What Are the Best Local Citation Finders?


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What Are the Best Local Citation Finders?

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What Are the Best Local Citation Finders?

To help you find the best local citation finder for your agency, we asked professionals from various positions, including community managers and CEOs, to share their preferred tools. From MozLocal’s robust citation finder to Whitespark’s comprehensive solution, discover the top five local citation finders these experts rely on to optimize their local SEO efforts.

  • MozLocal: Robust Citation Finder Tool
  • BrightLocal: Optimize Local SEO
  • Citation Tracker: Monitoring Services
  • Local SEO Checklist: Supplementary Tool
  • Whitespark: Comprehensive Citation Finder

MozLocal: Robust Citation Finder Tool

We use MozLocal and recommend it to others looking for a robust local citation finder tool.

MozLocal is a relative newcomer on the scene but from a very familiar source. As a prominent player in the SEO space, the tool offers the same quality and performance that Moz stands for.

For starters, the interface is quite intuitive and user-friendly, which is always appreciated.

The tool allows you to input your business info effortlessly, enabling it to conduct a comprehensive scan of the web. This‌ generates a detailed list of each citation source, meticulously grading the accuracy of your listings.

It identifies any missing information, such as hours of operation or photos, providing a holistic view of your online presence.

Finally, with the groundwork set, you can smoothly create and clean up your citations. A very solid product we’ve enjoyed using and look forward to continuing to do so.

Peter BrylaPeter Bryla
Community Manager, ResumeLab

BrightLocal: Optimize Local SEO

BrightLocal is a trusted local citation finder that helps businesses and digital agencies worldwide optimize their local SEO. It offers an easy-to-use platform that allows you to quickly identify, track, and manage your citations across the web.

With BrightLocal’s CitationBurst tool, you can scan for potential listings and get real-time insights into your industry’s top citation sources. BrightLocal also provides helpful reports that offer insights into your competitors, as well as a comprehensive local SEO audit that can highlight any potential issues with your current citations.

Keith SantKeith Sant
CTO and CMO, Eazy House Sale

Citation Tracker: Monitoring Services

At our agency, we use Citation Tracker for local citation tracking, monitoring, and reporting services. It provides a comprehensive understanding of our client’s online presence, the accuracy of business information, and where we need to improve to boost their local SEO.

Citation Tracker is not as popular as some of the other options, but it’s a valuable tool. For example, one of our clients discovered that their business was listed on a website with incorrect contact information that they were unaware of through Citation Tracker.

Ben LauBen Lau
Founder, Featured SEO Company

Local SEO Checklist: Supplementary Tool

Although Local SEO Checklist is not a traditional citation finder, it can help identify local SEO opportunities and ensure a consistent online presence.

We use it as a supplementary tool to aid in citation building and optimization. For example, it’s beneficial to check the listing on Google My Business for correct NAP data.

If it is correct on GMB, it is also on the other sites. Overall, it provides a comprehensive method to ensure local SEO is optimized.

Roy LauRoy Lau
Co-founder, 28 Mortgage

Whitespark: Comprehensive Citation Finder

Whitespark Local Citation Finder: This tool is a great way to find all of your business’s existing citations, as well as identify new opportunities to get listed. It also provides insights into the quality of your citations and helps you track your progress.

Brenton ThomasBrenton Thomas
CEO, Twibi

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