What Media Monitoring Companies Do PR Pros Use?


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What Media Monitoring Companies Do PR Pros Use?

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What Media Monitoring Companies Do PR Pros Use?

To help you find the best media monitoring service for your needs, we asked professionals from various industries to share their preferred companies and what they enjoy about their services. From Mention’s intuitive platform and alerts to Brand24’s intuitive interface and reports, here are the top six recommendations shared by community managers, CEOs, and marketing assistants.

  • Mention: Intuitive Platform and Alerts
  • Talkwalker: Comprehensive Solution and Reporting
  • Google Alerts: Keyword Monitoring and Updates
  • Meltwater: Real-Time Insights and Analytics
  • Semrush: Timesaving Media Monitoring App
  • Brand24: Intuitive Interface and Reports

Mention: Intuitive Platform and Alerts

One of our favorite media monitoring tools is Mention.com. Our team has used it for a few years now and we consider it a staple in our portfolio of tools. Above all else, Mention does its job and does it well. The platform is very intuitive, which is always appreciated, as not every tool is this user-friendly.

It has a very impressive reach and scalability. While it’s obviously impossible to cover the entire net, the coverage is there and all the more boosted by its social media presence as well.

Finally, Mention has robustly developed alert capabilities (as they well should). The virtually endless customization and tailoring options allow our team to select how and when we want to be informed about our campaigns.

Overall, Mention is a very solid option for media monitoring, as we foresee using it for many more years.

Peter BrylaPeter Bryla
Community Manager, ResumeLab

Talkwalker: Comprehensive Solution and Reporting

I use Talkwalker to monitor my media presence. Talkwalker offers one of the most comprehensive solutions for media monitoring out there today; their innovative features help brands monitor campaigns efficiently and measure ROI more accurately than ever before—something few other services offer. It makes reporting easy with beautiful dashboards, so I don’t have to spend hours collating data from various sources.

Rehana AslamRehan aslamRehana Aslam
Marketing Assistant
 Casa Theluxe

Google Alerts: Keyword Monitoring and Updates

For media monitoring, I’ve found that Google Alerts fulfills my requirements adequately. It’s a tool by Google that allows you to monitor specific keywords, sending you regular updates based on a frequency of your choosing.

I’ve found it particularly useful to track news about my businesses, competitors, and customers. Being updated on competitor news is vital in staying abreast of developments in swiftly changing markets.

Monitoring customer news, for both current and prospective clients, helps protect relationships and aids sales processes. Using fresh news as a talking point shows informed engagement and can even act as a catalyst to rekindle interest from ‘on hold’ leads in your pipeline.

Rafael Sarim ÖzdemirRafael Sarim Özdemir
Founder and CEO, Zendog Labs

Meltwater: Real-Time Insights and Analytics

We rely on Meltwater for media monitoring. Their platform provides real-time insights into media coverage, social trends, and online conversations. We easily track our brand’s mentions and sentiment across channels with a user-friendly interface and customizable dashboards.

Meltwater’s advanced analytics and competitive intelligence tools keep us ahead. We enjoy the valuable insights that shape our marketing strategies, helping us navigate the fast-paced media landscape effectively. Meltwater lets us stay informed and responsive.

Matias RodsevichMatias Rodsevich

Semrush: Timesaving Media Monitoring App

Monitoring what people say about our brand online is essential for responding appropriately. Using the Media Monitoring app of Semrush is our way to go. It frees up valuable time to focus on developing our strategy and making plans.

Here are the features I enjoy the most:

  • Reveals feedback from customers and manages our online reputation by filtering mentions based on sentiment.
  • Measures the success of our marketing efforts by comparing our brand’s reach to that of our competitors.
  • Checks which mentions are worth turning into backlinks (based on reach) to set your link-building priorities.

Stoyan MitovStoyan Mitov
CEO, Dreamix LTD

Brand24: Intuitive Interface and Reports

My favorite media monitoring company is Brand24. It’s intuitive, easy to use, and jam-packed with valuable features helpful for my PR and SEO efforts.

Brand24 serves me for various purposes. They include tracking brand mentions and competitors’ backlinks, measuring the results of PR campaigns, and analyzing the target audience.

What’s outstanding about the tool is that it can categorize your brand mentions into positive, negative, or neutral. Thanks to this “Sentiment analyst” feature, you can get a bigger picture of your company’s public image and react in real time.

Brand24 allows you to download nicely designed, professional reports whenever you want. They come in PDF, XLS, and even infographic formats, which option is great as you can process data away from the tool. There’s also Slack integration available, so you can easily collaborate with other team members.

Agata SzczepanekAgata Szczepanek
Community Manager, MyPerfectResume

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