What Are the Best Business Media Outlets to Pitch for Press?


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What Are the Best Business Media Outlets to Pitch for Press?

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What Are the Best Business Media Outlets to Pitch for Press?

To help you find the best business media outlets to pitch for press, we asked CEOs, founders, and other professionals to share their favorites and the reasons behind their choices. From TechCrunch’s reputation and audience to Inc.com’s resources and smooth cooperation, discover the top six outlets these experts recommend for pitching your business story.

  • TechCrunch: Reputation and Audience
  • Terkel: User-Friendly and Insightful
  • Entrepreneur Magazine: Inspiring Entrepreneurs
  • HARO: Variety and Convenience
  • Innovation Insights: Resonating Stories
  • Inc.com: Resources and Smooth Cooperation

TechCrunch: Reputation and Audience

My favorite business media outlet to pitch for the press is TechCrunch. They have a solid reputation for covering cutting-edge tech companies and startups, which is why I enjoy working with them.

They offer a fantastic chance to highlight Brosix’s distinctive offerings, connect with a tech-savvy audience, and establish significant industry visibility thanks to their large readership and powerful platform. The editorial team at TechCrunch excels at storytelling and makes the partnership truly rewarding.

Stefan ChekanovStefan Chekanov
CEO, Brosix

Terkel: User-Friendly and Insightful

One of our go-to platforms for press pitching is Terkel, and it has become our favorite for several reasons. One of the key aspects we love about Terkel is its user-friendly interface, which allows us to track and respond to relevant pitches in our industry easily.

It provides valuable insights such as site rankings and specific inquiries, enabling us to provide tailored feedback and pitches without the guesswork. With Terkel, pitching has become more efficient and effective, helping us maximize our media outreach efforts.

Diane HowardDiane Howard
Founder, Esthetic Finesse

Entrepreneur Magazine: Inspiring Entrepreneurs

One of my favorite business media outlets for pitching is Entrepreneur Magazine. Significantly, it highly focuses on educating and inspiring current and new entrepreneurs, and as a result, they have a huge reaching and engaged audience.

Besides this, they cover a wide range of topics, like technology, business operations, finance, investing, and personal development. Thus, by pitching to this media outlet, I can spread expert knowledge regarding my business and feature a business profile to present my business.

Alex MurrayAlex Murray
Search Director, Tilious

HARO: Variety and Convenience

One outlet we enjoy pitching for is HARO—it offers a large variety of industries from various backgrounds to provide insight. It’s convenient that potential pitches are emailed to you, so it just takes a few minutes every day to look through to find potential opportunities. Some of our best features have come from this source!

Loren HowardLoren Howard
Founder, Prime Plus Mortgages: Hard Money Loans

Innovation Insights: Resonating Stories

My go-to media outlet for press pitching is “Innovation Insights.” They possess a unique ability to identify stories that deeply resonate with readers, making them an ideal platform to share innovative marketing campaigns and disruptive business strategies.

Their collaborative nature fuels excitement and fosters valuable connections with industry leaders and like-minded professionals. Working with them strengthens the impact of our efforts.

Matias RodsevichMatias Rodsevich

Inc.com: Resources and Smooth Cooperation

I enjoy working with Inc.com. It’s a great online platform for Magazine Inc., offering a wide range of valuable materials for anyone seeking information and inspiration in the business world.

As I conduct studies and write articles on work-related topics, I’ve contributed to Inc.com career resources. Their requirements and deadlines are clear, so cooperation goes smoothly. There are no delays, and the information flow is uninterrupted.

I also appreciate the friendly yet professional atmosphere involved. I consider each opportunity to work with Inc.com a precious experience, as I can learn from the best and get inspired by them.

Agata SzczepanekAgata Szczepanek
Community Manager, MyPerfectResume

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