What Are Some Long Tail Keywords Examples?


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What Are Some Long Tail Keywords Examples?

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What Are Some Long Tail Keywords Examples?

Discover the power of long-tail keywords as eight industry experts, including founders, CEOs, and publishers, share their unique experiences ranking for high search volume terms. From "Blogging Keywords Attract Target Audience" to a "Novice Perspective on Hunting," learn how these professionals leverage specific keywords to drive traffic and achieve SEO success.

  • Blogging Keywords Attract Target Audience
  • "Is Alcohol a Stimulant" Has a High Volume
  • Cater to a Niche With "Mural Wallpaper"
  • Target Specific Needs for Tall People
  • Competing With the "Digital Marketing" Keyword
  • Exact Match Drives User Satisfaction
  • Ranking for 22 Menopause Symptoms
  • Novice Perspective on Hunting

Blogging Keywords Attract Target Audience

It is common knowledge in our industry that long-tail keywords have a lower competition rate. Getting ranked for such keywords guarantees your content will be seen by your target audience.

Some of the long-tail keywords we focus on are "blogging for beginners" and "how to make money blogging." Optimizing our content has paid off by attracting the right people who have been looking for specific information. Ranking higher for these high-volume keywords results in more engagement, which ‌leads to more potential customers.

Nikola BaldikovNikola Baldikov
Founder, InBound Blogging

"Is Alcohol a Stimulant" Has a High Volume

One unique long-tail keyword that a client of ours, an addiction treatment center, ranks for is "Is alcohol a stimulant?" This may seem like a relatively straightforward query, but in reality, it carries a significant search volume—around 11.0k, according to Ahrefs. Despite the high volume, it has a Keyword Difficulty of merely 3, making it an enticing SEO opportunity.

Our client has been diligently following SEO best practices for over three years, highlighting the value of consistent and meticulous effort in SEO. More crucially, they have established great topical relevance in all facets of addiction. This topical mastery has helped to secure this ranking.

Through the production of content that resonates with relevance, authority, and trustworthiness, we have effectively aligned with Google's Quality Rater Guidelines and exemplified the principles of E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness), creating sustainable SEO success.

Kevin HallKevin Hall
Marketing Operations, Webserv

Cater to a Niche With "Mural Wallpaper"

Ranking for the long-tail keyword can be highly beneficial for businesses in our DIY wallpaper niche. "Mural wallpaper" is a specific and descriptive keyword that indicates a particular type of wall covering. Targeting the keyword "mural wallpaper," we attract users who are specifically interested in this type of decorative wall covering.

These individuals are likely searching for inspiration, information, or products related to mural wallpapers, making them a highly relevant and engaged audience. Mural wallpapers cater to a specific niche within the broader wallpaper market.

By focusing on this specific keyword, you position yourself as a specialist in mural wallpapers, showcasing your expertise, and attracting users who are specifically interested in this niche. While the search volume for "mural wallpaper" may be lower, it allows you to target a specific subset of users while facing less competition from other businesses.

Luke LeeLuke Lee
CEO, Ever Wallpaper

Target Specific Needs for Tall People

A long-tail keyword is more targeted and specific compared to broader, generic keywords. By focusing on long-tail keywords, businesses can attract more qualified and interested users to their websites. For example, a long-tail keyword: "best ergonomic standing desks for tall people".

Reason for uniqueness: This long-tail keyword targets a specific audience (tall people) and addresses a specific need (ergonomic standing desks). While "ergonomic standing desks" may be a popular keyword, narrowing it down to "best ergonomic standing desks for tall people" makes it more specific and targeted.

The uniqueness of this long-tail keyword lies in its focus on a particular group of individuals with specific requirements. By targeting this specific need, a website or business can attract tall individuals searching for the best ergonomic solutions, and they are likely to find this long-tail keyword more relevant to their needs.

Georgi TodorovGeorgi Todorov
Founder, ThriveMyWay

Competing With the "Digital Marketing" Keyword

Small law firms often struggle to compete with larger firms in terms of marketing. Ranking for the long-tail keyword "Digital Marketing for Small Law Firms" is unique because it provides a specific solution to a common problem in a particular industry.

By targeting this keyword, small law firms can increase their digital presence and attract more clients. For example, a small law firm in New York City could improve its search rankings and generate more leads by focusing on this long-tail keyword.

By creating targeted content and optimizing their website for relevant search terms, they could increase their visibility and establish themselves as a top contender in the competitive legal industry.

Ben LauBen Lau
Founder, Featured SEO Company

Exact Match Drives User Satisfaction

This long-tail keyword shows a user in need of a specific piece of information. What's unique is that this term allows us to provide an exact match for their query, creating a high level of user satisfaction and driving significant organic traffic.

By incorporating visual aids and step-by-step instructions, we've been able to enhance user experience, leading to improved site engagement metrics and repeat visits.

Burak ÖzdemirBurak Özdemir
Founder, Set Alarm Online

Ranking for 22 Menopause Symptoms

We have successfully achieved position 1 ranking for the long-tail keyword "What are the 22 symptoms of menopause?" This niche keyword has proven to generate a surprising amount of traffic, with over 2,000 organic impressions per month. What sets this keyword apart and makes ranking for it unique is the comprehensive nature of our blog content.

We have meticulously crafted our blog to be the perfect resource for those searching for information on the 22 symptoms of menopause. By aligning our content with the search intent of users, we provide a valuable and fulfilling user experience that resonates with our brand.

This exceptional match between search intent and content has resulted in high search visibility and positioned us as a trusted authority to address the complexities of menopause.

Jane LewisJane Lewis
Managing Director, The Skin To Love Clinic

Novice Perspective on Hunting

I use "How to hunt with no experience." I'm not sure I should share one of my favorite gems, but I'm comfortable doing so because it represents a critical aspect of SEO that many SEO agencies completely cannot understand—EEAT matters, but it isn't the barrier that most people think it is.

For that query specifically, I was curious about deer hunting, and I had no experience. The article wasn't written by a hunter with decades of experience trying to relate hunting to a novice. It was literally written by a novice addressing the concerns that a novice hunter might have.

As a result, it has consistently ranked well, and it is difficult to knock off without taking that same curiosity about how to hunt as I invested that day.

James HillsJames Hills
Publisher of Travel and Men's Lifestyle, ManTripping.com

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