How Do You Start a Family Business?


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How Do You Start a Family Business?

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How Do You Start a Family Business?

Discover the inspiring stories behind four successful family businesses, as shared by their CEOs and co-founders. From two brothers starting a secure messaging venture to the expansion of a DIY wallpaper business, learn how these entrepreneurs started their companies and involved their families in the journey.

  • Brothers’ Secure Messaging Venture
  • Siblings’ Artisanal Bakery Journey
  • Family Collaboration in Surveyor Business
  • Parents’ DIY Wallpaper Business

Brothers’ Secure Messaging Venture

I started this business with my brother Radoslav Chekanov back in 2006. We both shared a passion for technology and created Brosix because we saw that there was a need for a secure business instant messaging platform. We spent a lot of time researching, developing, and testing our app. As of the current date, Brosix is over 15 years old and continues to grow and expand as a trusted instant messaging app.

Stefan ChekanovStefan Chekanov
CEO, Brosix

Siblings’ Artisanal Bakery Journey

Several years ago, my siblings and I started an ambitious business endeavor called “Flourish Delights,” an artisanal bakery. We put our hearts into the business since we both have a passion for baking and want to make people’s lives happier by providing them with delicious delicacies.

We established a bakery known for its magnificent creations thanks to my sister’s ability in pastry arts, my brother’s marketing prowess, and my own strategic vision as CEO. We stand out in the crowded market thanks to our distinctive recipes, rigorous production methods, and tailored customer experiences.

But despite our initial success, unforeseen difficulties appeared that had an influence on our business. Market changes and heightened competition turned out to be significant barriers. We had a painful conversation with family members before deciding to shut down Flourish Delights.

Percy GrunwaldPercy Grunwald
Co-founder, Compare Banks

Family Collaboration in Surveyor Business

Our family business took off when Tim Allcott, now the managing partner, decided he had had enough of being shot at in the British Army in Iraq, and decided to retrain as a building surveyor. He joined his father’s firm and focused on growing it from a one-man band into a company of over 35 over the past decade.

Once the company reached a size of around 10 people, the workload made it difficult for Tim to manage the company, continue surveying, and find opportunities for further growth. At this point, I joined, freeing up time for Tim to go out on-site and bringing in business development expertise that has allowed the company to grow to its current size.

Living and working together has its advantages—we always have someone on hand to bounce ideas around with, and to moan to when things go a bit wrong. It also means we can easily pick up urgent issues out of hours, and make the most of the flexibility of running your own company.

Kim AllcottKim Allcott
Partner, Allcott Associates LLP

Parents’ DIY Wallpaper Business

As the business owner of a DIY wallpaper company, let me share the origin story of our family business and the journey we have embarked upon.

Our family business began over two decades ago when my parents discovered their shared passion for interior design. They saw a gap in the market for unique and customizable wallpaper options that allowed individuals to express their creativity.

With limited resources and a small home office, my parents began sourcing high-quality materials and experimenting with different printing techniques. Through their dedication and attention to detail, they built a reputation for producing exquisite and easy-to-install wallpaper products.

As our business grew, my parents decided to involve the entire family in the company’s journey. I joined the business after completing my education, and over time, our extended family members have also contributed their skills in various areas, including production, customer service, and logistics.

Luke LeeLuke Lee
CEO, Ever Wallpaper

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