What Am I Good At?


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What Am I Good At?

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What Am I Good At?

From helping others feel settled to tying personal development with hiking, here are nine answers to the questions, “What are you good at and how did you find out that you were good at it?”

  • Making Others Feel Comfortable
  • Data Analysis
  • Website Optimisation and SEO
  • Creating Websites
  • Sharing My Knowledge
  • What Are You Good At?
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Capturing and Immortalizing Memories
  • Combining Unrelated Topics in a Unique Way

Making Others Feel Comfortable

I’m good at making others feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations. Business meetings, new relationships, parties, etc. can all be awkward times, but I help make them more enjoyable. Smiling, making introductions, telling stories, and asking questions are all ways I make it happen.

I didn’t always know I was good at it, but people often thanked me or mentioned how I helped them feel settled. After I heard that feedback a few times, I realized how natural it is for me. I’m glad to have that skill!

Logan MalloryLogan Mallory
VP of Marketing, Motivosity

Analyzing Data

It all began with my studies. I was drawn to the intersection of psychology, business, and data analysis, so I completed a marketing degree. Then, I started working in various roles, where I honed my skills and gained hands-on experience.

Over time, I found I had a particular talent for data analysis and campaign optimization. I enjoyed poring over spreadsheets and digging into data to uncover insights that could improve marketing performance.

I also found that I had a knack for understanding customer behavior and using this to create targeted campaigns. Finally, I realized that my interest goes hand in hand with my skills, and I’m good at data analysis.

Natalia BrzezinskaNatalia Brzezinska
Marketing and Outreach Manager, PhotoAiD

Optimizing Websites and Search Engines

I discovered this skill when I took on the responsibility of improving my company’s website ranking on search engines. No one else in the company was interested in doing the SEO work, so I took it on as a personal project.

Through research and experimentation, I could identify effective strategies and techniques for optimizing our website content and structure, as well as building high-quality backlinks.

Because of my efforts, our website gradually climbed the search rankings and eventually reached the top spot for our target keywords. This experience helped me to develop a passion for SEO and a deeper understanding of its importance for online businesses.

Dan JohnsonDan Johnson
Business Development and Sales Manager, Pearl Scan

Creating Websites

During my time in college, I discovered my passion for visual representation and pursued website creation. Although I didn’t enjoy theoretical computer science courses, they highly motivated me to learn HTML and CSS, the basic tools for coding websites.

After several months of practice, my confidence in my skills grew, and I realized I had a talent for them. The satisfaction of creating something from scratch fueled my motivation to continue, and I explored different techniques and technologies.

After a few years of dedicated practice, I became adept at creating websites not only for myself but also for clients, leading me to become a professional web designer. Although it was challenging, the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction made it all worthwhile. Looking back, I am proud of the skills I have gained and the journey I’ve taken to get here.

Burak ÖzdemirBurak Özdemir
Founder, Online Alarm Kur

Sharing My Knowledge

I’m good at sharing my knowledge. I discovered it as a primary school student willing to help my classmates. They asked me to prepare for exams, revise the material, and do homework together. Somehow, I presented the topics in such a way that my peers understood them. It was rewarding and came naturally to me.

A few years later, I gained teaching qualifications. It’s been 14 years since I started private tutoring and working in language schools. My patience, attention to detail, and friendly personality help me gain students’ trust.

Their successes make me proud—both of them and myself. Teaching is an exciting, enjoyable, and satisfying career. Though I have changed careers, I still have a few students in private lessons.

Agata SzczepanekAgata Szczepanek
Community Manager, LiveCareer

Having Excellent Reading Skills

It wasn’t until late in my life that I discovered this was one of my strengths. Before realizing that I am good at it, I always assumed it to be typical.

In college, I concluded that my ability to read and comprehend a wide range of texts, including fiction, non-fiction, and technical writing, is evidence of my strong reading comprehension abilities. I can read quickly without losing my understanding.

My extensive vocabulary enables me to comprehend and decipher the meaning of the words I’m reading. I retain specifics from the text and recall what I have read. Besides all of this, I enjoy reading and regularly engage myself with a variety of materials.

David reidDavid Reid
Sales Director, VEM Tooling

Communicating Effectively

Effective communication is one of the most important skills a lawyer can possess, and I have honed this skill through years of experience. As a lawyer, I have had to present complex legal arguments in front of various audiences, which taught me how to convey information persuasively and concisely.

My ability to read people and understand their needs and emotions has allowed me to empathize with clients and build strong relationships. Whether I am negotiating a settlement or representing a client in court, my communication skills have been a key factor in achieving successful outcomes. I take pride in explaining complex legal concepts in a way that is easy to understand, and I am always looking for ways to improve my communication skills to serve my clients better.

Dilruba ErkanDilruba Erkan
Consultant, Morse Decoder

Capturing and Immortalizing Memories

In photography, I excel at capturing special moments and crafting gorgeous images. I was first exposed to photography when I was a young boy and it quickly became a passion of mine. I soon realized that I had an eye for detail and knew how to frame a shot in creative ways.

As I continued to take pictures, something clicked inside me, and I felt like I had finally found my calling. I have been able to create a full-time income through a business of my own capturing my brides’ and grooms’ happiest moments by working hard to perfect my craft over the years and earning recognition from many industry professionals who have praised its quality.

Stephanie jenkinsStephanie Jenkins
Founder, Stephanie Jenkins Photo

Combining Unrelated Topics in a Unique Way

I love uniquely combining seemingly unrelated topics. For example, I’ve done workshops that have included topics like “What Monkeys Can Teach You About Your Love Life.” And my current passion is tying personal development with hiking.

I found out I was good at this from feedback from friends and clients. For me, the connection between topics was obvious, but from feedback, I learned it wasn’t.

That allowed me to recognize that I was good at this and apply it to my life and business.

Laurel RobbinsLaurel Robbins
Founder, Monkeys and Mountains

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