How To Gain Followers on Pinterest: 8 Strategies


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How To Gain Followers on Pinterest: 8 Strategies

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What Is One Strategy To Gain Followers On Pinterest?

To help you gain followers on Pinterest, we asked CEOs and marketing professionals this question for their best strategies.

From promoting your boards individually to engaging both your audience and competitors, there are several tips that may help you stay ahead of your competition in gaining more followers.

Here are eight strategies for gaining followers on Pinterest:

  • Promote Your Boards Individually
  • Join Industry-related Group Boards
  • Understand Your Audience and When to Post
  • Find Out What is Relevant To Your Target Audience
  • Start Your Own Group Board
  • Optimize Your Pinterest Bio
  • Research Keywords for Pinterest Boards
  • Engage both Your Audience and Competitors

Promote Your Boards Individually

Promote your boards individually. Most people prefer to follow the boards they are most interested in rather than following an entire profile. Look for the most popular ones among your boards and place them in the top row, use the board widget or invite your followers to pin them.

I often share entire boards on a specific topic on the rest of my social networks. For example, if it’s Christmas and I’ve created a special board with Christmas craft ideas, you can share it on Facebook with a sentence like, “I’ve prepared this compilation of crafts to do with the kids this Christmas, you can see them all on Pinterest” and share the link to the board.

Miruna Cristina Necula, PhotoAiD

Join Industry-related Group Boards

Join relevant group boards. Research the top boards related to your company’s product or service and ask the group administrator to let you join. Once you’re in, join the group discussion.

By posting relevant content related to your industry, you’ll soon gain followers who want to learn more.

Isaiah Henry, Seabreeze Management

Understand Your Audience and When To Post

Posting on Pinterest to get the highest engagement takes some research and planning. You need to understand your target audience in a number of different ways.

This includes what time zone(s) they might be in, what their daily schedule looks like, and when they are most likely to engage with social media.

For Pinterest, you want to aim for posting around the “bedtime browsing” hours of 8pm-11pm because most people work 9am-5pm jobs.

You can also try posting on Saturdays when people are off work or during normal lunch hours during the workday to try to capture those users browsing Pinterest on their lunch break.

Pro Tip: Avoid boosting your Pins during work hours to get better results! Opt to boost during “bedtime browsing” when more people are likely to see your Pins.

Brett Sohns, LifeGoal Investments

Find Out What is Relevant To Your Target Audience

Finding out what your target audience likes is one strategy for gaining followers on Pinterest. The best way to do this is to analyze top performing accounts from the search results related to your targeted phrases and keywords.

By emulating the users whose content appears at the top of related interest categories, you can attract many of the same followers. You want to post content that your ideal target audience is most likely to engage with through repins and sharing. Popular content can be as useful as unique content as long as it is relevant to the interests of your target audience on Pinterest.

Liza Kirsh, DYMAPAK

Start Your Own Group Board

Group boards can be significant marketing tools if used correctly. These boards offer unique, niche content that can gather large followings of people with similar interests.

Upon creating one of your own, state in your board guidelines that they must follow the board and you to join.

This is a common practice and one of the quickest ways to gain followers on Pinterest. Additionally, it’s worth considering creating DIY content, evergreen content, and partnering with guest pinners to widen your reach.

Datha Santomieri, Steadily

Optimize Your Pinterest Bio

Optimize your Pinterest bio to give people a reason to follow you. It gives other Pinterest users a brief explanation about what content to expect from you, making you gain more followers and pins.

Indicate your profession when writing your Pinterest bio to have credibility, then show what value you offer to attract ideal Pinterest followers. Always write your Pinterest bio with helping others in mind. This approach implies the benefit of following your Pinterest account.

Shaun Connell, Rental Property Calculator

Research Keywords for Pinterest Boards

One great way to gain followers on Pinterest for a particular category is to conduct some keyword research through software like Ahrefs or Semrush.

For example, maybe search for keywords around “business sign ideas” or similar type search queries and see how difficult it would be to rank for that content. Next, you’ll select the target keywords you want to work on, and begin building out Pinterest pins and boards targeted at those specific search queries.

Because Pinterest has such a high domain authority, it will then, in theory, begin to rank high on Google and will drive traffic to your profile page for people to pin and follow more of your content!

Nick Cotter, Growann

Engage Both Your Audience and Competitors

Pinterest is not a social media where your customers will reach you by themselves. It works on SEO where your audience searches for you, and you have to reach them.

The more you are connected with your competitors, the more you reach their audience.

Thus, the best strategy to gain followers on Pinterest is to engage with people and your competitors. Comment on their posts, like their stories, and share their posts on your Pinterest stories.

Tag them outside Pinterest to get their attention. It helps your content get shown to a new audience.

Isaac Robertson, Total Shape

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