8 Things Small Business Owners Love About Their Own Companies


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What is one thing that you love about your company or business?

To help remind business owners why they started their company and why they fell in love with it, we asked business leaders and small business owners this question for their personal experiences and thoughts. From the opportunity for self-expression to the incredible people within your company, there are several reasons you may have fallen in love with your company but we want to highlight ways in which you can fall in love with your company all over again.

Here are 8 reasons small business owners fell in love with their companies: 

  • The Impact 
  • Self-Expression
  • Watching the Evolution of HR
  • Removing Frustration From People’s Lives
  • The Industry Pace
  • That “Ah-ha” Moment
  • The Journey, Completely Online
  • Our People

The Impact 

The thing I love about Markitors is the impact we have on everyone associated with a small business. Markitors connects small businesses to customers through SEO. When you stop to think about all the people in that equation, the impact becomes pretty powerful. First, you have the small business. Within the small business, there’s the owner, the owner’s family, the employees, and all the employees’ families. If the business grows, generally speaking, all employees and their families win. Then, you have the customers. Within the customer base, you may have the customer, the customer’s family, and even the employees of the customer, or the customer’s customer. The bottom line is that we’re all connected, and if we can help connect the right companies with their customers, everyone stands to benefit. 

Brett Farmiloe, Markitors


My business is the culmination of the beautiful dance of my strengths combined with my struggles I have overcome. I share lessons learned, imperfections along with strategies that have guided me along the way, so clients accomplish more in less time. I love learning more about “why I do what I do.” Clients understand themselves at an intrinsic level and feel a deeper sense of fulfillment. I love connecting and serving people. Clients say “I can hear your heart when you coach.” I love all that I do with my business and what it means to my clients. I am grateful for the culmination of my struggles combined with my gifts to support my clients achieve productivity and fulfillment.

Mark Jamnik, Enjoy Life Daily

Watching the Evolution of HR

I have witnessed an evolution in the HR profession over time, from the simpler days of personnel administration and benefits processing to a complex and strategic role in helping organizations to run their businesses. I love how the profession has grown and how organizations have come to see the value in more dynamic HR roles and functions. HR professionals now play a much more vital role in the success of their organizations and because of that, they can grow their business acumen beyond the realm of HR. In addition to the higher caliber of leadership we see within HR, we see more CHROs becoming CEOs, which definitely says that the profession has come a long way!

Colleen McManus, Senior HR Executive and Consultant

Removing Frustration From People’s Lives

One thing I love about our business is that it makes it easier for people to invest. We remove a lot of frustration in people’s lives and make it easier for people to fund their investments. We make it easier for people to run their businesses.

Loren Howard, Prime Plus Mortgages

The Industry Pace

I love the pace of change in my industry (marketing services for the technology industry). This week, I learned about some exciting startups presenting at CES 2021 including many in the health tech space. With so many new startups and apps in development, there is a constant challenge to stay up to date. Thankfully, the fundamentals of sound marketing stay the same so that provides a good level of continuity in my business.

Bruce Harpham, Technology Marketing Consultant

That “Ah-ha” Moment

I love it when someone I’m coaching or in one of my workshops gets the “ah-ha” moment and they grasp how digital marketing works. They get that it’s more than just posting on Facebook, it’s about clearly defining your target market and figuring out which networks they’re on and how best to reach them. Once they get that, then I can teach them how to use the free tools to make it easier for them to market their business effectively. Most small business owners just need a little guidance to not be overwhelmed with digital and social media marketing.

Giselle Aguiar, AZ Social Media Wiz

The Journey, Completely Online

I love my company because I had no idea what this exciting journey would be like, not even if I could make a living from this company. Now, on the other hand, I remember this time as very distant because I have verified something very important: you can live very well working on the Internet. In my case, I am totally convinced, not only because I receive a good salary for teaching, but because I work in the company of my dreams. Every day my project grows and it is a pleasure to see how the ideas I have come true. I have discovered that the Internet is an open window to the world and I feel that everything I imagine can be accomplished, with a lot of effort, of course! When you work on something you love, passion is so powerful, you can’t help but imagine.

Sylvia Kang, Mira

Trying to Solve Problems in Our Own Way

I love trying to solve problems in our way. I think so many times when we look at entrepreneurship and business we forget that at the heart of it, it’s people solving problems. But the way that we solve problems is that human side that manifests itself often in creating a product or service. I truly enjoy and feel blessed to get the opportunity to create from my gifts and zone of genius to help entrepreneurs and business owners increase their visibility.

Gresham Harkless Jr., CEO Blog Nation

Our People

I love how our company values our people. We have a deep belief that the biggest defensible aspect of our company is our people. History has shown us that no matter how defensible a product or service may be, at the end of the day, people make the difference between average and outstanding companies. Our team has 60 years of experience in the employment and assessment arenas, and we’ve all been a part of company cultures that was united by a common set of core values and guided by a clear sense of purpose. Reveal is our chance to create our culture and live our purpose and values.

Linda Scorzo, Hiring Indicators

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