive facts and numbers. For instance, you could mention how the conference has led to a 50% increase in productivity or has positively impacted 2 million lives. Remember, your press release should be as exciting as a late-night pizza! So go ahead and get those journalists hooked with your awesome conference news!

Himanshu SharmaHimanshu Sharma
CEO and Founder, Academy of Digital Marketing

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