New Updates for Featured Publishers! (June 2024)


Featured connects subject-matter experts with top publishers to increase their exposure and create Q & A content.

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Important Updates for Featured Publishers

On June 10th, 2024, introduces brand-new features and other important changes that will be explained in this article.

And, yes, the content is still free 😉

How do publishers use Featured? 

Publishers can request expert quotes to add to their articles or use them for content refreshes like how HubSpot did here – 8 of the Most Difficult Types of Prospects (& How to Deal With Them), According to Real Sales Leaders

Publishers can also request ready-to-publish articles like this one that’s bringing in over 80,000 search visits per month* – 9 Essential Things to Include in Your “Tell Me About Yourself” Interview Answer (*data last updated May ’24) 

And coming soon, publishers will be able to opt-in to receiving guest posts and expert interviews authored by the Featured expert community.

Here are the most important changes for publishers:

  1. Action is now required to claim your content requests
  2. Email communication updates
  3. Account structure updates
  4. Bylined Articles
  5. Expert Interviews
  6. Other new features

1. Action is now required to claim your completed content requests

Action is required within 5 weeks of the content delivery. Please add your estimated publication date (up to 6 months in the future) or published URL to Featured before then. After that date has passed, this request will be discarded automatically.

What action is required?

Publishers should take at least one of these actions within 5 weeks of receiving their content request:

  1. Set an estimated publication date to confirm your interest in publishing the content
  2. Add the published URL to your dashboard so we can share your article with the quoted experts.
  3. Discard the content request if you have no intentions of publishing any of the content

What if I don’t take action within 5 weeks?

The content request will be automatically discarded after 5 weeks if no action is taken. No action taken on Featured requests will affect the account’s publisher success score and may impact your ability to request content from Featured in the future.

If a content deliverable doesn’t meet your needs, simply discard it from your dashboard to maintain access to Featured’s self-serve tool for publishers.

Why is Featured making these changes?

Experts on Featured diligently share their professional insights with publishers to help them meet their content needs. Experts can track their submission progress from selection to publication. Previously, publishers were not required to adhere to a strict deadline for updating their completed content requests’ status, leading to challenges in managing expert expectations

To best manage expert expectations, publishers must now take action on the content requests within the 5-week deadline. This provides confidence to Featured experts, as they will know the status of their insights within the set timeframe—whether they will be published, scheduled, or not selected.

We aim to enhance the Featured experience for everyone involved and welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have.

2. Email communication updates

All publisher content delivery and follow-ups will be no-reply emails. All questions can be directed to Adrian at You can expect a reply within 0-3 business days.

3. Account structure updates

All Featured accounts (publishers and experts) now have access to both expert and publisher features from their left-hand side menu.

4. Bylined Articles

Publishers will soon have the option to receive and publish bylined article pitches from Featured experts. Interested in beta testing by receiving and publishing expert bylined articles? Fill out this form.

5. Expert Interviews

Publishers will soon have the option to receive and publish expert interview article pitches from Featured experts. Interested in beta testing by receiving and publishing expert interviews? Fill out this form.

6. Other New Features

  • Add working notes directly to your dashboard. These notes are for your organizational needs and are not viewed by Featured’s editorial team
  • Add a publishing assistant log-in to your account (coming soon)

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