What Are Daily Tasks of Business Owners?


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What Are Daily Tasks of Business Owners?

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What Are Daily Tasks of Business Owners?

To gain insight into the daily life of a business owner, we asked fifteen founders, CEOs, and owners about their essential tasks. From evaluating financial metrics to taking a two-hour morning routine without work, these leaders share the tasks they prioritize and why they are crucial to their daily operations.

  • Evaluating Financial Metrics
  • Fine-Tuning the Sales Funnel
  • Monitoring Website Traffic Daily
  • Analyzing Current Data
  • Tracking Key Performance Indicators
  • Communicating with Clients
  • Managing Customer Relationships
  • Reviewing Social Media Engagement
  • Checking-In with the Team
  • Setting Daily Non-Negotiable Priorities
  • Maintaining a Happy and Empowered Culture
  • Allocating Time for Personal Enjoyment
  • Networking for Business Growth
  • Pitching on Featured.com
  • Taking a Two-Hour Morning Routine Without Work

Evaluating Financial Metrics

The evaluation of financial metrics and performance is a daily priority for me as a business owner. Monitoring our financial health allows me to make informed decisions and formulate effective strategies. Monitoring revenues, expenses, and cash flow enables me to quickly identify any potential problems and keep our business on schedule.

By reviewing financial data daily, I can rapidly adapt to changing conditions and capitalize on growth opportunities. This task is essential for the long-term stability and viability of our business and ensures that we can continue to provide value to our clients and other stakeholders.

Michael CallahanMichael Callahan
Founder and Director, The Callahan Law Firm

Fine-Tuning the Sales Funnel

One of my daily responsibilities as a business owner is to consistently review and fine-tune our sales funnel. It’s a task that keeps me closely connected to the heartbeat of our operations. Each day, I delve into the metrics and dynamics of our sales process, probing for areas where we can enhance the customer journey.

I often ponder questions like, “How can we elevate the overall experience for our customers?” or “Are there innovative ways to amplify lead generation within our existing traffic streams?” By delving into these intricacies daily, I’m able to maintain a comprehensive understanding of our sales ecosystem.

This task serves as a continuous-improvement mechanism, ensuring that our strategies remain aligned with our business goals. It empowers me to identify potential bottlenecks, streamline processes, and devise agile adjustments that optimize our sales cycle.

Luciano ColosLuciano Colos
Founder and CEO, PitchGrade

Monitoring Website Traffic

As the owner of Honeymoons.com, monitoring website traffic is a crucial daily task. One of my daily responsibilities involves reviewing our website’s analytics to track key metrics, such as the number of visitors, popular pages, user engagement, and conversion rates.

This helps me gain real-time insights into how our online platform is performing, identify any fluctuations or trends, and make informed decisions to optimize user experience and drive conversions.

Regularly monitoring website traffic allows us to identify successful strategies, refine our content, and swiftly address any issues that may arise, ensuring that we are delivering a seamless experience to our users and maximizing our online presence.

Jim CampbellJim Campbell
Owner, Honeymoons

Analyzing Current Data

One thing that I focus on every day is analyzing current data. Competition is growing with every passing day, and being aware of the customer data plays a key role in the company’s growth.

Every day, I dedicate time from my daily routine to analyze data to understand user metrics and customer behavior. This helps me gain a better understanding of the market and ensures that I am aware of the latest trends.

Also, it gives me clarity about the pain points and the challenges that customers are facing. By tackling these, I can provide them with the experience they are actually looking for. I can also use this data effectively for enhancing retention rates and word-of-mouth referrals.

I have tailored my daily schedule in such a way that I keep a chunk of it to analyze data without affecting my other tasks at hand. This practice has proven to be very beneficial for making informed decisions.

Sandeep KashyapSandeep Kashyap
CEO and Founder, ProofHub

Tracking Key Performance Indicators

One daily task that I have as a business owner is to check key performance indicators. The reason I do this daily, putting it bluntly, is that no one truly cares about the company quite as much as I do.

Further, the reason this is done daily instead of weekly is the principle of “whatever gets measured gets managed.” If one day goes by and the number of leads or acquisition calls are low, then I know what needs to be changed for the next day. If this was measured on a weekly or a monthly basis, then a whole week or month of low performance would go by.

Tracking our KPIs daily ultimately results in us being able to make improvements very quickly in what matters most, our bottom line.

Sebastian JaniaSebastian Jania
Owner, Ontario Property Buyers

Communicating with Clients

Responding to customers may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s a huge no-brainer. Communicate with your clients and customers daily, both on your own initiative and in response to inquiries. If you receive an email or a phone call from a client, you should respond as soon as possible, even if you don’t have a firm answer. Best practices recommend responding to service-related emails within one workday. Following up quickly builds trust by demonstrating to your clients that you value them and their business.

Joe Flanagan
Joe Flanagan, Founder, 90s Fashion World

Managing Customer Relationships

As a business owner, one of the daily tasks I must do is manage customer relationships. Keeping customers engaged and providing them with excellent service helps to ensure their loyalty and provide me with steady revenue.

It also helps build brand awareness, which in turn creates more customers. This task is something that I have to do daily because it builds trust with my customers and helps grow my business. It also helps me to identify new ways to improve the customer experience, which can help me stay ahead of competitors.

Every day, I strive to do something that will benefit my customers and make their lives easier. It’s important for me to maintain these relationships in order to foster repeat business and build a successful brand.

Amira IrfanAmira Irfan
Founder and CEO, A Self Guru

Reviewing Social Media Engagement

Although I have team members who check social media, I like to check in on it daily to look at the engagement myself. This helps me understand what customers like and what they want to see more of.


I think looking at the engagement firsthand as a business owner is important because it allows you to see detailed feedback that can inspire you or help you think a little more outside the box. I do it daily because I find there are different types of interactions at different times of the day.

So, keeping on top of changes and comments makes it easier for me to provide a more accurate response.

Don ReesDon Rees
CEO and Founder, RealCraft

Checking-in with the Team

Every day, before even starting my work, I like to check in with my team. Since we work remotely, it’s important to stay in touch and to be available for questions. I find that starting the day with a check-in allows everyone to start the day off on the right foot, as you can get important questions and concerns out of the way.

Sometimes it’s a video conference, but often it’s just a chat that we all message in, as it’s more convenient. This also mitigates the amount of questions throughout the day, as everyone is expecting the check-in, so questions and feedback are ready to go!

I do this daily because it helps to keep on top of important details that sometimes can become missed or forgotten. When you wait too long to answer a question, it can be frustrating for the team, so it helps to just maintain this level of communication for a seamless day.

James BlackwellJames Blackwell
Founder and CEO, Quizgecko

Setting Daily Non-Negotiable Priorities

Set the one non-negotiable priority for the day. As a business owner, there are always a million things to juggle and get done.This can easily lead to taking on side quests and moving away from the main one.

Starting the day clearly knowing what needs to be achieved above everything else, and that is directly related to the business’s main quest, shuts down the noise around it.

Karim Bel HadjKarim Bel Hadj
Founder, Creme de la Karim

Maintaining a Happy and Empowered Culture

I’ve dedicated my career to helping people achieve optimal health and wellness. Maintaining a happy and empowering culture within my business is a top priority.

To make this a reality, I have daily check-ins with my team where we discuss progress and resolve any needs they have. Providing my employees with the tools they need not only to do their job but also to excel is essential to their growth and my company’s.

Dr Ben CarvossoDr Ben Carvosso
Owner, MP Nutrition

Allocating Time for Personal Enjoyment

As a business owner, I find time for myself in order to make sure I’m at my best. Even though I operate in the comic book world, I still find time to get away from the “business” side of things and actually enjoy my hobby.

I’ll set my phone down, get away from my computer, push my chair back, put my feet up, and read a comic book.

This time away from my work—even if it’s only 10 minutes—can help me stay mentally fresh and impacts my daily energy levels in a big way. I find time for this almost every day, and I know how important it is for my personal and professional success.

We all must find time for things we enjoy because it is a crucial aspect of being successful and staying successful.

Brent MoeshlinBrent Moeshlin
CEO and Founder, Quality Comix

Networking for Business Growth

With competition in digital marketing getting tougher by the day, there is no time to rest for entrepreneurs in this niche.

At SoftballAce, we partner with sponsors to market softball gloves and gear while delivering journalistic content on this beloved sport. Every day, networking like an insane person. As the founder, the face of the business, so rarely delegate the networking function. B2B networking on platforms like LinkedIn is the most crucial part of the business.

Networking is not all about lead generation, although that is a primary goal to land connections and contracts that keep the lights on. But an equally important objective here is observing trends and keeping abreast with the competition. Complaints about screen time because every waking minute is spent scrolling, identifying opportunities, threats, and weaknesses, and setting audacious goals inspired by the trends.

Dan TrohaDan Troha
Founder, SoftballAce

Pitching on Featured.com

Implementing pitching on Featured.com as a daily task has been a recent development. The key is not to attempt to answer dozens of inquiries, but to allocate 15 minutes of “prime time” in the morning to provide five thoughtful answers.

With a 20% success rate, one backlink/mention a day can be achieved. This could potentially be the most valuable 15 minutes imaginable. Featured is indeed INSANE, and this is not meant to be overly promotional.

Hayim PinsonHayim Pinson
Founder, Muscle and Brawn

Taking a Two-Hour Morning Routine Without Work

When I start my day, I do my best not to start work or look at my phone for the first two hours. During my morning time, I watch the sunrise, read, pray, and meditate. This allows me to start the day powerfully on my own terms, instead of starting work and getting into a reactionary state.

Ben PateBen Pate
Co-Founder and CEO, Analytic Call Tracking

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