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To help you understand the differences between Qwoted pricing vs Featured pricing, we asked small business owners and directors of Search Marketing with extensive experience on both websites for their personal insights. From Featured suiting small businesses better to core features being offered for less at Featured, there are several opinions that may help you decide which platform would better fit your needs.

Here are three viewpoints to help you decide whether Qwoted or Featured is best for you:

  • Featured Suits Small Businesses Better
  • Featured is a Better Value for your Money
  • Core Features are Offered for Less at Featured

Featured Suits Small Businesses Better

Featured is a platform focused on helping you gain extensive press coverage by allowing you to connect with publishers and journalists looking for insights. The aggregated answers are turned into an article with the best responses making the article’s content. Featured is best if you are looking for coverage story partnerships to help your site rank higher through link exchange. Featured allows you up to three free answers a month, while the premium plan is $99.99. Featured has a better user interface than Qwoted.

On the other hand, Qwoted works best for journalists looking to collaborate with other journalists. Compared to Featured, Qwoted allows you to reach out to journalists but is also a database for reporter contacts. The premium plan that starts at $149.99 also allows you to get direct questions from journalists on the platform depending on the expertise illustrated on your profile as you signed up. It only allows a maximum of three free answers per month.

John Tian, Mobitrix

Featured is a Better Value for your Money

I would say that, as a freelancer, Qwoted is great for landing features on huge publications, but the costs do not scale well at all. Even the smallest subscription is expensive, and you still don’t get many responses as part of the smallest premium package. Featured has arguably lesser-known publications, but from an SEO perspective they still have HUGE authority, and it’s certainly now my go-to platform as means of landing relevant features and links for my clients.

James Taylor, James Taylor SEO

Core Features are Offered for Less at Featured

As director of Search Marketing, building authority is a big part of our strategy. When I was comparing plans between Featured vs Qwoted they both offer similar advantages. But the deal-breaker for us was the saving on cost for us relative to the features we actually need. The extra $50 saving allows us to participate in another similar platform and we still get all the core features we need such as unlimited credits, access to support, and a simple to use, clear and effective platform to answer questions from. 

Whilst it is true that Qwoted offers some neat features such as ‘pitch intelligence’ and ‘expert profiles’, we decided that Featured was easy to use and provided us with what we needed such as ‘Domain rating’ ‘ link type’ and ‘early 2-day access’. I really enjoy the ease of use and clarity with Featured. I think other platforms such as HARO could learn a lot from companies like Featured and Qwoted.

Ross Kernez, Health Plan One

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