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What is one way a Director of Learning & Development improves a company’s productivity?

To help you with improving your company’s productivity through a Director of Learning and Development, we asked successful business owners and L&D leaders this question for their best insights. From training staff well to improve efficiency to creating opportunities for skill-based training, there are several ways that a Director of L&D can improve your company’s efficiency.

Here are 12 ways a Director of Learning & Development can increase productivity:

  • Train Staff Well to Improve Efficiency
  • Ensure Employee Satisfaction
  • Use Positive Reinforcement
  • Impact Employee Engagement Through Quality Managers
  • Encourage Employees to Become Leaders
  • Create a Supportive Company Culture
  • Take Care of Your Employees’ Mental Health
  • Develop a Core Strategy for Success
  • Utilize KPI Metrics
  • Eliminate Errors and Glitches With a Director of L&D
  • Improve a Company’s Productivity
  • Create Opportunities for Skill-Based Training

Train Staff Well to Improve Efficiency

Skilled staff perform jobs more quickly than inexperienced workers and make fewer errors. A Director of Learning & Development can ensure that all team members have the knowledge and capabilities to do their jobs effectively and the access to the materials needed to upskill and improve. Because this role’s sole purpose is to train and improve employees, the staff may feel less hesitant about reaching out to the director for help or accepting help from this department. This executive can ensure that employees not only get training, but receive quality training and get ongoing learning opportunities.

Tasia Duske, Museum Hack

Ensure Employee Satisfaction

A stressed work environment will not produce results. Workers who are regularly exposed to high levels of stress are reported to be less productive and have higher levels of disengagement and absence… They must be content! It is satisfying – and sometimes ignored – to show employees how much the company appreciates, respects, and values them on a personal level. This is equally vital whether you are beginning a new business or attempting to grow an established one. If you want your employees to work to the best of their abilities, I feel this is the most effective method for a director of learning and development to increase a company’s productivity.

Gerrid Smith, Joy Organics

Use Positive Reinforcement

I feel that encouraging, inspiring, and rewarding employees is the most effective way for a director of learning and development to increase a company’s productivity. Tell staff they’re doing a good job and provide constructive feedback. Most essential, provide personal incentives for doing a good job – could they get a free vacation or a free takeout coffee for going above and beyond their responsibilities? You should properly communicate the accomplishment of one employee to other employees in order to foster a sense of fulfillment and motivate others. When you incentivize your staff to work more and receive rewards in return, they are more inclined to prioritize greater productivity.

Edward Mellett, Wikijob

Impact Employee Engagement Through Quality Managers

A study from Gallup determined that managers impacted 70% of an employee’s feelings around engagement. That means your managers have a massive impact on your company productivity. A Director of Learning & Development is a key influence on your managers – if they build meaningful relationships and provide actionable training, the end result will be more powerful managers. Helping managers to level up is a crucial lever in productivity and a Director of L&D is the best person to make that happen.

Logan Mallory, Motivosity

Encourage Employees to Become Leaders

While we love hiring new talent, we are also looking to promote from within. For this reason, our L&D fosters our team members’ continuous learning through a leadership development program. We believe in sharing authority by enabling employees throughout our organization to become leaders themselves. Leadership at every level has become the most critical element of our success. It initiates ownership and empowers team members to stop making excuses and step up and lead. And our leadership development training helps our team members learn to take quarterly and yearly goals, break them down into actionable tasks, and then mobilize workers across teams to achieve impactful results. When employees see they have a future with your company, they become more engaged in their work, increasing their productivity and motivating their teammates to do the same.

Jason Sherman, TapRm

Create a Supportive Company Culture

A Director of Learning & Development lets employees know that their company cares about them, and their desire to learn and grow. This is beneficial to a company’s productivity because employees are more engaged and understanding of their role, and ultimately produce high-quality work for their team.

Joe Spector, Dutch

Take Care of Your Employees’ Mental Health

A director of learning and development is mainly responsible for supporting employees, help them advance their skills and knowledge. These responsibilities make the person in this position indirectly accountable for the overall productivity in the company he’s working for. I believe the key to productivity is the balance between setting and achieving goals and taking care of your employees mental health. For example – set daily goals for all departments but make sure at the end of the day, when they give you the desired results, you’re having something for them as well – a free yoga class, a talk with a specialist. Improving this balance would also improve your company’s productivity.

Stefan Chekanov, Brosix

Develop a Core Strategy for Success

Learning and development directors are essential to business growth. They train new and current employees on the company’s goals and develop a core strategy for success. These experts can pinpoint specific skills and knowledge that workers need to excel in their roles. As the digital world is constantly evolving, leaders can help employees enhance their skills in specific areas, such as social media or SEO, to not only increase productivity but keep up with industry trends. Whether it’s providing information on new skills or an update on basic necessities, learning and development directors develop team members and businesses for the future.

Sara Adam Slywka, Nestig

Utilize KPI Metrics

A Director of Learning & Development (L&D) will often monitor their company’s productivity through key performance indicator (KPI) metrics. They’ll track individual performance, employee involvement, team collaboration, and whether the team reaches deadlines. By monitoring company performance, an L&D can see where team weaknesses and strengths are and shift company processes to be more efficient and productive.

Bryan Philips, In Motion Marketing

Eliminate Errors and Glitches With a Director of L&D

A Director of Learning & Development is responsible for introducing new processes and solutions that don’t just enhance the overall functionality of the workforce as well as operations. This also results in the elimination of existing errors and glitches, and often, this step of doing away with drawbacks in an existing system proves to be even more valuable than progression. Also, while addressing glitches in a process reduces employee exhaustion and turnover, reducing errors in employee performance improves productivity.

Larissa Pickens, Everfumed

Improve a Company’s Productivity

I personally believe that the best way to increase employee motivation and boost the company’s overall productivity is by letting them experience the positive change they have helped create in people’s lives. More often than not, people working behind the scenes don’t experience how much impact their hard work creates, which allows the patients to live a better life. So, just show them how much happiness is being created through their actions.

Alan Wilford, I Peep BXS

Create Opportunities for Skill-Based Training

Having a Director of Learning & Development has helped increase company-wide productivity because they created training opportunities around skills that help boost productivity, such as time management, work efficiency, and delegation. The Director of L&D also ensures that training and development is a year-round priority, not just something that we do when we notice performance slipping. We offered this training in multiple ways so that employees can choose the learning environment that suits them best, including self-paced online courses on LinkedIn Learning and Udemy for Business) as well as formal trainer-led sessions (in-person and remote).

Mark Pierce, Cloud Peak Law Group

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