6 Tips For Real Estate Bloggers Looking To Increase Their Online Presence


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What advice would you give a real estate blogger who is trying to increase their online presence?

To help you increase your online presence, we asked business leaders and marketing experts this question for their best advice. From staying ahead of the pack to localizing your business, there are several things a real estate blogger can do to increase their online presence.

Here are six pieces of advice for real estate bloggers trying to increase their online presence:

  • Stay Ahead of the Pack
  • Niche Down for SEO
  • Ask Your Audience
  • Explain Complex Processes
  • Localize Your Business
  • Guest Blog for Credibility

Stay Ahead of the Pack

As a real estate agent, you have your finger on the pulse of up and coming changes in the market. Put your insider knowledge to good use by creating content around trends and changes that are just around the corner. That way, when the change takes place and buyers get curious about how to respond, they can turn to your blog for answers. By sharing helpful information ahead of schedule, you can increase your online visibility.

Claire Routh, Markitors 

Niche Down for SEO 

Don’t be afraid to target a deep niche. Rather than trying to compete with major websites on broad, high-volume keywords, get extremely familiar with your narrow audience’s needs. If you’re a local real estate agent, that includes heavily targeting local keywords and issues that affect local homeowners and investors. Write about local trends, local law changes, local real estate development projects.

My company focuses on helping people build passive income from rental properties to ultimately cover their living expenses. So we write a lot about rental investing, property management, and landlord issues, with a spin toward financial independence. As the old business saying goes, the riches are in the niches!

Brian Davis, Spark Rental

Ask Your Audience

As so often in our world, problems and issues get the most attention. Write about solutions to common issues of homeownership and related issues such as finances to get readers. An open invitation to ask for recommendations with real estate-related issues will bring the questions people have to your inbox. Simply point anyone with their questions to your contact form.

Edward Briggs, Home Reviews

Explain Complex Processes

For a real estate blogger who is trying to grow their platform, I would focus on providing as much information as possible to varying members of the real estate industry. Take complicated and stressful processes such as buying real estate and make sure that it is easy for anyone to digest and use! From there, share it on social media.

Loren Howard, Prime Plus Mortgages

Localize Your Business

You can’t ignore the power of SEO. However, you want to use local SEO so people who need your real estate services can find you. Both Google My Business and Yelp are local directories. Nextdoor is useful as well. Nextdoor is an app that helps people find neighbors to recommend services.

Janice Wald, Mostly Blogging Academy

Guest Blog for Credibility 

A real estate blogger looking to increase online presence should guest blog across multiple websites. In best-case scenarios, the blogger earns backlinks that can drive more traffic to their site and boost the domain authority score. Yet even if outside links are not allowed on the host website, the blogger can gain credibility by writing high-quality content. 

Publishing across multiple platforms helps authors build a reputation. Real estate bloggers can point to these posts to demonstrate subject authority and expertise. Plus, the real estate writer can leverage that portfolio of pieces to earn more writing opportunities, boosting web presence even further.

Michael Alexis, TeamBuilding

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