6 Unique Small Business Ideas That Most People Know Nothing About


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Do you run a “pigging company?” A “luxury restroom business?” Tell us about your small business that most people know nothing about.

Have you ever wondered what kind of cool, niche small businesses are out there? Well, so have we, which is why we asked business leaders and entrepreneurs this question for their businesses that most people know nothing about. From pipeline pigging to VR gaming, there are several awesome small businesses that most of us know nothing about.

Here are six small business most people know nothing about: 

  • Pipeline Pigging
  • Small Business SEO
  • Virtual Team Building Company
  • Do It Yourself Marketing Tools
  • Hard Money Loans
  • Dual-CEO in Anti-Aging Beauty and VR Gaming

Pipeline Pigging

Here at American Pipeline Services, we specialize in pipeline pigging. Chances are, you are not familiar with our services, but what we do on a daily basis most definitely affects your life! Pigging is a process that effectively cleans and removes debris on the inside of pipes using a cylindrical device that is propelled through the pipeline by the normal water flow. Our work ensures that cities and municipalities are providing their communities with water and functioning sewer systems.

Noah Downs, American Pipeline Solutions

Small Business SEO

We’re in a small business that serves small businesses! We are a digital marketing company that specializes in Small Business SEO to help our clients gain more online visibility and compete with larger competitors…all while having a great time doing it. Most marketing companies offer a wide range of digital marketing services that span from video production to PPC. We’re the complete opposite of that. Choosing to narrow our focus on SEO has allowed us to be better at what we do, deliver clearer results, and stay at the top of our game.

Thylan Le, Markitors

Virtual Team Building

The term “team building” might conjure images of obstacle courses, team dinners, and spaghetti towers. However, our events happen 100% in Zoom rooms. Facilitating intimate interactions and maintaining energy and engagement levels can be a challenge when limited to computer screens. By hiring experienced performers as hosts and using Zoom features like breakout rooms, we run darn fun events like virtual campfires, online art heists, and superhero schools. The result is experiences that meaningfully connect faraway colleagues, plus silly screenshots to boot.

Michael Alexis, Teambuilding

Do It Yourself Marketing Tools

Raine Digital is a marketing and business development firm. We offer the usual amenities of an omnichannel marketing firm, but we also offer much less expensive Do-It-Yourself tools from reputation management and social media to website building and SEO optimization. At the same time, we are from the local business community and work to ensure that everyone who works with us is pleased. We work with teams in business model development, branding, and aspects of their as much or as little as they desire. We are here to help your local business thrive. And we don\’t use the term “small” business, because we know to you, your business is anything but small.

Darrell Kidd, Rain Digital

Hard Money Loans

Despite how large the real estate industry is, most people don’t know about the wide variety of loans available! House flipping may be extremely trendy, but many don’t know that house flippers use hard money to finance their flips. Hard money loans are asset-based loans (property value-based) instead of credit making it easier for flippers to purchase repair and flip homes for a profit!

Loren Howard, Prime Plus Mortgages

Anti-Aging Beauty and VR Gaming

At Influent Presence VR our company creates interactive and educational Esports and 3D VR gaming experiences. We’re actively building a biblical action-adventure game that will debut on PlayStation VR called Solemn XII. Solemn XII provides a first-person experience as a historical biblical figure, including a futuristic biblical tournament in a 3D open world. Peach X Pearl Co. is another company that I founded last year during the time of COVID-19. Early in that year, before COVID-19 appeared, I came up with a beauty solution for facial massagers. I held off on developing the idea until later in the year. So far, we’re in development to produce the world’s first hand-free liquid and facial massager.

Shamikia Gottlieb, Peach X Pearl Co.

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