What Are Some Press Release Image Best Practices?


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What Are Some Press Release Image Best Practices?

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What Are Some Press Release Image Best Practices?

Crafting the perfect image for a press release can be a daunting task. To help you navigate this, we’ve gathered insights from Content Marketing Managers to CEOs, providing five key tips. From prioritizing originality and relevance to considering the background for context, these industry leaders share their best advice on creating compelling press release images.

  • Prioritize Originality and Relevance
  • Use Vector Images for Clarity
  • Balance Visual Appeal and Simplicity
  • Respect Copyright, Use Original Images
  • Consider Background for Context

Prioritize Originality and Relevance

Create an eye-catching, high-quality original image with the proper size and resolution for press release distribution. Ensure it is relevant to the content of the press release and helps bring the story to life. The image should add valuable information in the form of a graphic, visual data representation, or a new product introduction photo.

Avoid using generic, impersonal stock images. They won’t make a dramatic impact because they have no personal connection to the original content in the press release. Additionally, stock photos may confuse those who receive the information if they are unrelated. Keep it clear and from scratch, and you’re good to go!

Colleen SproullColleen Sproull
Content Marketing Manager, Evinex

Use Vector Images for Clarity

Press release images must be high-resolution, clear, and sharp. To deliver the maximum result, you should prefer vector images. Images in a vector file are mathematically produced, so they retain their quality no matter how big you print them.

A gradient mesh can define colored spots and look almost as good as a picture. Such graphics are opposed to bitmaps and can also be scaled up or down without losing clarity, even if you print them across the face of the moon.

Miranda BenceMiranda Bence
CEO, CMO, Entrepreneur, Cheery  Picks Reviews

Balance Visual Appeal and Simplicity

When creating an image for a press release, it is important to focus on capturing attention and effectively conveying the key message. Your image should be visually appealing, relevant, and supportive of the press release content. Including key elements such as prominent figures, impactful visuals, or the product/service being discussed can enhance the image’s effectiveness.

Avoid cluttering the image with excessive text or complex graphics that may distract or confuse readers. Remember to maintain a professional and polished appearance, using high-quality imagery that is clear and well-composed.

By striking the right balance between relevance, simplicity, and visual appeal, your image can significantly enhance the impact of your press release.

Yeonsil K., Founder and CEO, Home Spritz

Respect Copyright, Use Original Images

A press release is super important for businesses, so it’s better to do everything lawfully. You don’t want to spark controversy only because of an image. The best way to create the perfect image is by taking one. Sharing images from other websites or photographers will not serve you well. You might be violating copyright rules.

This is why companies should either create images originally or ask the party for permission before publishing their images. Editing the image will still mean that it’s the owner’s property. Plus, they can sue you, and that can become a lengthy process. Creating an authentic image will only enhance the image of your company and won’t cause any unnecessary damage. You won’t have to go through loopholes that will waste your time.

Brian HardestyBrian Hardesty
Owner, On Display Signs

Consider Background for Context

Photos in a press release are a determinable factor for its coverage. They make the press release relevant and visually engaging for the journalist/readers.  

Never neglect the background of the photo for the press release. A well-chosen background can highlight the context and relevance of the subject of the press release by complementing its story or creating a visual connection that strengthens the overall message of the press release.

Though the background helps establish a visual balance within the photo, it should not overpower it. Instead, it should create harmony, ensuring that the focus remains on the main subject while providing a visually pleasing composition.

Lou ReverchukLou Reverchuk
Co-founder and CEO, EchoGlobal

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