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tips providing good customer service

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12 Tips For Delivering Great Customer Service

What is one tip you have for delivering great customer service?To help you deliver great customer service, we asked customer service professionals and business leaders this question for their best tips. From acting on feedback to personalizing the experience, there are several strategies that may help you improve your customer service skills and increase customer satisfaction.Here are 12 tips for delivering great customer service:

  • Act On Feedback You Collect
  • Utilize AI Chat Boxes To Streamline Operations
  • Use SMS To Build Stronger Relationships
  • Take Ownership of Customer Service Issues
  • Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated
  • Offer Free Consultations
  • Respond With “I’ll Ask” Instead of Outright “No”
  • Adopt The Language of Your Customers
  • Take Steps Not To Miss Messages From Customers
  • Stop Trying To Fix Every Situation
  • Know The Ins and Outs of Your Product
  • Personalize The Customer Experience

Act On Feedback You Collect

The key to stellar customer service is offering an experience that your customers can never forget. For most customers, this involves being heard, valued, and knowing that their feedback is taken seriously. To really make an impact, make sure that you focus your efforts on not just collecting feedback but also implementing the insights that are actually valuable for your growth. Following up with customers to let them know that you’ve incorporated their insights into your processes proves that you’re a business that’s committed to improving the customer experience.

Brian Casel, ZipMessage

Utilize AI Chat Boxes To Streamline Operations

I highly recommend businesses integrate an AI chatbot on their website to streamline customer service operations for visitors. A pop-up chat box makes it easy for people to access support and ask questions without making them search for help. This AI chat can either solve a customer’s issue or direct them towards a live person for assistance, providing all necessary information to the agent beforehand so the problem can be fixed as quickly as possible. This takes the busywork out of a customer service agent’s job, giving them more time to directly aid customers and solve problems, increasing productivity within shorter time frames. This also leads to happier customers since they can communicate with an AI during waiting times and do not have to wait as long for live help.

David Aylor, David Aylor Law Offices

Use SMS To Build Stronger Relationships

Call centers and in-person support are crucial, but don’t underestimate the power of SMS to elevate your service to the next level. With opt-in messaging, you can proactively reach out to every customer post-purchase to check in on their satisfaction. You’re not only catching unsatisfied customers sooner, but showing some love to the ones that are happy with their products.

Consumers want to know that you’re invested in their happiness as your top priority. The modern customer service experience hinges on building personal relationships with consumers that goes beyond the checkout, and SMS can help you foster them.

James Diel, Textel

Take Ownership of Customer Service Issues

Delivering great customer service means being prepared to take responsibility. Even if there were failings in other areas separate from your work, assigning blame or passing the buck to someone else can make your organization seem conflicted and disorganized. This alone is enough to drive customers away and prevent them from returning. Don’t be afraid to apologize when things go wrong. Even if you had nothing to do with the original issue, understand that you represent the organization as a whole. The customer is not privy to the finer details, and they won’t always know where the issue stems from. All they want to hear is that the organization is taking responsibility and making it a priority.

By acknowledging the error and taking ownership, it communicates a sole interest in solving the problem. Doing so speaks volumes about your company culture and immediately puts the customer’s mind at ease. This form of accountability sets a precedent for truly excellent customer service.

Patrick Casey, Felix

Treat Others The Way You Want To Be Treated

Treat others the way you want to be treated! Your customers aren’t going to tolerate being spoken to arrogantly or impolitely. They need to feel respected and valued. To do this you need to make sure they don’t wait too long for your help. Answer them ASAP and put a system in place to make sure there’s ALWAYS someone there to answer the phone. Give your customers relevant solutions to their problems. If a customer is going to keep coming back to solve the same issue over and over again, they’re just going to give up on you.

Cornelius Fichtner, PM Exam Simulator

Offer Free Consultations

This is especially important for any B2B or B2C businesses that offer a service. You must remember that customer service starts the moment a new consumer engages with your business. By offering free consultations to every consumer, you are showing your audience that you care more about the overall customer experience of your business than gaining a profit or securing business growth. Although those things are important, you never want those to be your forward-facing goals from the audience’s perspective. Providing top-notch customer service opportunities right from the get-go shows your audience that your prioritize the customer experience, and have open communication channels when it comes to any challenges or issues that arise.

Peter Robert, Expert Computer Solutions

Respond With “I’ll Ask” Instead of Outright “No”

One of the best tips for delivering great customer service is to respond with “I’ll ask,” instead of outright “no.” Sometimes, you face less resistance than anticipated and no is not the final outcome as expected. Even if you are not able to fulfill the request, the customer wants to see that you put effort and did your due diligence to satisfy their needs.

Carly Hill, VirtualHolidayParty.com

Adopt The Language of Your Customers

Ever since I started my business, I tried to personally stay in touch with customers who wanted to speak to me directly. In my years of experience, I realized that formal speech does not do much for customers, and they would much rather have you speak to them as they do. Adopting the language of your customers is one of the best ways to satisfy your customers and develop closer connections in customer service. Don’t treat them like a number, treat them like a person.

Harry Campbell, The Rideshare Guy

Take Steps Not To Miss Messages From Customers

People often find a random email with your domain handle, thinking it’s faster than the support email. Unfortunately, this might mean you miss a few messages. Having an email client with a unified inbox (like Mailbird) makes it possible to see all incoming messages from unlimited email accounts. This way, you are not going to miss anything that went to the wrong email address and leave a customer hanging. You can also integrate messenger apps to ensure that you don’t miss messages from Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter.

Carla Andre-Brown, Mailbird

Stop Trying To Fix Every Situation

Have great listening skills. In order to solve any issues, or just be able to implement any feedback, whether it’s a good or bad one, you have to learn to listen. Many business owners don’t realize that their customer service staff are trained to listen to react or respond. But the trick is to listen to understand. And that’s only when you understand the issue at hand you will really know how to help a customer. Don’t force a solution just because you need to solve a certain bad situation. It’s ok to ask a customer what type of outcome they wish to have, and then go from there.

Additionally, there will be times that you won’t be able to help someone. That client might simply not be a good fit and they will leave you a bad review, and go take their business somewhere else, and know that it’s ok too.

Nicky Taveras, DNT Home Buyers

Know The Ins and Outs of Your Product

Whether you’re a customer service agent or an employee who is dealing with customer queries, you can only provide a quick and effective response when you know your products well. Take time to study the pros and cons of your products so that you can be prepared when it comes to solving the customer’s problem. Deep knowledge of your products is absolutely essential and can save you a lot of time and avoid complications. It also helps you build a good relationship with the customer as you can recommend new features, products, or services that will complement their purchase. Moreover, a customer feels more supported and trusting when their customer service agent knows what they are selling.

Igal Rubinshtein, Home Essentials Direct

Personalize The Customer Experience

Naturally, as your business grows, it becomes difficult for the founder to maintain that personal relationship with every customer. This is okay as we can work around this. We have a customer database with all our clients’ information and in this spreadsheet, we have a column for any additional info (such as the customer moved house, bought a new car, recent newborn etc). This is to allow the next caller to have a general conversation about the recent news to allow the customer to feel special, welcome, and at ease prior to doing business.

Nathaniel Ihenachor, TheSmartWash LTD

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