How to Create a Compelling Freelancer About Me Page


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How to Create a Compelling Freelancer About Me Page

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How to Create a Compelling Freelancer About Me Page

Crafting an interesting About Me page is crucial for freelancers, so we asked professionals from various fields to share their top tips. From emphasizing key information to presenting your work process, here are 15 expert insights from CEOs, VPs, and specialists to help you create the perfect Freelancer About Me page.

  • Bold Key Information
  • Include Client Testimonials
  • Prioritize Design and Readability
  • Highlight Unique Qualities
  • Keep It Short and Punchy
  • Add Engaging Visuals
  • Provide Clear Contact Details
  • Incorporate Storytelling
  • Grab Attention Quickly
  • Embrace Authenticity
  • Specify Niche Skills
  • Highlight Value Propositions
  • Be Clear and Concise
  • Reveal Your Freelancing Journey
  • Showcase Your Work Process

Bold Key Information

Writing and excellent copy are just two parts of great content, and an “About Me” page is no exception. People skim-read web content much more than traditional paper writing. Therefore, when creating the “About Me” page, remember to bold the most important facts about yourself—especially those that may be most interesting to your potential clients.

After all, they visited your site for a reason. Bolding is a very easy and effective way to catch attention and inform about your professionalism and experience.

Natalia BrzezinskaNatalia Brzezinska
Marketing and Outreach Manager, ePassportPhoto

Balance passion-driven work and flexibility

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Freelancing is the best way to balance passion-driven work and flexibility – giving people the opportunity to have full autonomy over their career and how they want to work on a day-to-day basis. Whether you’re working at home or on-the-go, freelancers can choose the projects they want to pursue, then craft their work experience around it. As a freelancer, you have the freedom to travel the world, spend time with your family, and manage your own schedule.

As we continue to navigate a volatile economy plagued by layoffs and firings, independent work is a great vehicle for financial security. By not being tied down by a singular employer, you can take on more projects, be your own boss, and further develop your own service offerings with new skills – such as AI. With businesses relying on freelancers more than ever before, freelancers today can expand their horizons and work on projects of all shapes and sizes.

shai-lee spiegleman fiverrShai-Lee Spigelman
General Manager, Fiverr Pro

Include Client Testimonials

One of the most important things you can add to your About Me page as a freelancer is a testimonial from a client. This will help potential clients believe that you’re a real person and that you’re worth hiring. It will also encourage them to contact you about their own projects.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that the testimonial is 100% authentic and that it doesn’t contain any false information. If you can’t find any testimonials from clients, consider asking some of your friends or family members if they would provide one.

Matthew RamirezMatthew Ramirez
CEO, Paraphrase Tool

Prioritize Design and Readability

An important tip for creating a perfect Freelancer About Me page is to make sure that it’s aesthetically pleasing and easy to read. The best way to do that is by using a clean and professional design that includes graphic elements such as images or icons to break up text and make your page more interesting to the reader’s eye.

To make the text portion easy to follow, use clear headings and subheadings to organize the content and help readers navigate through your page. You can also use bullet points and white space to give it a tidy look. An aesthetic and professional About Me page can help you make a great first impression and stand out as a Freelancer.

Maja KowalskaMaja Kowalska
Community Manager, Zety

Highlight Unique Qualities

Put your attention on showcasing your exceptional abilities, background, and accomplishments that set you apart from other independent contractors. Showcase your individuality and what makes you stand out from the competitors in this section. Include a professional photo, a succinct biography, and an overview of your qualifications.

Be careful not to use highly technical terminology or business jargon that clients might not comprehend. Instead, communicate your value offer and how you can assist potential clients in achieving their goals using simple, succinct language.

Last but not least, don’t forget to include a call-to-action that invites potential customers to get in touch with you for further details or to discuss a project. This might be a button or a brief comment at the conclusion.

Sanket ShahSanket Shah
CEO, InVideo

Keep It Short and Punchy

Keep it short and punchy by using bullet points and lists. People looking to work with freelancers don’t want to read a life story; they just need to know what you do and how you plan to help them. Beyond that, link out to prior work. Nothing shows competence better than an actual track record you’re proud of.

Trevor EwenTrevor Ewen
COO, QBench

Add Engaging Visuals

Including visual elements, such as a professional headshot and relevant images or graphics, can significantly enhance your Freelancer About Me page. Visuals not only help break up large blocks of text, but they also create a more engaging and memorable experience for potential clients. Be sure to choose high-quality images that complement your personal brand and showcase your work or expertise.

Dilruba ErkanDilruba Erkan
Consultant, Morse Decoder

Provide Clear Contact Details

Your contact information is your call to action. The whole point of putting in an About Me page is to make sure someone finds you interesting enough to hire you for their project. You will want to ensure this section is simple yet robust.

Make sure you’ve got a hyperlinked “email me” button somewhere prominent, add a “learn more about me” section that also links to your direct contact methods, and add a formal contact form that includes ‌what they might want to talk to you about. Ideally, just include this information in one place: phone number, email, LinkedIn, portfolio site, and news.

Onno HalsemaOnno Halsema
CEO, Contentoo

Incorporate Storytelling

A perfect Freelancer About Me page should be attention-grabbing, informative, and give potential clients a clear idea of who you are and what you can offer. One effective tip is to use storytelling to showcase your skills and personality.

Start by sharing a summary of your background and experience, then highlight a few key projects or achievements to show your expertise. But don’t forget to add a personal touch by sharing your interests, hobbies, or values.

This allows clients to connect with you on a more personal level and can lead to better client relationships. Remember, your About Me page is not just a resume, but a chance to showcase your unique qualities and stand out from the competition.

Anirban SahaAnirban Saha
Founder, MrPlanter

Grab Attention Quickly

Your About Me page is not about you—it’s about your clients and what you can do for them.

When looking for who to hire, clients will skim through a lot of freelancer profiles, so you need to grab their attention as quickly as possible.

You can do that by addressing one of their core issues in the first sentence. Here’s an example of how I did that in my Upwork profile:

“Did you hire an amazing writer that creates engaging, educational, and informative articles, but their content just won’t rank well on search engines? Or maybe you hired someone with amazing on-page SEO skills, but their writing is boring and no one wants to read it?

Good online content is not only about optimizing or writing well. It’s about both of these things. For online content to be successful, readers should love it, and search engines must understand it.

That’s where I come in.”

Aleksandra JovicicAleksandra Jovicic
Freelance SEO Specialist, Aleksandra Beka

Embrace Authenticity

For your Freelancer About Me page, there is one tip that can make all the difference in capturing the attention of potential clients: be authentic. It’s easy to fall into the trap of trying to sound overly professional or highlighting only your accomplishments and experience.

But clients aren’t just looking for a resume or a list of qualifications. They want to get a sense of who you are as a person and what makes you unique. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through, share your passions and interests, and even include a personal story or two.

By being authentic, you’ll build trust with potential clients and stand out in a sea of generic About Me pages.

Jo LarsenJo Larsen
Growth Blogger, Jo Larsen

Specify Niche Skills

We often hire freelancers, and as clients, the first thing we look for on their About Me page is their list of specific skills in a particular niche. When we’re seeking to hire a content writer, for example, we ensure we shortlist only those freelancers who are directly associated with our niche.

So if our business segment is a part of the list on a freelancer’s page, it’s a straightforward choice to start negotiations. When we do not find a mention of our industry, or if the information provided is only generic, we safely refrain from engaging further, no matter how good the freelancer may have been at first glance. So, if it’s a great freelancing career you’re aiming for, list your specific skills in a particular niche to make the right first impression.

Ariav CohenAriav Cohen
VP of Marketing and Sales, Proprep

Highlight Value Propositions

Focus on your unique value proposition and how it relates to the needs and challenges of your target audience. This can be challenging if you’re serving multiple niches, but most often, this means highlighting your skills, expertise, and experience in a way that addresses the pain points and objectives of your potential clients.

You should also use language that is clear, concise, and easy to understand, avoiding technical jargon or industry-specific terms that may confuse or alienate your audience—especially if you really serve multiple industries.

Dragos BadeaDragos Badea
CEO, Yarooms

Be Clear and Concise

The About Me page is an essential part of a freelancer’s website, as it’s often the first impression a potential client will have of them. When creating a Freelancer About Me page, it’s essential to focus on one key tip: be clear and concise.

Rather than long-winded descriptions, highlight your most valuable skills, experiences, and accomplishments in a straightforward and easy-to-read manner. Use bullet points or brief paragraphs to break up the text and make it more digestible.

Also, consider including a professional photo of yourself and a brief personal statement that showcases your personality and passion for your work. Keeping your About Me page clear and concise will make a solid first impression and increase your chances of landing new clients.

Peter ReaganPeter Reagan
Financial Market Strategist, Birch Gold Group

Reveal Your Freelancing Journey

Not everyone understands why freelancers do what they do. And even when people need their efficient and impactful services, this is easily one of the most prominent questions that linger in their minds.

So if you have a story that reveals why you chose the life of a freelancer, share it. But even more important is the reason you’re still in the game. Use your About Me page to reveal these details, and you will win over your clients right away.

Honesty is of the utmost importance. So if your origin story isn’t interesting enough to mention (not everyone has an endearing tale to share), simply go ahead with a few details about what you love most about your role as a freelancer.

Tony AngeleriTony Angeleri
Vice President, Lone Wolf Paintball

Showcase Your Work Process

As a freelancer, you consider yourself to be independent, free-spirited, and self-reliant. But are those the qualities a potential client looks for in an entrepreneur’s “About Me” page?

Instead, use the platform you are given to the fullest by sharing your method and approach toward the tasks. Focus on describing your “modus operandi”: the tools you use and the techniques you implement. Not only does it reflect your knowledge and professional approach, but it also says a lot about your personality. After all, you’re performing it alone, with no one’s surveillance or guidance.

But what about the customers who need help with understanding your niche and are oblivious to its intricacies? They don’t have to comprehend it to the fullest. What matters the most is that they immediately credit you for having some method of this madness.

Martyna SzczesniakMartyna Szczesniak
Community Expert, MyPerfectResume

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