What Are the Traits of an Entrepreneur?


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What Are the Traits of an Entrepreneur?

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What Are the Traits of an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs often possess unique traits that set them apart from others. To uncover these qualities, we asked 12 successful founders, CEOs, and managers to share one trait they have that others typically don’t. From embracing radical honesty and self-awareness to continuously learning, discover the top 12 traits that make these entrepreneurs stand out.

  • Embrace Radical Honesty and Self-Awareness
  • Cultivate Resilience and Tenacity
  • Harness the Power of Curiosity
  • Prioritize Execution and Operations
  • Master the Art of Networking
  • Thrive on Uncertainty and Unpredictability
  • Learn from Failure and Stay Determined
  • Maintain Unwavering Perseverance
  • Leverage Technology for Success
  • Take Decisive Action for Results
  • Balance Intuition and Data-Driven Decisions
  • Embrace Continuous Learning

Embrace Radical Honesty and Self-Awareness

I believe one trait that sets me apart from others is my commitment to radical honesty and self-awareness. I firmly believe that honesty and transparency are crucial in business and in life, and I strive to always be authentic and truthful in all of my dealings.

This means not only being honest with others but also being honest with myself about my strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. I place a great deal of importance on self-awareness, which I believe is essential for personal growth and success.

By regularly reflecting on my actions, thoughts, and emotions, I’m able to gain a deeper understanding of myself and my motivations. This helps me to make better decisions, communicate more effectively with others, and ultimately achieve my goals.

Of course, radical honesty and self-awareness aren’t always easy. It’s uncomfortable to confront our own shortcomings and vulnerabilities, and it’s challenging to share our true thoughts and feelings with others.

Natalia BrzezinskaNatalia Brzezinska
Marketing and Outreach Manager, ePassportPhoto

Cultivate Resilience and Tenacity

Rejection isn’t for the weak. But entrepreneurs must get used to facing more closed doors than open ones. We lose more often than we win and hear “No” over and over. We meet dead ends and find multiple solutions that don’t work. And yet, we keep trying.

To be an entrepreneur, make friends with failure. Know when to cut your losses and try a new direction. Know that failures are learning opportunities and will help to make you a stronger entrepreneur. This resilience and tenacity will help you stay motivated and keep trying, even when success feels out of reach.

Alli HillAlli Hill
Founder and Director, Fleurish Freelance

Harness the Power of Curiosity

I think my insatiable curiosity has motivated my accomplishments. A quality that is frequently underrated but which businesses can use to their advantage is curiosity. It enables us to challenge the status quo, look for fresh knowledge, and pose questions. Curiosity drives us to seek methods to better both our businesses and ourselves continually.

I have investigated a wide range of professions and sectors because of my curiosity. I had a very limited understanding of marketing when I first began my company. But I jumped headfirst into learning everything I could about the subject rather than just hiring someone to handle it. This helped me comprehend my business better overall while also saving me money.

Percy GrunwaldPercy Grunwald
Co-founder, Compare Banks

Prioritize Execution and Operations

While many entrepreneurs are excellent dreamers who conceive innovative ideas that eventually become successful businesses, I believe my unique trait lies in my focus on execution and operations. A lot of entrepreneurs get distracted by the allure of “shiny objects,” but I prioritize bringing ideas to fruition.

Once I have a solid concept in mind, I immediately start testing and refining it. This process can be slow and perhaps less exhilarating for some entrepreneurs, which is why many people might discuss or perfect their ideas without actually implementing them. For me, however, the key to success is transforming these ideas into tangible realities.

Zakhar IvanisovZakhar Ivanisov
Founder, Soul & Lane

Master the Art of Networking

I think entrepreneurship requires a combination of skills; it is hard to isolate a single trait, but I would place networking skills at the top of my list. Many people may see an opportunity but must learn how to exploit it.

In my experience, strong networking skills are vital for business success. Networking with like-minded individuals and hearing their success stories inspires and motivates me.

But it is also a skill needed to identify new markets and connect with potential clients, customers, partners, and suppliers, which can lead to new business. Entrepreneurs need visibility.

Not everybody enjoys that. But attending events and meeting new people has helped me build a positive reputation in my industry. It has also allowed me to learn from others, gain new perspectives, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

Yama JasonYama Jason
Founder, Parlun Building

Thrive on Uncertainty and Unpredictability

Although many people like to believe that they enjoy variety and surprises, in reality, they prefer certainty. Stable employment and a regular wage are overwhelmingly popular employment options, representing most working adults.

However, I genuinely thrive on uncertainty and unpredictability, and this has aided my entrepreneurial efforts considerably. This allows me to take calculated risks, stay level-headed during market downturns, and steer my organization through the most chaotic times. Instead of getting overwhelmed, I can grab the bull by the horns and lead us through.

Without my high tolerance for uncertainty and unpredictability, I would likely have remained an employee, preferring the safe and stable option. But I chose the path less traveled, and I am enjoying every minute.

Oliver SavillOliver Savill
CEO and Founder, Assessment Day

Learn from Failure and Stay Determined

Many emerging entrepreneurs give up when faced with adversity, but I am not afraid to fail. Rather, I use each failure as a learning opportunity and move forward with renewed focus and energy. As the proverb goes—”fall seven times, stand up eight.”

My willingness to take calculated risks has led me to successful projects in the past, which fuels my ambition to keep pushing boundaries while maintaining a healthy respect for failure.

My determination means that I never give up on my goals, and it also serves as an inspiration for clients who strive to achieve more because they know someone just as passionate about success supports them.

Effie Asafu-AdjayeEffie Asafu-Adjaye
Founder, Beautiful Sparks

Maintain Unwavering Perseverance

One trait that sets me apart as an entrepreneur is my unwavering perseverance. Starting and growing a successful business is not an easy feat, and it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and resilience.

As an entrepreneur, I have faced many challenges and obstacles along the way, but I have always remained committed to my vision and determined to overcome any setbacks. I believe that perseverance is essential for any entrepreneur, as it allows you to keep pushing forward even when things get tough.

By staying focused and persistent, you can achieve your goals and build a successful business that you can be proud of.

Basana SahaBasana Saha
Founder, KidsCareIdeas

Leverage Technology for Success

As an entrepreneur, a unique skill that has deeply helped me is an in-depth understanding of technology. This knowledge allows me to capitalize on today’s digital landscape by leveraging existing technologies and developing custom solutions to maximize efficiency and productivity.

As a software engineer, I have extensive experience working with programming, data analysis, and algorithms, allowing me to create customized solutions tailored to my business’ specific needs.

This also allows me to stay ahead of the ever-evolving tech industry and quickly adapt my strategies as necessary. My familiarity with technology helps me identify areas where I can enhance the existing systems or implement new ones for even greater success.

Nick RivadeneiraNick Rivadeneira
Founder, Racebuilds

Take Decisive Action for Results

One trait I’ve gained as an entrepreneur that non-entrepreneurs rarely have is a willingness to take decisive action rather than staying stuck in the dreaming phase. I don’t have an entrepreneurial background, but I built a business anyway while still working at my 9-to-5. The result?

I made over $100K from my business in just four months—and over a million dollars in sales seven months after leaving my job. None of that would have happened if I hadn’t taken action. So, it’s good to dream, but action is ultimately what brings results.

Luisa ZhouLuisa Zhou
Founder, LuisaZhou.com

Balance Intuition and Data-Driven Decisions

I believe one of my unique traits as an entrepreneur is my ability to balance my intuition with data-driven decision-making. While many entrepreneurs rely solely on their gut feelings, I have learned to balance that with the analysis of data to make informed decisions.

By combining my intuition with data-driven insights, I have been able to make strategic decisions that have helped our business grow and succeed.

This approach has allowed me to take calculated risks and make well-informed decisions, contributing to our success in the highly competitive marketing industry.

Ryan FlannaganRyan Flannagan
CEO and Founder, Nuanced Media

Embrace Continuous Learning

When starting my first business, I had to learn countless skills in areas I had no expertise.

Because it was just me at the beginning, I was the financial officer, marketer, graphic designer, blogger—basically, every department of the business. One essential trait I had that helped me succeed is that I wasn’t intimidated by things I didn’t know.

I had never touched Photoshop in my life but set out to learn when my business needed promotional materials. Learning new skills can be a lot of time and effort, but is invaluable to a successful entrepreneur.

Adam ShlomiAdam Shlomi
Founder, SoFlo Tutors

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