How do you expose a bad business?


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how to expose a bad business

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How do you expose a bad business?

From leaving a review of your experience to contacting the company directly, here are several answers for how to expose a bad business:

  • Get On Social Media
  • Keep Track of All Records and Communication
  • See if the Bad Business is Listed On the Ripoff Report
  • Gathering Valuable Evidence Goes a Long Way
  • Contact With Better Business Bureau
  • Detailed Review Via Social Media
  • Leave a Review
  • Post About It:-
  • Expose a Bad Business Through Social Media Channels
  • Speak to Ex-employees
  • Start by Checking Out the Business On Yelp
  • By Notifying the Head Office (for Franchisee)
  • Get Help from Newspaper/news Channels
  • High Staff Turnover

Get On Social Media

The best way to expose a bad business is to share your experience with others. Social media is a great platform for doing this. Write a post detailing your experience and be sure to tag the company. You can also leave reviews on websites like Google and Yelp. If you have concrete evidence of wrongdoing, consider contacting the Better Business Bureau or your local news station. Exposing a bad business takes effort, but it can help to protect other consumers from being scammed or treated unfairly.

Antreas Koutis, Administrative Manager, Financer

Keep Track of All Records and Communication

Unfortunately from time to time you will deal with bad businesses and poor customer service. This is where keeping records of everything from web chat/email archives from customer service to any promotions that you used. I recently went through a very unfortunate process of being refunded tickets from an airline. During the process, I kept track of all communication through email, my reference numbers, and press releases from the airline that they had released and then deleted from their website. With all the evidence I had of a valid refund, they gave it to me but your best bet is to keep track of everything when dealing with a bad business. You can post all the communication and errors in any reviews that you post of the company whether it’s on YouTube, Google, Facebook, or the BBB. That will get the attention of others.

Seth Newman, Director, SportingSmiles

See if the Bad Business is Listed On the Ripoff Report

If perhaps you have suspicions about previous wrongdoing at your company but want to see if you’re not the only one, go check out if the company in question is listed on the Ripoff report. The Ripoff report is a comprehensive list of companies that have been caught in a myriad of scandals. It’s always a good idea to check if you are ever applying to a company you don’t know much about or want to make sure you are purchasing from a reputable company in any scenario you are unsure.

Patrick Robinson, Founder & CEO, Paskho

Gathering Valuable Evidence Goes a Long Way

Gather evidence. This could include taking photos or videos of illegal activities, downloading documents that show financial irregularities, or recording conversations that reveal unethical behavior. Once you have this evidence, you can take it to the authorities or the media to help stop the wrongful business. Tip: be sure to protect your sources, as they could be putting themselves at risk by coming forward. Exposing bad business conduct is an effective way to hold companies accountable and ensure that they operate fairly and legally. So if you have evidence of wrongdoing, don’t hesitate to speak up.

Jimmy Minhas, Founder & CEO, GerdLi

Contact With Better Business Bureau

If a business scams you, you can file a bad business complaint with your local Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB sends your complaint to the business and asks for a response within a few days — most ask for a response within 14 days. But remember that your complaint will be posted publicly on the BBB website. The BBB investigates such businesses and alerts others to their scams. This protects others from their scam — the BBB may take legal action against such a business.

Kyle Basett, Chief Operating Officer, Altitude Control

Detailed Review Via Social Media

Sharing reviews via social media is perhaps one of the most effective ways you can expose a bad experience with a business or product. Social media allows you to share your opinions with your friends, relatives, and the general public, and companies frequently keep an eye on their social media mentions and review websites.If you’re taking this route, remember to post specific information and always stick to the truth. Don’t belittle the company or the staff members. Instead, concentrate on the issue at hand and the solution you would like to see. Publish images to back up your claims. For instance, If a meal you’ve ordered is poor quality or has unwanted ingredients in them, you can take a picture for proof and write a detailed review of it.

Guy Sharp, Relocation Advisor, Andorra Guides

Leave a Review

Leaving a review for a bad business may seem like a small action, but it can make a big impact. In today’s digital age, potential customers often rely on reviews to guide their purchasing decisions. By leaving an honest and thorough review of your negative experience with a particular business, you are providing crucial information that could potentially save others from having a similar experience. Of course, it can be tempting to vent all of your frustrations in a scathing review, but remember that the most effective reviews are those that provide specific details and examples. Focus on explaining your experience rather than attacking the business or its employees. Additionally, consider reaching out directly to the business before posting your review. They may offer a resolution or apology for your experience. However, if the business is unresponsive or unwilling to address the issue, your review can serve as a warning for others.

Joe Kevens, Founder and Director of Demand Gen, B2B SaaS Reviews

Post About It:-

The first thing you should do is go to the company website and contact customer service with an explanation of what happened. Don’t go in expecting a lot, but if you received rude service, they will probably apologize and offer you some sort of discount to entice you back.If they don’t respond well, find websites or groups where you can complain about them and cause an influence.

Shad Elia, CEO, New England Home Buyers

Expose a Bad Business Through Social Media Channels

Social media provides the best opportunity for exposing a bad business. We frequently see posts from friends and acquaintances who have had a bad experience with a business and shared it. This educates others to be cautious or even avoid these businesses. In some cases, where the problems or treatment of customers are really egregious, we have even seen them go viral. A great example of this was when Jeff Jarvis used his blog to rant about Dell. Word of mouth can go a long way to promote a business or to destroy it. Social media has provided the platform for personal stories to be shared across the world.

Andrew Adamo, VP, Bullion Shark

Speak to Ex-employees

The truth of the inner workings of a business is likely to be exposed when you speak to an ex-employee. Since they’ve worked in the environment and have a clear idea of the work culture, profitability, and employee benefits, and have nothing to lose by divulging this information, they’re likely to give you the information you’re looking for. However, it’s best to avoid leading the employee with your questions and keep in mind that their opinion may be colored by their personal experience at the workplace.

Larissa Pickens, Owner, Repeat Replay

Start by Checking Out the Business On Yelp

One of the most popular websites in recent years exposing the truth behind a business is Yelp. Restaurants particularly live and die on the platform from scathing reviews often true but also sometimes exaggerated. Nevertheless, it’s always an essential place to check if you are about to try a new business as I find it to be fairly accurate overall.

Ryan Delk, CEO, Primer

By Notifying the Head Office (for Franchisee)

If the business is a franchise store that is giving bad service or not ensuring quality, I’d simply notify the head office of the franchise of their actions. Typically they want to make sure their service standards are ensured. So, if I make a complaint they’ll reach out to the business and force them to fix their business conduct. In my opinion, this is one of the easiest ways of exposing franchisees for their bad business.

Derek Bruce, Operations Director, SkillsTG

Get Help from Newspaper/news Channels

Maybe a business doesn’t have a website or any other public profile where you submit a complaint. So, if you want to expose such a business, get help from a local newspaper or media channels. There are many news channels that expose bad business daily. Contact them, and share your complaint — make sure to provide true and valuable information that helps them to consider your complaint. By doing so, there are good chances that many people will find out about such businesses and save themselves from traps.

Matt Magnante, Director of Content & SEO, Fitness Volt

High Staff Turnover

One of the biggest red flags for spotting a bad business is their staff turnover. Poor staff retention is a sign that something is wrong with the way a business treats their staff members. Of course, that’s not to say that staff turnover is not part and parcel of running a business, but a consistent revolving door of new faces could be a sign of trouble.Staff turnover should be at the very top of a business owner’s priorities, to ensure consistent growth and strong platform on which to build a business. If you’re dealing with a business like this, it’s certainly best to err on the side of caution. After all, if they’re willing to treat their staff in a certain way, you can bet that this attitude stems to other areas of the business in regards to relationships with customers and suppliers etc.

Mary Gilbey, Director, Anglia Translations Ltd

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