What Content Do Publishers Receive From Featured?


Featured connects subject-matter experts with top publishers to increase their exposure and create Q & A content.

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Ask good questions. Get great content.

There are roughly 542 million inactive blogs abandoned due to lack of resources, time, and money needed to sustain them.

Featured’s Publishing feature was created to help brands create content and reconnect with their audiences

Since launching publisher accounts in January 2022, marketing teams, blog managers, content writers, and business owners have been using Featured’s self-serving publisher platform to scale their content production with quality, ready-to-publish Q & A articles fueled by insights from leading subject-matter experts.

So, what kind of content can publishers expect to receive from Featured?

Publishers receive a ready-to-be-published expert roundup article in a shared Google Drive folder, as well as headshot images of all the quoted panelists after posting a question on Featured.

The “Completed” Section of the Featured Publisher Dashboard

The article features expert insights that are selected to satisfy the search intent of a question. This means the article will feature diverse perspectives and tips to engage readers. In addition, the article includes a brief introduction with a bullet point list of tips that has helped many publishers achieve a featured snippet on search engine result pages. 

What does published Featured content look like?

Publisher Examples of Featured Content





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Featured publishers have full editorial and creative control of their content.

This means that publishers may adjust the formatting, edit/remove/add written content, internal links, images, etc!

What is required by publishers?

We ask that publishers do their best to follow these requirements:

  • Follow the editorial guidelines stated here: Featured Publisher Accounts 
  • Publish the article within four weeks of receiving & share the article URL to the Featured dashboard.

See the full list of Publisher FAQs at the bottom on this page: Featured Publisher Accounts 


Success Stories

Humble Brag – We outrank Oprah!

Featured Articles Ranked #1 on Google*

*Last updated March 2023

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Head on over to featured.com/publisher or read this blog post Featured Publisher Accounts to get set up as a Featured Publisher

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