Maximizing Engagement on Threads: 13 Tips for Businesses and Influencers


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Maximizing Engagement on Threads: 13 Tips for Businesses and Influencers

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Maximizing Engagement on Threads: 13 Tips for Businesses and Influencers

To help businesses and influencers maximize their engagement on Threads, we’ve gathered thirteen insightful strategies from professionals in the field, including content managers and SEO Heads. From engaging via conversation and Instagram sharing to using keywords for enhanced visibility, discover how to leverage Threads to its full potential.

  • Engage via Conversation and Instagram Sharing
  • Leverage the Story Collaboration Feature
  • Amplify Engagement with Exclusive Content Drops
  • Create a Consistent Content Series
  • Foster Community-Focused Conversations
  • Boost Engagement with the AMA Feature
  • Maintain a Consistent Presence with Snippy Notes
  • Craft Memorable Quotes Daily
  • Utilize the Progressive Insights Feature
  • Offer Exclusive Sneak Peeks
  • Gain Feedback with the Polling Feature
  • Incorporate Video Content
  • Use Keywords for Enhanced Visibility

Engage via Conversation and Instagram Sharing

Threads is the perfect place for businesses and influencers to genuinely engage with their audience. While you can share images and videos on the platform, its main purpose is to elicit genuine conversation among brands and their followers.

Effectively engaging with one’s audience on Threads means liking or re-sharing replies, as well as writing replies to comments. Conversation inspires more engagement! The Threads ‘share’ features also allow users to easily send their own threads (the initial post and all replies) to their Instagram feed and stories.

By sharing threads directly to their feed, brands or influencers will still be able to reach their followers on Instagram who haven’t yet made it to Threads. Sharing threads to Instagram stories allows for the opportunity to incorporate elements like polls, question boxes, and links to promote increased engagement.

Chelsea Evans-FlowerChelsea Evans-Flower
Owner, Scott Social

Leverage the Story Collaboration Feature

Businesses and influencers can use Threads to engage with their audience effectively by leveraging the Story Collaboration feature. This tool allows multiple users to contribute to a single story, creating a dynamic and interactive experience.

For example, a brand can invite customers to share their experiences with a product, creating a collaborative story that showcases real-life testimonials. Influencers can use this feature to co-create content with other influencers or their followers, fostering a sense of community and engagement.

The Story Collaboration feature is not just about content creation; it’s about building connections and encouraging active participation. Inviting your audience to be part of the storytelling process creates a more authentic and engaging experience that resonates with them.

Madhurima HalderMadhurima Halder
Content Manager, Recruit CRM

Amplify Engagement with Exclusive Content Drops

Threads, with its more intimate and simplified interface, offers businesses and influencers a unique opportunity to engage with audiences on a personal level. It’s designed for close connections, providing a platform to share behind-the-scenes moments, quick updates, and exclusive content.

One potent strategy to amplify engagement using Threads is the “Exclusive Content Drops.” Given the app’s close-knit communication style, influencers and businesses can offer “Threads-only” content. This could be sneak peeks, early-bird access, or even personalized responses.

For instance, an influencer can share exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of an upcoming project only on Threads. This exclusivity entices followers to join and remain active on Threads for fear of missing out on unique content. By combining the app’s intimacy with exclusive content drops, businesses and influencers can foster a more engaged and loyal audience base.

simon brisk
Simon Brisk, Director, Click Intelligence Ltd

Create a Consistent Content Series

One powerful strategy to increase engagement through threads is to create a consistent content series. This involves posting related content over a period of time, connecting each post in a thread. This approach keeps your audience engaged and curious about what’s coming next. It could be a step-by-step guide, a story, or even a Q&A session that unfolds over multiple posts.

Select a theme or topic that resonates with your audience and aligns with your brand. This could be anything from tutorials and behind-the-scenes glimpses to personal stories or product launches. Outline the content for your thread in advance. This ensures a smooth flow and coherent narrative across all the posts. Create a content calendar to schedule when each post will go live.

Begin your thread with a captivating and informative introduction. This sets the tone for the entire series and piques your audience’s interest. Stick to a consistent posting schedule. This keeps your audience engaged.

Harsh VermaHarsh Verma
SEO Head, CodeDesign

Foster Community-Focused Conversations

If you want to successfully engage with your online audience on Threads, it is important to understand that people are keen to make this social media space a different place from its supposed influence, X (formerly Twitter).

One of the big changes is that people want this to be a more positive, community-focused space. So, as a business, avoid jumping in with your typical sales talk and marketing pushes. This is a place to get involved in conversations, ask your audience what they want from you, and share bigger stories than your new products.

Of course, it is very possible that the platform will change, adapt, and develop as it grows and finds its feet, but right now, the users are in the driving seat, and businesses need to make sure they are responding to what people want or they simply won’t find the engagement they want in this space.

Bobby LawsonBobby Lawson
Technology Editor/Publisher, Earth Web

Boost Engagement with the AMA Feature

Businesses and influencers can use Threads to engage effectively by creating focused, interactive discussions around specific topics or products. Leveraging the “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) feature can increase engagement. This feature encourages audience participation, enables direct communication, and builds a sense of community.

Leveraging this feature regularly can increase engagement, provide valuable insights, and foster a stronger connection between the brand or influencer and their followers.

Sanket ShahSanket Shah
CEO, InVideo

Maintain Consistent Presence with Snippy Notes

If you’re going to show up on a social platform, go deep! Flinging a little bit of content here and there will not inspire the same kind of follows and dedication as a consistent presence will. On a new platform like this, they need to see that you are there even more often than they are, and you know what you’re doing on this platform (even if you don’t!).

Quick facts, fun insights, and snippy notes that will lighten and brighten someone’s day, wrapped into bits about your brand, can go far in relationship building!

Julie MorrisJulie Morris
Thought Leadership Trainer, Persona Media

Craft Memorable Quotes Daily

Unlike X (Twitter), which is inundated with spam, Threads offers a fresh opportunity for impactful, concise statements. Instead of merely reposting on Threads, task your team with crafting three to five memorable quotes daily to share on this platform. Seek opportunities to highlight your expertise within relevant global conversations.

Jason VaughtJason Vaught
Director of Content, SmashBrand

Utilize the Progressive Insights Feature

An effective engagement tactic for Threads could be the use of the “Progressive Insights” feature. Publishing valuable information in a thread can capture an audience’s curiosity and keep them actively following the complete story.

Consider the scenario where a company shares a multi-part breakdown of a complex topic or shows a step-by-step guide. With each thread, the audience gets a new piece of the puzzle. This strategy increases engagement as followers eagerly await each new episode. In the end, they feel more knowledgeable and connected to each other because they actively participate in the learning process.

This approach can increase likes, shares, comments, and, most importantly, sustained attention to threads.

Percy  Grunwald Percy Grunwald
Co-Founder, Compare Banks

Offer Exclusive Sneak Peeks

For leveraging platforms like Threads, it’s all about intimacy and exclusivity. The beauty of Threads is its close-knit, direct-messaging feel, ideal for fostering personal connections. For a brand like ours, which emphasizes the transformative journey of skincare, it’s critical to provide personalized touchpoints.

One highly effective strategy we’ve employed is using Threads for exclusive “sneak peeks.” We give our most loyal customers and influencers early access to our new anti-aging devices. For instance, we recently previewed our latest product to a select group, leading to a flurry of excited discussions and pre-orders. This tactic not only drives engagement but also fosters a sense of community and brand loyalty, which is invaluable in the beauty industry.

Zain AliZain Ali

Gain Feedback with the Polling Feature

Threads provides a polling feature, which can engage with followers and gain feedback on various topics. This helps businesses and influencers further understand their audience’s wants and needs while also driving the conversation around particular products or services.

Polls are an easy way to start conversations with followers as they require minimal effort to participate. By creating polls, businesses and influencers can gain valuable insights from their audience. This data can then develop better strategies for future projects or campaigns. Additionally, having open-ended polls provides a platform for followers to share their opinions candidly with no restrictions.

Jennifer SpinelliJennifer Spinelli
Founder and CEO, Watson Buys

Incorporate Video Content

Video content can be a great way for businesses and influencers to connect with their audience.

By incorporating video into content such as threads, businesses and influencers can present key messages in an engaging and interactive way.

Live video streaming is also another popular feature that helps to directly engage with followers in real-time. Additionally, businesses can use videos to showcase products or services, building trust as followers get to know the business better.

Mark BuskuhlMark Buskuhl
Founder and CEO, Ninebird Properties

Use Keywords for Enhanced Visibility

Threads allow users to block certain words or phrases from showing up on their feed. This personalizes the content they see and interact with, ensuring relevance. Businesses and influencers can use this to their advantage by understanding their target audience.

Research into target audiences reveals their interests and the type of content they are most likely to interact with. Keywords can then be used in Threads to avoid being filtered out. It also helps to know what words and phrases to avoid, increasing the chances of appearing on someone’s Threads and enhancing engagement.

Eddie KooikerEddie Kooiker
Managing Director, K2 Occupational Health

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