How much should I charge for social media management?


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How Much 10 Social Media Managers Charge

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How much do you charge for social media management, and why?

To help you know how much social media managers charge and what informs their fees, we asked a number of social media managers this question for their fees and reasons. From $20 per hour for newbies to a set fee per month, there are varying rates that social media managers may charge based on several determining factors.

Here are the fees for 10 social media managers and their reasons:

  • $20 Per Hour for Newbies
  • $30 – $50 Per Hour
  • $75/Hr
  • $250 Per Month
  • $2,000 a Month Minimum
  • $25 Per Hour
  • Up To $500/hr
  • $500/Month
  • Fees Are Based on Value-Addition
  • A Set Fee Per Month

$20 Per Hour for Newbies

We charge social media managers $20 per hour. This amount is fit for newbies or those with less than one year of experience in their careers. Our business typically outsources them and enters into a contract for at least six months. This approach allows us to save more money and discover raw talents not influenced yet by other company practices.

More importantly, we enjoy giving beginners the chance to prove themselves, gain knowledge, and increase their market value as they venture into more opportunities.

Allan Stolc,

$30 – $50 Per Hour 

Presently, I charge $30-$50 per hour for social media management. But, this is not a fixed amount as the final cost depends on tons of factors such as the kind of tasks to accomplish, services available, and type of social media accounts to handle.  I am not a newbie in the industry and have earned considerable recognition. Hence, this high per hour cost.

Also, we provide analysis and reporting facilities to the clients that help them to understand the periodic growth. Cost is a fluctuating aspect of service delivery. And, we all know that. However, this is the average I maintain while offering the services.

Caroline Lee, CocoSign


This rate works. I love an hourly rate because if a client asks me to use a hard-to-find image, or if they can’t decide what they want, it’s fine…they’re paying for whatever time is required for the work. And, because I charge an hourly rate, I can suggest new projects or harder projects without short-changing myself.

Karen Zachary, Anchor Virtual Assistants

$250 Per Month

We charge $250 per month for social media management because it is a service that requires a lot of time, effort, and expertise. Our team of social media experts will create and post engaging content, monitor social media channels, and engage with the audience to grow their online presence.

We believe that our service is worth the investment because it can help reach the business goals.

Sophia Gimor, Stream Digitally

$2,000 a Month Minimum

A healthy ROI is the goal. Therefore, when it comes to social media management, while cost is important, making sure the return is worth the investment requires strategizing with an expert. Identifying your goals with a qualified professional should be a part of the package.

Whether you aim to boost sales, increase followers or have multiple goals matters when it comes to the fee. However, anyone worth their salt, who takes all of the above into account and presents a comprehensive social media plan will charge no less than $2,000 a month. You get what you pay for!

Erin Banta, Pepper

$25 Per Hour

I’ve learned that $25 per hour is the sweet spot for social media management work. The hourly salary range of this role is $14 to $35, so I set my rate to make it very competitive but still indicative of the value I can provide.

It also allows me to attract consistent work, so I can afford to charge slightly lower than the maximum. Lastly, it’s a simple number that’s easy to remember and do mental calculations with.

Milo Cruz, Freelance Writing Jobs

Up To $500/hr

My rate card starts at $100/hr for the basic management package, which includes social account handling and monitoring. However, I also offer custom packages that go up to $500/hr for SMBs that would like an all-inclusive package that also includes social media consulting.

My rates are informed by the value and insights I bring to my client’s businesses. I have customized my services to include a free social media audit for all my clients. This free package ensures that I can clearly determine the work needed to arrive at the client’s goals.

Ivy Bosibori, USBadCreditLoans


We charge $500/month for social media management because we believe that this is the best way to provide our clients with the results they are looking for.The reason we charge this amount is that we believe that social media management is a complex and time-consuming process that requires a lot of knowledge and expertise. In addition, we also believe that this is the best way to ensure that our clients are getting the most out of our services.

Admir Salcinovic, Pricelisto

Fees Are Based on Value-Addition

When I started my agency, I was willing to offer nearly any and every service if it meant that I would get a new client. One of those services is “social media management.” From the outside looking in, social media management seems like a staple in marketing services nowadays. However, the truth is, for agency owners, it’s a waste of time and money. Why? 

Social media management is highly saturated; you have heaps of competition offering the same thing. With virtually zero differentiation in your service, you end up in a race to zero where everyone tries to make their service as cost-effective as possible.

After all, what’s the point in paying $5,000 per month for social media management when your client can pay $500 and get the same results?

So, rather than offering social media management as a standalone service, I bundle it with a myriad of other services (brand strategy, content creation, and community management), differentiating the offer, resulting in higher-ticket clients.

Calvin Hamilton, Engineer Influence

A Set Fee Per Month

We charge a set fee per month, understanding that some months will have higher demands on our time and some months will have lower. Overall it’s a good strategy for us because we’re dialed into how much time it takes us to manage social media for our clients.

Our fees are built into our complete marketing package and range from $3k to over $10k per month depending on which package a client will choose. Keep in mind those prices include custom video shoots, website design and hosting, and a ton of offline creative as well.

Justin Vajko, Dialog

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