Is a Content Marketing HubSpot Certification Worth It?


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Is a Content Marketing HubSpot Certification Worth It?

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Is a Content Marketing HubSpot Certification Worth It?

To help you decide if a content marketing HubSpot certification is worth pursuing, we gathered insights from nine industry professionals, including writers, founders, and marketing consultants. From the perspective of recognition and skill validation to the multiple benefits of certification, these experts weigh in on the value of this credential in today’s competitive market.

  • Recognition and Skill Validation
  • Focus On Education, Not Resume
  • Gain Knowledge and Improve Skills
  • Credibility and Implementation Matter
  • Boost Credibility and Opportunities
  • Free, High-Quality Courses
  • Strong Content Marketing Foundation
  • Enhance Your Credibility
  • Multiple Benefits of Certification

Recognition and Skill Validation

A content marketing certification from HubSpot is worth your time and effort learning and earning one. This certification allows you to be recognized by brands looking to work with content marketers on their campaigns.

More than just the recognition, it validates the skills you learn in the program, which is among the most thorough online. More than anything, the certification is accessible to everyone since it’s free to enroll in.

Liam LiuLiam Liu
Co-founder and CMO, ParcelPanel

Focus On Education, Not Resume

If you expect a content marketing HubSpot certification to get you a great job, you probably have too high of expectations. It’s unlikely that the certification would land you the gig if someone else has a better portfolio and evidence of writing than you do. But if you take the HubSpot course to learn and understand what one of the top sources has to teach about the topic—it’s definitely worth it. Focus on education rather than your resume with this certification.

Logan MalloryLogan Mallory
VP of Marketing, Motivosity

Gain Knowledge and Improve Skills

Yes. The content marketing certification within HubSpot is worth it. By getting the certification, take a course that is going to give you fresh new knowledge into content marketing and help you continue to better yourself for when you are writing content for businesses.

Samantha WallsSamantha Walls
Marketing Consultant, InTouch Marketing

Credibility and Implementation Matter

Absolutely! HubSpot courses are packed with knowledge and are constantly updated to reflect the changes in the industry. I’ve done the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Course in 2020, and the HubSpot Content Marketing Course in 2021. Both of my certifications expired (they last for two years), and I’m planning to refresh my knowledge and repeat the courses soon!

I’ve had both certifications listed on my LinkedIn & Upwork profiles, and I’ve had potential clients tell me that one reason they reached out was the certification they’ve seen on my profile.

An important thing to note is that you won’t become good at content marketing if you only do a course and implement nothing from it. HubSpot courses are packed with information, but practice and implementation—that’s how you’ll truly become good at it.

Aleksandra JovicicAleksandra Jovicic
Freelance SEO Specialist, Aleksandra Beka

Boost Credibility and Opportunities

Getting a HubSpot Content Marketing Certification is definitely worth it, as it boosts your credibility in the content marketing field. The certification shows your expertise in crafting engaging content strategies that drive results, setting you apart from your competition.

By mastering the key principles and best practices taught in HubSpot’s course, you’ll not only improve your content creation skills but also gain valuable insights into audience analysis, content promotion, and performance measurement.

This recognized certification can help open doors to new opportunities and enable you to make a significant impact in your career as a content marketer.

Basana SahaBasana Saha
Founder, KidsCareIdeas

Free, High-Quality Courses

The short answer is yes. Designed for marketers wanting to enhance their skills and knowledge, the HubSpot Certification Program offers courses and certifications in digital marketing, inbound sales, web design, and content writing. However, HubSpot offers top-notch courses and knowledge for free, which makes it different from platforms such as Udemy.

Typically, courses and certifications can be expensive, but with HubSpot, there is no cost involved, yet the quality of the courses remains high. In this sense, getting a HubSpot certificate is beneficial, since it comes at no cost and provides a wealth of knowledge and skills.

Marco Genaro PalmaMarco Genaro Palma
Co-founder, TechNews180

Strong Content Marketing Foundation

HubSpot’s content marketing course provides an excellent foundation for anyone who is looking to get into content marketing. I first took the course around 5 years ago. It provided all the basics I needed. 5 years later, I am still working in content marketing, and remember distinctly how the course inspired me—I couldn’t believe it was free! Not only was it super informative, but it was actually enjoyable.

Michael SandfordMichael Sandford
Editor, Pink Wafer

Enhance Your Credibility

Enhanced credibility is one of the major benefits of acquiring a content marketing HubSpot certification. HubSpot is an international behemoth in sales, marketing, and customer service, helping to set global standards in each of these industries. Hence, a content marketing certificate from this organization is a stamp of credibility and authority, which will make you more attractive to clients and/or employers.

Will BakerWill Baker
Founder, Skirtings R Us

Multiple Benefits of Certification

Industry recognition: HubSpot is a reputable and well-known company in the marketing industry. Having a certification from them can help show your expertise and credibility to potential employers or clients.

Skill development: The certification program provides training on various aspects of content marketing, including strategy development, content creation, SEO, and analytics. Completing the program can help you develop your skills in these areas and stay up-to-date with best practices in content marketing.

Career advancement: If you’re looking to advance your career in content marketing, having a HubSpot certification can help you stand out from other candidates and potentially lead to higher-paying job opportunities.

Overall, if you’re looking to develop your skills and advance your career in content marketing, a HubSpot certification can be a valuable asset.

Jason MossJason Moss
President and Co-founder, Moss Technologies

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