What is Better for Task Assigning: Slack or Trello?


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What is Better for Task Assigning: Slack or Trello?

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What is Better for Task Assigning: Slack or Trello?

Choosing the right tool for task assigning can make a significant difference in your team’s productivity and communication. To help you decide between Slack and Trello, we’ve gathered insights from 10 professionals who shared their experiences and preferences for these popular tools. Discover the reasons behind their choices and learn how to determine which platform best suits your company’s needs.

  • Using Both: Trello for Task Assigning
  • Slack: Efficient and Casual Task Assigning
  • Trello’s Kanban System for Efficiency
  • Slack vs Trello: Consider Team Needs
  • Trello: Visual Layout and Organization
  • Trello’s Visual Advantage, Slack’s Limitations
  • Slack for Specific Tasks, Trello for Projects
  • Trello: Simple and Organized Task Management
  • Balancing Slack and Trello for Productivity
  • Trello: Simplicity and Helpful Features

Using Both: Trello for Task Assigning

For task assigning, Trello wins hands down. But we actually use both in our practice.

Slack is great for efficient communication and avoiding endless email chains. However, there is no feature to assign tasks to people. We use Slack to communicate, but Trello to assign projects, because Trello doesn’t have an IM feature.

Trello’s board feature allows us to set up multiple projects in one view, while also making it clear which tasks belong to which person.

While using both might seem overly complex, we’ve found that separating communication and task assigning work very well for us. People know how to reach each other, and also where to look for the next step on a project.

Trello makes it easy to assign tasks to specific people without having to send a million emails or Slack messages. People know they need to check Trello regularly and have notifications on for it. Trello has a simple interface and integrates well with Slack, making it the best tool for us.

Dr. Shara PosnerDr. Shara Posner
Founder, Back To Health Center

Slack: Efficient and Casual Task Assigning

As a start-up, we use Slack for task assigning because it’s the perfect blend of efficiency and casual conversation. My company’s founder introduced me to Slack and I am hooked on it. For someone coming from a formal corporate culture where they primarily use Teams or Skype, Slack is so intuitive and easy to use.

When I am picking up some tasks, I quickly ping the founder to let him know what I am doing and he shares feedback on Slack right away. Plus, it’s great for quickly assigning tasks, and the built-in fun features are the icing on the cake!

With its affordable price tag, it’s the perfect tool for companies on a budget. So if you’re looking for the perfect tool to assign tasks and have a little fun too, then look no further than Slack!

Aruna KrishnanAruna Krishnan
Marketing Coordinator, Achievable

Trello’s Kanban System for Efficiency

Trello works best for my company because it employs the Kanban system, which allows us to assign and track tasks efficiently from a single dashboard. Thanks to the Kanban system, we can identify which parts of the project are moving efficiently and which need optimization to achieve the desired results.

Liam LiuLiam Liu
Co-founder and CMO, ParcelPanel

Slack vs Trello: Consider Team Needs

Both Slack and Trello are excellent tools for task assigning, but they serve different purposes and work in different ways.

Slack is a communication tool that allows teams to send messages, share files, and collaborate in real time. While it has some task management features, such as the ability to create and assign tasks, it’s not primarily designed for task management.

Trello‌ is a visual project management tool that allows teams to create boards, lists, and cards to track and manage tasks. Trello is designed specifically for task management and provides a range of features to help teams prioritize, assign, and track tasks.

The choice between Slack and Trello ultimately depends on the specific needs of your team and the type of tasks you need to manage. Here are some factors to consider:

Communication needs: If your team needs a tool primarily for communication and collaboration, Slack may be the better choice.

Precious AbacanPrecious Abacan
Writer, Softlist

Trello: Visual Layout and Organization

We primarily use Trello for task assigning because it allows us to create cards for each task, assign team members to those cards, and track progress from start to finish. Trello’s visual board layout also makes it easy to see which tasks are in progress, which ones are completed, and which ones require further attention.

One tip for using Trello effectively is to use labels to categorize tasks. This can help with prioritization and organization, making it easier to identify which tasks are most important and which ones can wait. By using labels consistently across all cards, team members can also quickly filter tasks based on their specific needs and responsibilities.

Basana SahaBasana Saha
Founder, KidsCareIdeas

Trello’s Visual Advantage, Slack’s Limitations

My company uses Trello to assign and track tasks. Our team is a jumbled bag of writers, designers, and marketing specialists. We need a task management platform that allows us to visualize and quantify collaborative projects in a way that works for everyone.

For me, Trello’s more visual setup is better suited than Slack for planning your work week. As a visual thinker, I find it much easier to organize and prioritize tasks when I can color-code them, deadline them, and pin them on a bulletin board.

Slack is handy for team discussions, meetings, and updates. Ultimately, though, it’s a direct messaging app, and in both my experience and my team’s, direct messaging apps aren’t adequately equipped for organizing complicated workflows.

Samuel JohnsSamuel Johns
CPRW and Career Counselor, Resume Genius

Slack for Specific Tasks, Trello for Projects

Slack works well for our company because most teammates have specific tasks that are repeated weekly. Every member handles their own result and time management. The tasks rarely cross paths with other teammates or departments. When we have specific collaborative projects, we create a Slack channel to address the people involved and discuss the details of the project.

However, if you have many collaborative projects where each member needs to complete a task in order for others to move forward with the project, Slack could get hectic. Trello is much better at organizing tasks by the department and shows the progress each member is having in real-time. Trello works better to manage a team of contractors or cross-departmental projects.

Liz HoganLiz Hogan
Career Expert, 

Trello: Simple and Organized Task Management

Having used both extensively, I believe Trello is better at assigning tasks.

Slack tries to be many things, but Trello is specifically set aside for managing projects, assigning tasks, etc. The clicking and dragging of boxes around, almost like shuffling a deck of cards, makes for ease of use, organizing thoughts, and simple management.

Kristina RamosKristina Ramos
Reverse Recruiter, Find My Profession Find My Profession

Balancing Slack and Trello for Productivity

At our company, we use both Slack and Trello to delegate work. However, the direct address on Slack enhances accountability and productivity. While Slack works better within teams, Trello’s organization may prove to be a useful communication tool across teams.

Marco Genaro PalmaMarco Genaro Palma
Co-founder, TechNews180

Trello: Simplicity and Helpful Features

We use Trello regularly, so we would vouch for Trello over Slack. While Slack may have more bells and whistles, Trello is a nice, simple tool that is easy to track tasks and has features that can be understood within a brief space of time. We particularly like the ability to color-code labels on cards and use power-ups, especially Card Repeater, to copy Trello cards for repeated tasks automatically.

Lilia KossLilia Koss
Community Manager, Facialteam

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