What Are the Best SEO Reporting Tools for Agencies?


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What Are the Best SEO Reporting Tools for Agencies?

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What Are the Best SEO Reporting Tools for Agencies?

To help you find the best SEO reporting tool for your agency, we asked 12 marketing professionals and agency leaders about the tools they rely on. From making a custom Looker Report to using Google Analytics for client preference, discover the top tools recommended by experts, including CEOs, Marketing Managers, and SEO Consultants.

  • Make a Custom Looker Report
  • Custom-Build Your SEO Reporting Tool
  • Create Interactive Reports With Data Studio
  • Consider Google Search Console
  • Automate Reports With Looker Studio
  • Combine SE Ranking and Ahrefs
  • Raven Tools Offers a Comprehensive SEO Suite
  • Ahrefs is the All-In-One SEO Solution
  • Practice Client-Focused Reporting With SEO Monitor
  • Leverage Google Analytics and SEMrush
  • Conduct In-Depth Analysis With SEO SpyGlass
  • AgencyAnalytics Has a Complete Dashboard

Make a Custom Looker Report

After several iterations, starting with an out-of-the-box tool like Databox (which we enjoyed), we ultimately ended up blending across tools with a simple, yet custom Looker report.

Because, as every agency professional knows, SEO reporting requires a healthy level of context if you’re providing monthly insights to in-house teams. With Looker, we could set up two tabs pulling from GA & GSC.

One tab gives us overall organic traffic and visibility insights across the website with custom filters for quickly finding what we need.

The other specifically allows us to look at the content on the website that’s being created for SEO purposes (blogs, guides, articles). This second view also allows us to filter for the posts we’ve created vs the rest of the content on the website.

Derek FlintDerek Flint
Marketing Manager, Ten Speed

Custom-Build Your SEO Reporting Tool

As the CEO of SEOBRO.Agency with 15+ years of SEO experience, I can offer valuable insights into the best SEO reporting tool for agencies. We rely on our self-developed solution using Python, PostgreSQL, and Grafana.

This allows us to create personalized reports tailored to each client’s specific metrics and tracking needs. Our approach delivers in-depth insights, identifies opportunities, and drives SEO growth.

Roman BorissovRoman Borissov

Create Interactive Reports With Data Studio

Data Studio is a free tool from Google that helps you create customized, interactive reports in minutes. With it, you can easily track organic traffic performance, measure keyword rankings, compare website metrics across multiple domains, and more.

Plus, its powerful visualizations make it easy to present complex data sets in an eye-catching way. It’s one of the best SEO reporting tools for agencies looking to create comprehensive, professional-looking reports quickly.

Ryan HetrickRyan Hetrick
CEO, Epiphany Wellness

Consider Google Search Console

At our agency, we heavily rely on Google Search Console as our go-to SEO reporting tool. It offers invaluable insights directly from Google about how our websites are performing in search results. It allows us to monitor organic search traffic, spot technical issues, see which keywords our sites are ranking for, and understand how users are interacting with our content.

By understanding these metrics, we can make informed decisions to optimize our websites for better visibility and performance. Google Search Console is a powerful, free tool that forms the backbone of our SEO efforts.

Jaya IyerJaya Iyer
Marketing Assistant, Teranga Digital Marketing

Automate Reports With Looker Studio

We use Google Looker Studio (Data Studio) as our preferred SEO reporting tool. It is a data reporting tool that can visualize data through charts, graphs, and other elements. You can pull required data from Google Analytics & Search Console into it and generate reports. It also supports API integration with third-party SEO tools, such as Semrush, to fetch the required metrics.

The best part is that it only requires a one-time setup and automates the report’s creation. This reduces a lot of manual efforts that go into monthly SEO performance report creation. Looker Studio keeps updating the report with real-time data, which is also easy to share with the clients.

Shivbhadrasinh GohilShivbhadrasinh Gohil
Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder, Meetanshi

Combine SE Ranking and Ahrefs

At our agency, we heavily rely on two invaluable SEO reporting tools: SE Ranking and Ahrefs. These comprehensive platforms offer a deep understanding of various aspects of search engine optimization.

SE Ranking provides tools for keyword research, competitor analysis, and rank tracking. It offers detailed reports on keyword rankings, organic traffic, and website visibility, along with white-label reporting options.

Ahrefs excels in backlink analysis, and competitor research, and provides extensive data on backlinks, organic keywords, and search traffic. It helps track backlink profiles, discover link-building opportunities, and monitor keyword rankings.

Both tools have intuitive interfaces, accurate data, and reliable reporting, making them essential for monitoring SEO performance. However, the “best” tool depends on the agency’s needs, budget, and preferences, so it’s important to try different options like Moz, and SEMrush to find the most suitable one.

Olga NatalchenkoOlga Natalchenko
PR Manager, Wiserbrand

Raven Tools Offers a Comprehensive SEO Suite

Raven Tools is a marketing suite that incorporates SEO, social media, and content marketing features. It offers a suite of SEO reporting tools for tracking keyword rankings, site performance, and backlinks, among other metrics. Additionally, Raven Tools offers customizable reports and Google Analytics and Search Console integration.

Tom MillerTom Miller
Director of Marketing, Fitness Volt

Ahrefs Is the All-In-One SEO Solution

One of the simplest and easiest ways to improve SEO is to find and implement the right keywords and key phrases. Ahrefs is a software that gathers all the right data in terms of what people are searching for, the volume, and the difficulty. These results also include phrases and questions, which are great for article headings and content styles.

Ahrefs also comes with several other features ideal for SEO strategies, including backlinks, competitor analysis, page rankings, site audits, and rank trackers.

Annie EverillAnnie Everill
Digital Marketing Executive, Imaginaire

Practice Client-Focused Reporting With SEO Monitor

For our SEO projects, we use SEO Monitor as our go-to tool for forecasting and presenting reporting to clients. One of the key reasons is the tool’s 24-hour fresh keyword ranking updates along with SERP features.

Another insight that we like in the SEO reporting dashboard is the year-over-year trend of the overall site traffic, which shows which pages are showing downward and upward search traffic trends.

For example, the tool will assign an SEO opportunity score for each page to show which pages need improvement and which pages are performing better than average.

This way, we can easily prioritize the pages that need improvement (update, improve internal linking, match search intent, etc.).

SEO Monitor also helps by allowing our clients to share feedback on the monthly SEO reporting, so the entire team can stay focused on the end business objectives.

Sk Rafiqul IslamSk Rafiqul Islam
SEO Consultant, Content Marketing VIP

Leverage Google Analytics and SEMrush

It’s hard to choose between Google Analytics and SEMrush, but in the end, for reporting to our clients, we rely on Google Analytics the most.

Our clients have a real-time overview in Looker Studio, set up with GA4, where they can track how many visitors are converting to buying customers (ROI). We also summarize keywords they rank for, done through SEMrush.

For our internal reporting and research, we use SEMrush a lot more.

Josien NationJosien Nation
Co-founder and Head of SEO, Operation Nation LLC

Conduct In-Depth Analysis With SEO SpyGlass

The best SEO reporting tool is SEO SpyGlass by SEO PowerSuite because it offers a spreadsheet-like interface and level of detail that makes in-depth analysis easy, but also provides visual interfaces and customizable report templates for presenting the data to clients in an easy-to-understand format.

SEO Spyglass is designed for SEO experts who want to do a thorough analysis of link profiles in order to deliver proactive link-building campaigns for clients. It enables SEO experts to find existing backlinks quickly and determine their quality via metrics, such as linking domain age, IP address, domain authority, and country.

It identifies gaps and problems within the backlink profile, such as overuse of keyword-rich anchor text or excessive numbers of “dofollow” links. It is also useful for identifying sources of new backlinks by analyzing competitors’ backlink profiles. Up to 38 backlink metrics for each individual backlink can be viewed in the spreadsheet-like interface.

Michelle SymondsMichelle Symonds
SEO Consultant, Ditto Digital

AgencyAnalytics Has a Complete Dashboard

AgencyAnalytics is the best SEO reporting tool we rely on because it takes all the metrics customers need to see and puts them together in one dashboard. It is an excellent tool to track keyword rankings, perform website audits, check Social and Google Analytics, and provide detailed reports, among others. Some of the prominent features of AgencyAnalytics are:

• Competitor analysis with AgencyAnalytics is a next-level thing. It provides detailed reports about ranking keywords of other domains, comparing their domain authority, backlinks, and more.

• Automated Reports is the most demanding feature in an SEO agency. With AgencyAnalytics, reports are at your fingertips. You can provide them on-demand or can schedule their delivery as per demand.

• The Site Audit Tool in AgencyAnalytics is exceptional for seeing the glitches that prevent websites from ranking. It also helps and highlights the areas to work on for SERP ranking.

Ben MillerBen Miller
Founder, Focus On Digital

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