What Are the Best Blogs for Programmers?


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What Are the Best Blogs for Programmers?

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What Are the Best Blogs for Programmers?

From Quincy Larson’s Blog to Joel on Software, here are 12 answers to the question, “What are the best blogs for a programmer?”

  • Quincy Larson’s Blog by Quincy Larson
  • Coding Horror by Jeff Atwood
  • David Walsh Blog by David Walsh
  • Better Programming by Medium
  • DZone by Rick Ross and Matt Schmidt
  • Hacker Noon by David Smooke
  • Hackr.io by Gaurav Gupta
  • The Code Project by Chris Maunder and David Cunningham
  • Stack Overflow by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky
  • CSS-Tricks by Chris Coyier
  • CodePen Blog by Alex Vazquez, Tim Sabat, and Chris Coyier
  • Joel on Software by Joel Spolsky

Quincy Larson’s Blog by Quincy Larson

If you’re looking for a programming blog packed with knowledge, interesting facts, and up-to-date industry news, then Quincy Larson’s Blog is the place for you! With a wide range of topics related to coding, from technical tips to even breathing techniques, you’ll find everything you need to stay on top of the game in the IT world.

But what sets Quincy Larson’s Blog apart is not just the breadth of its content, but also the quality of its writing. The journalistic style of his writing makes it feel as if you’re reading a great magazine. You won’t find dry, technical language here—instead, you’ll be engaged and entertained as you learn. So, this blog is perfect to expand your knowledge and keep up with the latest trends in the programming world.

Natalia BrzezinskaNatalia Brzezinska
Marketing and Outreach Manager, PhotoAiD

Coding Horror by Jeff Atwood

Coding Horror is a popular blog for programmers, founded by Jeff Atwood, who is also the founder of Stack Overflow. The blog provides insightful and engaging stories about programming, design, and software development, as well as articles related to coding and software engineering.

It has a powerful community of readers and contributors who share their knowledge and experience, and it offers valuable advice on various coding topics, including software design, debugging, and user experience. The blog is a helpful resource for programmers of all abilities, giving them a beneficial learning experience and knowledge of the newest trends and most successful methods in the industry.

Burak ÖzdemirBurak Özdemir
Founder, Online Alarm Kur

David Walsh Blog by David Walsh

One reason his blog is a must-visit place for programmers is the quality and depth of the content he provides. David covers a range of topics, from front-end development to server-side programming, and he offers detailed tutorials and tips on using various programming languages and frameworks. David regularly updates his blog, so there’s always something new to learn. Plus, the in-depth tutorial he provides with examples is a must for new and veteran programmers.

Arsh SanwarwalaArsh Sanwarwala
Founder and CEO, ThrillX

Better Programming by Medium

Programming is a fascinating field since it gives us the ability to control computer programs instantly. A blog on Medium focused on programming is Better Programming. Every day, they publish a variety of articles from various authors, each carefully selected and edited to ensure high quality.

Including content for both beginners and extremely experienced readers, they cover a variety of programming-related topics and languages. It should be on your daily reading list if you want to learn and improve your programming skills. So, it is best to be an avid reader of Better Programming blogs before considering starting your programming blog.

Janie DoyleJanie Doyle
Marketing Director, SC Vehicle Hire

DZone by Rick Ross and Matt Schmidt

DZone is one of the best blogs for a programmer and is a leading online destination for software developers around the world. It offers valuable information, tools, and resources to help developers become better programmers.

It contains articles written by experienced programmers who share their insights and experiences on programming topics such as coding practices, software architecture, design patterns, cloud computing, and DevOps. Besides providing a platform for sharing technical knowledge, DZone offers comprehensive tutorials to help beginners learn program fundamentals.

It also features job postings from companies looking for skilled developers and insightful interviews with industry professionals so readers can get an inside look at the career opportunities available in the tech world. This blog provides an invaluable source of information and advice related to programming, which makes it one of the best resources out there for any programmer.

Jamie IrwinJamie Irwin
Digital Marketing Executive, ELocker

Hacker Noon by David Smooke

Hacker Noon offers a vast array of activities and is a portal that focuses on technological, software development, cryptocurrency, and blockchain topics. Most of the articles are technical and provide quite interesting insights.

Now, Hacker Noon receives over four million unique visits each month, generates 100% of its revenue from advertising, and readers help optimize the site with blockchain-based features, such as keeping comments in their browsers so that Hacker Noon can conserve resources.

This site is highly popular among technical experts and tech enthusiasts because it is an impartial resource devoted to disseminating any type of technology-related news stories and expert opinions.

Joe TroyerJoe Troyer
CEO and Growth Advisor, Digital Triggers

Hackr.io by Gaurav Gupta

This website‌ serves as a forum where people discuss software development-related instructional programs. This blog is a great trove of information for IT enthusiasts, as it contains excellent programming lessons and recommendations.

Notably, if you are interested in a certain programming language, this site can be confusing, as the authors post content on all aspects of the information technology industry. Still, you may learn a great deal about online and mobile development frameworks, Java projects, software testing, and a lot more.

Alexandru ContesAlexandru Contes
Co-founder, ReviewGrower

The Code Project by Chris Maunder and David Cunningham

The Code Project offers a wide range of tutorials, articles, and forums related to coding and programming, where users can ask questions, share their experiences, and collaborate with other developers. It also has a comprehensive library of tech-related topics to help users get started on their coding journey.

This blog is the perfect place for programmers to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies in the programming world. It offers a variety of tutorials and articles on topics such as JavaScript, Python, database systems, mobile development, machine learning, and much more. Its powerful community is an invaluable resource for those seeking help and advice related to coding. The Code Project also offers various coding challenges, which can help programmers sharpen their skills and gain new knowledge.

Overall, The Code Project is an excellent blog for programmers and aspiring coders alike.

Ben BasicBen Basic
Editor-in-chief, RouterIPNet.com

Stack Overflow by Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky

Stack Overflow offers a wide range of programming-related content, including tutorials, Q&A forums, and more. It is a great place to find answers to any programming-related questions, as well as to discuss programming topics with other experienced developers.

It also has an active community of users who can provide invaluable advice and feedback on various coding topics. Stack Overflow offers an extensive library of resources, such as code snippets and snippets for popular programming languages.

Andreea SavelucAndreea Saveluc
SEO Team Leader, NoN Agency

CSS-Tricks by Chris Coyier

One of the best blogs for a programmer is CSS-Tricks, which provides a wide range of articles, tutorials, and resources for front-end developers. The blog is maintained by Chris Coyier, who is a well-known front-end developer and designer. CSS-Tricks covers a broad range of topics, including CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and more. The blog posts information and guides about different web development methods, mobile-friendly designs, and helpful tips.

It also offers various tools and resources for developers, such as code snippets, free fonts, and templates. One unique aspect of CSS-Tricks is its community section, which features articles and resources contributed by the community. This section allows developers to showcase their work, learn from others, and contribute to the growth of the community.

With regular updates and a focus on current web development trends, CSS-Tricks is an excellent resource for programmers looking to stay up-to-date on the latest front-end development techniques and tools.

Nick CotterNick Cotter
Founder, newfoundr

CodePen Blog by Alex Vazquez, Tim Sabat, and Chris Coyier

This blog has very up-to-date and relevant content for programmers in many formats. Very often, I find unique tips and tricks about coding languages, exciting roundups about tools, and very informative podcast episodes.

CodePen Blog has a very natural and super easy searchable interface that makes it a handy tool for programmers to have an up-to-date view of programming languages trends, industry news, and updates about web development areas.

The most exciting thing about CodePen is its community with which a programmer can link to discuss the most up-to-date and trending topics.

Ali BabarAli Babar
Founding Partner, Origami Studios

Joel on Software by Joel Spolsky

Joel on Software by Joel Spolsky covers a wide range of topics related to software development, including the best coding techniques, project management, and user interface design. The blog has been active since 2000 and has gained a loyal following among programmers for its insightful and often humorous commentary on the industry.

Spolsky is also the co-founder of Stack Overflow, a popular Q&A site for programmers, and his blog often features guest posts from other notable figures in the tech community. Joel on Software is a helpful source of information for all programmers who want to stay informed about the latest innovations and strategies for software development.

Aurelie BiehlerAurelie Biehler
CEO, Memoria

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