How Much Do Freelance Writers Make Per Article?


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How Much Do Freelance Writers Make Per Article?

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How Much Do Freelance Writers Make Per Article?

As a business owner or freelance writer, determining the right payment rate for articles can be a complex process. To help you navigate this challenge, we’ve gathered insights from eight industry professionals who shared their strategies for setting freelance writing rates, considering factors such as complexity, experience, length, and expertise. Read on to learn how these experts approach pricing and ensure fair compensation for their work.

  • Consider Complexity and Experience
  • Factor in and Expertise
  • Evaluate Various Factors, Use Contracts
  • Customize Rates, Set Limits
  • Account for Article Type, Writer’s Background
  • Assess Factors, Agree on Fair Rate
  • Charge Per Word, Include Additional Services
  • Adopt Flexible Rates, Consider Different Approaches

Consider Complexity and Experience

The answer to this question depends on a range of factors, including the complexity of the article and the writer’s experience. Freelance writers can charge anywhere from $50-$500 per article, depending on these factors.

For beginner or part-time freelance writers, $50 to $200 is typical for brief articles. Meanwhile, experienced writers with specialized expertise or for lengthy articles may charge anywhere from $200 to $500.

The best way to determine the right rate for your freelance writing services is to research other writers’ rates and review the project requirements before making a proposal.

Aviad FaruzAviad Faruz

Balance passion-driven work and flexibility

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Freelancing is the best way to balance passion-driven work and flexibility – giving people the opportunity to have full autonomy over their career and how they want to work on a day-to-day basis. Whether you’re working at home or on-the-go, freelancers can choose the projects they want to pursue, then craft their work experience around it. As a freelancer, you have the freedom to travel the world, spend time with your family, and manage your own schedule.

As we continue to navigate a volatile economy plagued by layoffs and firings, independent work is a great vehicle for financial security. By not being tied down by a singular employer, you can take on more projects, be your own boss, and further develop your own service offerings with new skills – such as AI. With businesses relying on freelancers more than ever before, freelancers today can expand their horizons and work on projects of all shapes and sizes.

shai-lee spiegleman fiverrShai-Lee Spigelman
General Manager, Fiverr Pro

Factor in Length and Expertise

For shorter articles of between 500 and 700 words, the compensation I offer freelance writers can range from $40 to $60. Longer pieces of 1000 words or more can see the rate go as high as $100, depending on a freelancer writer’s expertise. A writer’s portfolio and topic specialization are key in my rate of negotiation with them.

Liam LiuLiam Liu
Co-founder and CMO, Parcel Panel

Evaluate Various Factors, Use Contracts

This depends on many factors, including the writer’s experience and skill level, the complexity of the assignment, and any research that needs to be done. As a general rule, you can expect to pay freelance writers around $0.07–$0.15 per word, but this rate could be higher or lower depending on the project. In my case, as a founder and entrepreneur, I typically pay between $50–$250 per article depending on the individual assignment.

It’s also important to consider how long the project will take and if any additional resources are needed. These costs can add up quickly, so it’s essential to ensure that you know exactly what to expect of the writer before they’re hired. Also, it’s wise to invest in a good contract outlining all the details. This will ensure that both parties agree and will help avoid any confusion or conflict down the line.

Aaron JerezAaron Jerez

Customize Rates, Set Limits

Freelance writing rates are complex and shouldn’t be a flat one-size-fits-all. The complexity of topics, amount of research, and number of revisions can vary from project to project.

Having a base rate for a set number of words can be a significant starting point, but it shouldn’t end there. Freelancers need to ask good questions to understand ‌the project in order to quote costs to clients.

You should also set a budget so that you do not overspend. Spell out what’s included in that rate and items (e.g. extra revisions, promotional copy, adding more content) that might incur an additional charge.

Alli HillAlli Hill
Founder and Director, Fleurish Freelance

Account for Article Type, Writer’s Background

The cost of commissioning freelance writers or the rate charged for an article may fluctuate depending on the type of article being crafted. For instance, a review article or how-to guide typically causes more extensive research compared to a blog post, resulting in a higher rate.

Native speakers ‌charge more than non-native speakers, and writers possessing relevant expertise in a specific domain may also demand higher fees. Taking these factors into account, I allocate a minimum of $0.1 per word for SEO-optimized articles, while rates for reviews and how-to guides can span from $0.2 to $0.5 per word.

Burak ÖzdemirBurak Özdemir
Founder, Online Alarm Kur

Assess Factors, Agree on Fair Rate

The rate for freelance writers can differ depending on the type of article, the length, the level of research required, and the experience and skill of the writer.

For instance, if the article is for link building purposes, the rate may be lower, typically ranging from $50 per article, as these articles are shorter and require less research and writing.

If the article is for a blog or website, the rate may be higher, ranging from $500 or more for a 4000-word article, depending on the writer’s experience, expertise, and the level of research and writing required.

Ultimately, the rate for freelance writers depends on various factors, and it’s important for both the writer and the client to agree on a fair rate based on the scope and requirements of the project.

Olga NatalchenkoOlga Natalchenko
PR Manager, Wiserbrand

Charge Per Word, Include Additional Services

When working freelance, I charge $0.10 per word, which works out at $200 per 2,000-word article. This includes an expertly written article that is correctly formatted, includes high-authority external sources, and is SEO-optimized, provided my clients provide their keywords.

Yasmin PurnellYasmin Purnell
Founder, The Wallet Moth

Adopt Flexible Rates, Consider Different Approaches

As a freelance writer, I don’t like to have a set rate per article. A 3,000-word article is going to be a lot more work and time than a 500-word article. I recommend having a set hourly rate, or if you want to go based on a project rate, perhaps a tiered approach based on word count. One size doesn’t fit all, so you might take a different approach depending on the project. Don’t forget to factor in editing time and maybe a couple of rounds of client revision requests!

Kelley BridenbaughKelley Bridenbaugh
Marketing Manager, Karma Water

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