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We’re excited to share several updates at that will enhance your experience and help you get featured in top media outlets. Our new offerings include innovative products, a more accessible pricing plan, and a flexible account structure designed to support teams like yours in sharing knowledge with over 1,000 publishers.

Introducing New Products & the Featured Business Plan

To better support businesses in building their brand online, we’ve designed a new “Business” plan that includes Bylined Articles, Interview Profiles, and AI Answer Check.

Bylined Articles

Submit full-length articles for publication consideration. This feature allows you to showcase your expertise and insights in a more comprehensive format. (Here’s a demo video of Bylined Articles.) ✍️

Interview Profiles

Conduct interviews to land executive profiles. This new product enables you to highlight your expertise and accomplishments through engaging interview formats. (Here’s a demo video of Interview Profiles.) 🎤

AI Answer Check

Improve success rate with AI recommendations for answers. Click the “AI Answer Check” button before submission for real-time improvement recommendations. (Here’s a demo video of AI Answer Check.) 🤖

Business plans start at $79/month per seat (billed annually) or $99/month per seat (billed monthly). (Here’s a video discussing plan differences and pricing options).

How does this affect my account?

As an existing customer, all subscription prices will stay the same or be reduced. In addition, some subscriptions may now include an extra profile to reflect any price differences between your existing plan and our updated pricing model.

Flexible Account Structure

Our new account structure allows you to easily add new profiles and only be billed for active profiles each month. Select how many active seats you need, and use profiles interchangeably until your account reaches its seat limit. This ensures you only pay for what you use and never miss an opportunity. (Here’s a video on how to submit answers).

These updates are designed to support you in getting featured in top media outlets and providing high-quality content to our publishing partners. We’re committed to helping you share your knowledge and insights with a broader audience.

To explore these new features or learn more about the differences between our Pro and Business plans, please log in to your account at

Thank you for being a valued member of the community. We look forward to seeing you thrive with our new offerings. If you have any questions, please let us know!

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