What Does Your Signature Say About You?


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things your signature says about you

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What Does Your Signature Say About You?

To help you know what your signature says about you, we asked handwriting analysts and thought leaders this question for their best insights. From showing your character and disposition to suggesting how organized you are, there are several things your signature may be revealing about you anytime you sign a document.

Here Are Eight Things Your Signature Says About You:

  • Shows Your Character and Disposition
  • Indicates How You Relate To People
  • Alludes To Your Temperament
  • Shows Your Style and Personality
  • Tells How Confident You Are
  • Crafts Your Identity and Personality
  • Reveals Your Personality
  • Suggests How Organized You Are

Shows Your Character and Disposition

A sign tells a lot about a person’s mindset. If your sign isn’t apparent, it doesn’t suggest you’re quick; rather, it’s something you intentionally do. If you have a clear sign, it indicates that you are honest, open, and eager to share. If your sign is ambiguous, though, it indicates that you are arrogant.

The requirement for responsibility and significance is shown by underlining your signature. It also demonstrates a lack of self-assurance.

If your signature is brief or the letters are written close together, it indicates that you are impatient and have poor attention. An even-tempered and balanced individual has a signature that is straight and simple to read.

Timothy Woods, Carnivore Style

Indicates How You Relate To People

We sign for a package, place our name at the end of an agreement, or at the bottom of the letter, and do so with little thought, however, many don’t realize that our signatures can indicate our abilities to relate to people.

Even though our scrawl may have changed, graphologists, or people who have researched our signing habits, have found direct correlations between the way we write our name and our abilities to relate to people.

Studies have demonstrated that those who have signatures that lean to the left will often mean that the individual is reserved or prefers to hold back.

However, people that overcompensate by going in the other direction with embellishments or an emphasis on loops and flashy movements, maybe indicate insecurities relating to a desire to be noticed. Although it is not the only indicator, looking at someone’s signature with more than a passing glance, can provide insight that previously had escaped you.

Cody Candee, Bounce

Alludes To Your Temperament

One thing a signature can say about an individual is their temperament. The angle of the signature can indicate this, for example, an upward angle can suggest ambition, optimism, or another uplifting feeling. A downward angle signature can possibly allude to skepticism or pessimism. Additionally, a straight signature shows balance and control, or confidence and self-sufficiency.

Sasha Ramani, MPOWER Financing

Shows Your Style and Personality

Signatures are telling extensions of a person’s personality. A clean and easily deciphered signature reveals a desire for legibility and order. This type of personal mark might also betray naivete, as the signature is typically easier to forge if it’s easily read and can be methodically duplicated.

Large signatures with artistic flourishes show a person that cares deeply about how they represent themselves. Sometimes an especially large or flashy autograph betrays vanity and self-absorption by the signee. Signatures that are too frenetic and sloppy can reflect a carelessness for formality. No matter the signature or its indication, all marks tell a story about the person who claims it.

Christopher Ager, HomeBreeze

Tells How Confident You Are

A signature is like a personal stamp and can convey things about yourself that you may not even be aware of. There are studies on this, but the science doesn’t yield strongly significant results, so analyzing signatures is more about art interpretation than hard statistics.

One of the most important and obvious things to look at is signature size.

Signature size is linked to confidence, with larger signatures indicating an individual is self-assured and bold, while smaller ones may indicate humility and hesitance. Signatures that are so large they obscure surrounding text may be a sign of over-confidence or arrogance. I aim for a happy medium, large enough to be clear and distinct but considerate of how much space my personal stamp takes up.

Soumya Mohan, Poised

Crafts Your Identity and Personality

My signature shows that I am crafting my own identity. Though I appreciate my name, it is long and often difficult for introductions outside of my native land and language. From my given name I have developed my own identity and style for how I use it.

I add aesthetic flourish to my signature as well. Not only is my autograph my own take on who I am as a name, but how I like to present my personality with some visual flair.

New Melchizedec S, Expertrec

Reveals Your Personality

When someone takes the time to forge a handwritten signature, it often reveals something about their personality. For example, a person’s signature may be very elaborate and artistic if they’re creative and expressive by nature. Or, if someone is more reserved and practical, their signature might be simple and concise.

In general, your signature can say a lot about your personal style and how you like to present yourself to the world. It can also be seen as an extension of your personality since it’s typically one of the only physical traits that remains constant throughout your life. So when you sign your name, you’re essentially putting your “stamp of approval” on whatever it is that you’re signing.

Asako Ito, Divine Lashes

Suggests How Organized You Are

A signature with clearly shaped letters, clean placements, and consistent distance between words and letters, is one reflective of someone who’s organized and socially mature. Clean signatures reflect that you are a detail-oriented perfectionist. Conversely, aspects such as malformed letters and inconsistent spacing indicate a lack of self-awareness and discipline and show that a person is not organized.

Ray Leon, Pet Insurance Review

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