How do you know when someone really loves you?


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How Do You Know When Someone Really Loves You?

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How Do You Know When Someone Really Loves You?

From having someone believe in you when you loose faith to making an effort to spend time with you, here are eight answers to the question, “How Do You Know When Someone Really Loves You?”

  • They Believe in You When You Lose Your Faith
  • When They Ask for Your Opinions
  • They Remember Every Detail About You
  • You Feel Respected & Safe
  • They Are Patient With You
  • They Fight For You At Your Worst
  • Loyalty Shows They Love You
  • They Make An Effort to Spend Time With You

They Believe in You When You Lose Your Faith

Love is a power. We all have days when we feel down and lose our self-esteem with the hope that we’ll change ourselves for the better. Someone who really loves you is your empowerment in those dark moments. If a person thinks highly of you despite your self-doubts and supports you in your struggles, they likely see your best qualities and want you to be happy; that is one of the names of love.

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When They Ask for Your Opinions

People who really love you will try to find out more about you. They’ll go out of their way to discover what you think about certain things, and get to know your opinions on various topics, both small and big. This sign of respect goes hand in hand with genuine interest and usually, something more than just attraction.

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They Remember Every Detail About You

The little details won’t even be noticed by someone who isn’t into you. Instead, if someone truly cares for you, you would be amazed by their recollection. They will particularly recall practically every little nuance of your first dates and how you two met. People that care about us typically retain a lot of our actions and words. They always consider you in their plans since it comes naturally to them to think about you in the future. One of the most significant signs of love is that.

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You Feel Respected & Safe

When someone loves you, they are more likely to care for you and make you feel safe. They will never threaten you or force you to do things that you don’t find acceptable. You will feel free to share your opinion with them, without worrying about them trying to change your opinion, which shows their respect towards you.Love and respect go hand in hand. Without respect, love suffocates and ultimately fades away. Even if they are angry, they know their boundaries and also are aware of the way to express anger so that it doesn’t hurt you. Love doesn’t just include getting all mushy. Love involves responsibility, respect, care, and concern. It includes strengthening your bond with these little things that don’t show off to the world but matter.

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They Are Patient With You

As much as it hurts the person you are dating when you don’t fully open up to them, they know how wonderful it will feel when you finally let down your guard. They will be willing to wait for that pivotal shift to occur. Some people understand that new love can sometimes heal old wounds. It simply takes time to gain credibility to the point where you are no longer skeptical of what this is or who they are. Loving someone is worth the wait because once that person is able to get to their best, you can spend perfect time together.

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They Fight For You At Your Worst

You really know someone loves you when they see you at your worst, and instead of walking away from you, they fight for you.

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Loyalty Shows They Love You

Loyalty – that one word shows they love you. In ancient times, especially in biblical eras, love meant loyalty and to hate someone indicated rejecting them in their entirety. Where do you think we get phrases like “for king and country”?

Unfortunately, society today has relegated “love” to mere feelings, which is also a huge part of love, but not the sum total of it. Feelings are usually short-lived, and if someone isn’t loyal, they can jump from one branch to the next in days. When someone is loyal to you and willing to go out on a limb for you, they do things they normally wouldn’t. This means you know they trust you, which means they actually love you.

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They Make An Effort to Spend Time With You

If the person you’re with is always busy and never seems to have time for you, it’s a sign that they don’t really care about your relationship. On the other hand, someone who loves you will go out of their way to make time for you, even if they’re busy.

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