How Do You Write Sales Copy for a Website?


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How Do You Write Sales Copy for a Website?

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How Do You Write Sales Copy for a Website?

Crafting interesting sales copy for your website can be the difference between a successful conversion and a lost opportunity. To help you create persuasive content, we’ve gathered 11 expert tips from founders, marketing professionals, and content creators. From engaging readers with storytelling to leveraging social proof for credibility, these insights will guide you in writing sales copy that drives results.

  • Engage Readers With Storytelling
  • Optimize Copy With A/B Testing
  • Write Customer-Centric Copy
  • Highlight Benefits and Urgency
  • Build Trust by Understanding Pain Points
  • Avoid Pushy Sales Copy
  • Emphasize Benefits and Emotional Connection
  • Ensure Concise and Readable Content
  • Focus On the Most Impressive Aspects
  • Leverage Social Proof for Credibility
  • Use a Benefits-Driven Approach

Engage Readers With Storytelling

There are reasons using engaging storytelling is a top tip for writing effective sales copy on a website. First, storytelling is a powerful tool for capturing the audience’s attention and engaging them in the narrative. This creates an emotional connection with the reader, which can increase their interest and investment in the product or service being promoted.

Storytelling is an effective way to show the benefits of the product or service in a relatable and memorable way. By providing examples of how the product has helped customers in real-world situations, the audience can better understand the value and potential impact it could have on them. Storytelling can help to establish the brand’s unique voice and tone, setting it apart from competitors.

Georgi TodorovGeorgi Todorov
Founder, ThriveMyWay

Optimize Copy With A/B Testing

A/B testing different versions of the same page allows you to see what works best to get your message across or increase conversion rates. Try changing words—or even length!—of sections until one grows more successful than before. Then you’ll know what changes should permanently take place on your live pages!

Roksana BieleckaRoksana Bielecka
Community Manager, ResumeHelp

Write Customer-Centric Copy

The best sales copy is customer-centric. Ask yourself, “Does this copy help potential customers better understand your product/service? Does this copy focus on the elements that customers are most concerned about?” The best copy lets the product sell itself. It shows that your product meets an actual customer’s needs and provides an elegant solution to their problems. Write the copy that you would want to see as a potential customer.

Temmo KinoshitaTemmo Kinoshita
Co-founder, Lindenwood Marketing

Highlight Benefits and Urgency

One tip for writing good sales copy for a website is to not just list the features but to focus on the benefits that the customer will receive from the product or service. Use persuasive language to highlight the advantages of the product or service, and keep it concise and direct.

Aim to create a sense of urgency so that visitors are compelled to click the “buy” button. Include customer testimonials to showcase the product’s effectiveness and build trust.

Jaya IyerJaya Iyer
Marketing Assistant, Teranga Digital Marketing

Build Trust by Understanding Pain Points

The best way to write good sales copy is to validate what you provide and why you’re different, but then show a user that you know and understand their pain points. If a user can validate that you provide what they need and you understand their pain points, then trust is being built by your users. Then once you get to the solution, it doesn’t feel like a sales pitch but simply someone trying to help you solve a frustration and make their life easier.

Meesha GerhartMeesha Gerhart
CEO, Redtree Web Design

Avoid Pushy Sales Copy

The key to writing good sales copy on a website is to not make it sound sales-y. Instead, it’s important to show how your product/service will improve the customer’s life or solve their problems.

For example, one of my clients provides fundraising software and their product landing pages do a great job of selling the product without being too pushy.

Right away, visitors to this page see the sentence “Engage 4x more donors to scale your reach + save you time.” This sentence quickly shows readers how their product will help you measurably and solve common problems. Lower on the page, there is a section that shows actual numbers from case studies.

This section does a great job of selling the product visually that’s easy to grasp. There is another section that has logos from well-known colleges and universities that have used this product—further selling the product.

Maureen DarrahMaureen Darrah
SEO Director, Sixth City Marketing

Emphasize Benefits and Emotional Connection

When writing sales copy, it’s important to focus on the benefits, not just the features.

For example, imagine that you are selling coffee, and instead of just emphasizing that this coffee is Arabica or Robusta, you can focus on the benefits that the buyer will receive by choosing your coffee.

For example, you can emphasize that you have different degrees of roast, you have free shipping, and you have different degrees of grinding.

This is your advantage over your competitors!

In addition, you can also focus on the sensory experiences of drinking coffee, such as its aroma, taste, and how it can help customers feel energized and focused.

By emphasizing all these benefits of coffee, you can make the product more attractive and connect with the customer on a more emotional level, which will ultimately increase the chances of converting them into loyal customers.

Olga NatalchenkoOlga Natalchenko
PR Manager, Wiserbrand

Ensure Concise and Readable Content

When writing website content that drives sales, it’s crucial to ensure customers from all backgrounds can easily read and understand what you offer. So it’s crucial to ensure your website content is concise and easily readable. Yes, there may be important information that you can’t cut out.

Get creative with how you deliver the information. Break up your paragraphs, use subheadings, and leverage the power of visual content, like charts, graphs, and videos. When you put enough thought into it, you’re likely to create a website that hosts attractive content and draws in new customers.

Robert LangRobert Lang
Director of Sales, Vivint.Security

Focus On the Most Impressive Aspects

You may have a lot of insights to share about your products and services and plenty of information and data to back them up. Passing on all this information may seem like the winning formula you need to convince your audience. But the question you must ask yourself is if you even have the time to keep the attention of your website users as you share all this info.

A more interesting approach is to write sales copy that doesn’t talk about a dozen different things, but only about a few that your visitors will find most impressive. This way, you’ll make the most of the limited time you have and pass on the most convincing and valuable information to make a sale.

Ariav CohenAriav Cohen
VP of Marketing and Sales, Proprep

Leverage Social Proof for Credibility

A tip for writing good sales copy for a website is to use social proof to build credibility and trust with potential customers. Social proof is the concept that people are more likely to trust and follow the actions of others in similar situations.

To use social proof in your sales copy, you can include customer testimonials, case studies, or reviews from third-party sites. These can help show the value and benefits of your product or service and show that other people have had positive experiences using it.

You can also use social proof by highlighting any awards, certifications, or industry recognition that your product or service has received. This can help build credibility and trust with potential customers who may not be familiar with your brand.

By using social proof in your sales copy, you can establish trust and credibility with potential customers, making them more likely to engage with your brand and make a purchase.

Shawn HarrisShawn Harris
CEO, Unique Gift Cards

Use a Benefits-Driven Approach

Visitors to your website have arrived there for a reason. They are looking for a solution to a problem. Don’t just list the features of your product. Outline how your product will solve that problem or make the reader’s life easier. For example, if you are selling smartphones, don’t say “long-life battery”, instead say “Travel all day and never need to charge your phone.”

Put the reader at the center of every message and make them feel like they need your product in their life. Here’s another example. For a SaaS call response system, don’t just say “The software connects via phone, web, or text”, instead say “Respond to your customer in seconds using the communication channel they prefer.”

This benefits-driven approach inspires engagement and action for customers already interested in your product or service.

Pam GeorgianaPam Georgiana
Freelancer Writer and Content Creator, Pam Georgiana

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