How Do You Build Trust With a New Client?


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How Do You Build Trust With a New Client?

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How Do You Build Trust With a New Client?

Establishing trust with new clients is paramount for any business, and we’ve gathered insights from CEOs to Founders to uncover the key factors in this delicate process. From prioritizing transparency to actively listening and customizing training programs, explore the diverse strategies in our compilation of fourteen expert responses.

  • Prioritize Transparency with Clients
  • Establish Open and Honest Communication
  • Personalize the Company Representation
  • Be Honest About Offerings and Expectations
  • Convey Integrity and Commitment to Clients
  • Demonstrate Value and Maintain Open Communication
  • Deliver on Promises with Honest Showcasing
  • Align Online Perception with Reality
  • Anticipate and Address Client Needs
  • Provide Peace of Mind with Transparency
  • Be Responsive and Proactive in Communication
  • Set Clear Plans and Respond Timely
  • Offer Personalized Consultations and Realistic Expectations
  • Listen Actively and Customize Training Programs

Prioritize Transparency with Clients

Building trust with new clients—a critical element in any business relationship—is something I’ve learned to prioritize and treat very seriously. Transparency is absolutely basic in this relationship. In a field as dynamic and sometimes opaque as SEO, clients appreciate clear, honest communication about strategies, expectations, and potential challenges. Not everyone has to be an expert in your field of expertise, and it’s your job to give that client an honest and truthful image of how things are.

Transparency begins with the initial consultation. I make it a point to explain our processes in understandable terms, avoiding jargon that might confuse or alienate clients. I think it establishes a foundation of clarity and sets the tone for the entire relationship.

It extends to setting realistic expectations. In SEO, results don’t happen overnight, okay? I ensure clients understand the timeline and what success looks like at different stages. It prevents misunderstandings and builds trust that we’re working in their best interest, not just making lofty promises.

Regular, detailed reporting is another aspect of transparency that is a must, in my opinion. Clients receive updates on our progress, including both wins and areas for improvement. Moreover, being responsive to queries and concerns is crucial. Clients need to feel heard and valued. I ensure my team and I are accessible, providing timely, thoughtful responses to their inquiries.

You’re going to create a good relationship with your clients if you make them feel informed, involved, and confident in your expertise.

Mateusz CalikMateusz Calik
CEO, Delante

Establish Open and Honest Communication

Being open and honest with new clients is essential to developing trust. Any successful business connection must be built on a foundation of trust, which can only be achieved by establishing open and honest communication early on. This means being upfront and honest with clients regarding any issues or concerns they may have, setting reasonable expectations, and providing transparent information about goods and services. Customers are more likely to feel secure in the collaboration when there is a clear demonstration of a dedication to honesty and ethical behavior, along with regular and trustworthy communication. Establishing and maintaining trust is an ongoing effort that calls for keeping your word, paying attention to what your clients need, and responding to their criticism. Establishing trust and credibility with clients through an honest and open attitude creates the foundation for a solid and long-lasting business partnership.

Jeremy BogdanowiczJeremy Bogdanowicz
Founder & CEO, JTB Studios

Personalize the Company Representation

It’s much easier to trust a specific person rather than a faceless company or a logo. When clients link a brand to someone they trust, it’s a better way to build trust in the product or service overall.

Having a real person as the face of a company makes it more personal. The honesty that comes with a person behind a brand makes the connection stronger. Faceless companies might find it hard to show warmth, care, or a real commitment to customers. Having a trusted person helps fill this gap.

Maya KirianovaMaya Kirianova
Content Manager, Hiveage

Be Honest About Offerings and Expectations

As an eight-figure business coach who started from scratch, here’s one key factor that helps me build trust with new clients: I’m completely honest with them about what I offer and the results they can expect. Because even though I’ve helped 1,000+ students start six- and seven-figure businesses, my coaching isn’t for everyone. Ultimately, people will buy from you if they trust that you can help them solve their problems. Remember: It’s better to offer modest results and over-deliver than to over-promise and end up with unhappy clients.

Luisa ZhouLuisa Zhou

Convey Integrity and Commitment to Clients

In my capacity as the head of a law firm with a strong dedication to client trust and communication, I believe that a key factor in building trust with new clients is conveying a deep sense of integrity and offering an unwavering commitment to their interests. At the Law Office of Anna Burr, we embody this by guaranteeing that clients’ needs always take precedence. For instance, we adhere to strict confidentiality standards, ensuring that sensitive information is handled with the utmost care and respect. This dedication to client privacy and interests fosters a strong sense of reliability and trust from the very beginning.

Moreover, practical experiences have shown me that transparent and open communication is vital. An example of this is when we establish estate plans that not only protect our clients’ legacies but also manage their assets with crystal-clear honesty. By detailing each step of the process, from setting up trusts to funding them correctly, we reassure clients by eliminating ambiguities and allowing them to feel confident in our capabilities. Actively listening to clients’ concerns and providing them with tailored solutions has been a cornerstone in building enduring trust. This engagement is complemented by our regular follow-ups, maintaining a channel of communication that clients find both reassuring and indicative of a sincere partnership.

Anna BurrAnna Burr
Owner-Attorney, Burr-Law

Demonstrate Value and Maintain Open Communication

Building trust with any new client is extremely vital for the working relationship. Our team has been successful with our new clients because we continue to show our value. You have to make your client understand that you are the best partner they could have picked. If you give them the results they want and they know how invested you are, they will be a client for years.

Keep an open line of communication with them and continue to update them on their projects. Stay on top of any setbacks or disturbances to the project and be transparent with them so they understand. Constant updates and progress snapshots go a long way. Showing your value is what will help maintain this new relationship.

Brian MauerBrian Mauer
President of Brian-Kyles, Brian-Kyles Landscaping

Deliver on Promises with Honest Showcasing

In our experience at Bonsai Builders, a key factor in building trust with new clients is consistently delivering on our promises while maintaining open and honest communication throughout every phase of a project. For instance, we emphasize the importance of honesty in our work by only showcasing real projects we’ve completed on our website and social media platforms, rather than relying on licensed or stock images. This approach has not only showcased our commitment to transparency but also provided tangible proof of our capabilities and the quality of our work, helping to build trust with potential clients from the very first interaction.

Moreover, personalizing the client experience has been instrumental in fostering trust. In every project we undertake, we make a concerted effort to understand the unique needs and preferences of our clients. This personalized approach was particularly effective in a project where we transformed a tiny, outdated kitchen into a modern, functional space that surpassed the client’s expectations. By incorporating their preferences into every aspect of the design and maintaining open lines of communication every step of the way, we demonstrated a genuine commitment to their satisfaction. This level of customization and attentive service not only results in a high-quality final product but also solidifies a trusting relationship between us and our clients.

Kristin HintlianKristin Hintlian
Owner, Bonsai Builders

Align Online Perception with Reality

Most people know it’s crucial to be transparent, responsive, and to set clear expectations.

But for online businesses, the building of trust starts way before anyone presses ‘Purchase.’

In 2024, clients already come with expectations. They interact with your business more than once through your website, social media, testimonials, etc.

Your content and how you show up online pre-build their trust and frames the perception of what working with your business feels like.

Focus on guaranteeing that the perception you create and the reality you offer are aligned.

Remember, when new clients convert, this is an act of trust. What you need to do now is to provide them with instant reassurance. You are not building trust from zero. Your content has done that. Now, the goal is to keep, solidify, and grow it.

Katya DimovaKatya Dimova
Content Manager,

Anticipate and Address Client Needs

In my experience as the marketing manager at Student Storage, one key factor in building trust with new clients is demonstrating a clear understanding and anticipation of their unique needs, especially when they are under the stress of moving or storing belongings. For instance, when college students were transitioning to remote learning due to unexpected closures, we quickly adapted our services to offer flexible pick-up times and virtual consultations. By doing so, we not only addressed their immediate concerns but also showed our capability to empathize and innovate in response to their changing circumstances, which significantly strengthened trust.

Moreover, consistently delivering on promises and providing evidence of our commitment to excellence has been essential for building long-term relationships. A concrete example of this was when we implemented a tracking system for the stored items, allowing students and their parents to have peace of mind knowing where their belongings were at any time. This level of transparency and the ability to deliver tangible solutions to their concerns directly contributed to a more trustful and reliable perception of our brand among new clients.

Aleksey SalazAleksey Salaz
Co- Founder, Student Storage

Provide Peace of Mind with Transparency

We work extremely hard to make our clients feel comfortable. They are entrusting us with caring for their pet while they are at work or on vacation, and the success of our business hinges on being able to give them that peace of mind while they’re away. We are open and honest about every aspect of the business, and we provide customers the ability to check in on their pets through our pet cams at each location. Our staff happily provides updates over the phone as well, going the extra mile to ensure pet owners know their beloved dogs and cats are adjusting well and having fun with the other pets.

Lora ShawLora Shaw
Vice President of Operations, Pet Palace

Be Responsive and Proactive in Communication

Being responsive in communication has been a game-changer for me when it comes to gaining the trust of new clients. While working on a project involving major nonprofit organizations, I was able to significantly cut down on miscommunication and get the client on my side by making direct contact through calls or visits before any official communication was sent out. This made clients comfortable enough to reach out to me immediately in case of any unanticipated change or before making an internal decision. To make sure clients felt heard, I was quick to respond to messages and share timely updates. All this together helped me build trust with a new client and ensure that we started off our relationship on the right foot.

Warda HumayunWarda Humayun
Marketing Coordinator, Achievable

Set Clear Plans and Respond Timely

Providing a clear path regarding next steps and responding in a timely manner to any questions or concerns is essential. They need to know you are genuinely interested in helping to solve a problem, and this can be established from the start by timely responses and setting a clear plan and path forward.

Scott LevinScott Levin
Family Law Attorney, San Diego Divorce Mediation & Family Law

Offer Personalized Consultations and Realistic Expectations

A crucial aspect of building trust with new clients, in my experience as a plastic surgeon, revolves around the provision of a thorough and clear-cut consultation process. At the foundation of a successful consultation is the creation of a safe, non-threatening environment where potential patients feel comfortable openly discussing their desires and concerns. For instance, during consultations, I always emphasize an inviting culture of care, where I take the time to truly get to know each person. This personal touch helps in validating their feelings and fosters a trusting relationship from the outset.

Adding to the personal approach, I leverage my background in achieving aesthetic and reconstructive successes to provide tailored, realistic expectations. Instead of merely presenting a cookie-cutter list of procedures, I delve into drawing the surgery plans or explaining the recovery process in detail. Sharing specific experiences, where I’ve customized treatment plans for unique individual goals, illustrates my commitment to their well-being and satisfaction. This level of detailed communication and customization underscores a mutual understanding, which is pivotal in building trust.

Furthermore, transparently discussing the possibilities, limitations, and post-operative care, even before surgery is scheduled, sets the stage for a trustworthy relationship. For instance, when explaining scar management strategies, I break down the phases of care and the rationale behind each recommended action, from immediate post-surgery care to long-term scar treatment plans. This transparency about the journey ahead, including potential hurdles and how they can be navigated, equips clients with a thorough understanding and realistic outlook. Demonstrating this kind of forthright and comprehensive care approach not only builds trust but also aligns expectations, fostering a collaborative and confident patient-surgeon relationship.

Dr. Kristopher M. Day, Md, FacsDr. Kristopher M. Day, Md, Facs
Owner, Pacific Sound Plastic Surgery

Listen Actively and Customize Training Programs

As a running coach, building trust is critical to ensure that I can retain clients over time and secure referrals for new clients based on their experience.

A key factor in building trust with new clients, particularly in the context of running coaching, is the ability to actively listen to them and ask comprehensive questions at the outset. This initial deep dive into understanding their unique challenges, aspirations, and objectives is crucial. It’s not just about hearing what they say, but also reading between the lines to grasp their motivations, fears, and the context of their goals.

By thoroughly understanding a client’s individual situation, a coach can then tailor a training program that is not just effective but also personalized. Customization here is key—it shows the client that their specific problems and goals are being taken into account, which in turn helps in building a strong foundation of trust. When clients see that their training plan isn’t just a generic template but a thoughtfully constructed pathway designed for them, they’re more likely to trust in the process and in your expertise as a coach.

This approach not only helps in achieving better results but also in fostering a deeper coach-client relationship. When clients feel heard and understood, they are more likely to be engaged, committed, and open to feedback, all of which are essential for their progression and success in the sport.

Joshua BartlettJoshua Bartlett
Running Coach, Your Next Run

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