How Do You Amplify Earned Media?


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How Do You Amplify Earned Media?

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How Do You Amplify Earned Media?

In the dynamic landscape of public relations, CEOs and founders offer their seasoned perspectives on how to amplify your earned media impact. From establishing a cohesive online presence to enlisting brand ambassadors for authentic promotion, explore the diverse strategies shared by fifteen industry leaders to elevate your brand’s media presence.

  • Establish a Cohesive Online Presence
  • Leverage Trust with Community Content
  • Cultivate Long-Term Media Relationships
  • Personalize Pitches to Media Interests
  • Showcase Earned Media on Your Platforms
  • Drive Traffic via Social Media Sharing
  • Utilize Client Testimonials and Case Studies
  • Empower Employees as Brand Advocates
  • Form Strategic Partnerships for Content
  • Tailor Stories for Specific Media Outlets
  • Create Shareable Interactive Content
  • Showcase Social Proof and Awards
  • Leverage Influencers as Brand Amplifiers
  • Publish Engaging and Relevant Content
  • Enlist Brand Ambassadors for Authentic Promotion

Establish a Cohesive Online Presence

A key strategy to maximize earned media impact is to have a cohesive online presence. One of the most common things that happens after earned media is that someone will look you up using a search engine like Google. What is someone going to find out about you when they do that? Do you have a cohesive, well-structured personal brand? Are you on the social media channels that your ideal audience currently uses? Do you have an SEO-friendly website where someone can learn more about you and connect?

If someone doesn’t have a way to connect with you or learn more about you, you’re wasting your time and money. A solid online presence should be in place before you seek earned media so that you don’t lose the audience and get a payoff.

Claire BahnClaire Bahn
CEO and Co-Founder, Claire Bahn Group

Leverage Trust with Community Content

From my experience at Raincross, where we’ve tackled various aspects of digital marketing, a key strategy I’ve found incredibly effective for maximizing earned media impact revolves around leveraging the power of trust through community building and quality content creation. My journey has taught me that while tactics like SEO and programmatic advertising are foundational, the real magic happens when your audience starts to advocate for you.

One approach that has consistently worked for us involves facilitating and showcasing customer reviews and user-generated content. For instance, implementing a system where customers can easily share their experiences on our platform not only enriched our content pool but also significantly enhanced our credibility. This authenticity encourages wider audience sharing, which in turn magnifies our earned media reach. The positive feedback loop created by authentic customer stories is incomparable; it humanizes the brand, making it more relatable and trustworthy.

We also focus heavily on creating detailed, insightful content not just for direct SEO benefits but for the long-term utility it provides our audience. An example is our in-depth guides on digital marketing strategies during specific events like the pandemic. These resources were geared towards helping businesses adapt quickly, offering actionable advice amidst uncertainty. By prioritizing helpfulness and relevancy, this content was widely shared, garnering attention beyond our immediate audience and securing mentions from authoritative industry sources. The key here is delivering value that stands the test of time and addresses real-world challenges, naturally earning media exposure.

Integrating these strategies—building a trusted community through genuine reviews and creating evergreen, valuable content—has not only amplified our earned media presence but also fostered a loyal audience base eager to share our resources. This approach has proven that in the digital marketing sphere, investing time and effort into what genuinely benefits your audience pays off in the form of valuable earned media exposure.

Kevin WattsKevin Watts
President & Founder, Raincross

Cultivate Long-Term Media Relationships

In my experience, one key strategy I recommend for maximizing earned media impact is focusing on relationships. As a PR professional, I’ve found that cultivating genuine connections with journalists and media influencers over the long term leads to the most impactful coverage.

Take the time to get to know reporters and understand their interests. Pitch them stories that are tailored to their needs and that provide real value to their readers. Make yourself available as an expert resource for background or commentary. Over time, these relationships built on trust and mutual benefit will yield earned media wins that really move the needle.

Gert KullaGert Kulla
CEO, RedBat.Agency

Personalize Pitches to Media Interests

When reaching out to media outlets and influencers, we adopt a strategy of personalizing our pitches to match their interests and previous work. Understanding that journalists and influencers are bombarded with generic pitches, we take the time to craft messages that resonate with their specific beat or past content, making our proposals stand out.

This personalized approach not only increases the likelihood of our story being picked up but also builds a foundation for long-term relationships with key media figures, ensuring our brand stays at the forefront of their minds for future stories.

Ananvita BhattacharyaAnanvita Bhattacharya
Owner, WellnessZing

Showcase Earned Media on Your Platforms

I recommend showcasing your earned media coverage on your website and blog. This strategy not only boosts your SEO but also enhances your credibility.

Incorporate quotes and excerpts, republish content with permission, and share third-party coverage prominently. Linking back to the original sources is a win-win, enriching your content and acknowledging the contributors.

This approach is a powerful way to leverage the impact of earned media effectively.

Marco Genaro PalmaMarco Genaro Palma
Chief Marketing Officer, PRLab

Drive Traffic via Social Media Sharing

By sharing on your socials, and specifically on LinkedIn, you can drive traffic to your media mention and maximize your impact. Not only does it ensure more traffic, but it also reinforces your credibility in the industry. This creates a flywheel effect, and more opportunities and coverage will follow.

Katharine GallagherKatharine Gallagher
Founder, Personal and Professional Growth,

Utilize Client Testimonials and Case Studies

As the founder and CEO of Cleartail Marketing, I’ve witnessed firsthand how pivotal leveraging client testimonials and success stories can be in maximizing earned media impact. From my experiences, a strategy that particularly resonates with audiences involves showcasing real results through case studies, which then organically spread through word-of-mouth and digital sharing.

For instance, by highlighting a B2B client’s revenue increase of 278% in just 12 months due to our tailored SEO and marketing strategies, we not only validated our approach but also dramatically increased our brand visibility and credibility in the industry. This tangible evidence encourages sharing across platforms, leading to a significant boost in earned media. Additionally, integrating cutting-edge SEO tactics that prioritize high-impact keywords has proven to be a game-changer. Optimizing content to rank at the top of Google for specific, valuable keywords ensures that our clients’ success stories and testimonials are easily discoverable by a targeted, interested audience. This approach not only drives quality traffic but also enhances the likelihood of our content being cited by industry publications and influencers, further amplifying our earned media reach.

Lastly, engaging with our community through regular, insightful contributions on industry-related forums and discussions has cemented our position as thought leaders. By offering valuable insights and data-backed success stories, we foster meaningful interactions that naturally encourage others to share our content. This strategy not only strengthens our brand’s presence but also garners attention from media outlets looking for authoritative voices in the marketing landscape.

The synergy of these strategies, from leveraging client success stories to engaging deeply with our community, has been instrumental in maximizing the impact of earned media for Cleartail Marketing.

Magee CleggMagee Clegg
CEO, Cleartail Marketing

Empower Employees as Brand Advocates

We’ve tapped into the power of our own employees to amplify our earned media impact. By encouraging our team members to share our content, achievements, and news on their personal social media channels, we significantly expand our reach.

Employees often have diverse networks that can introduce our brand to new audiences in an authentic way. Training and incentivizing our staff to become brand advocates ensures that our message spreads further, leveraging the trust and credibility inherent in personal recommendations.

Roman ZrazhevskiyRoman Zrazhevskiy
Founder & CEO, MIRA Safety

Form Strategic Partnerships for Content

In my tenure as a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer with a knack for digital innovation, I’ve realized the immense power of strategic partnerships and collaborative content in maximizing earned media impact. Drawing upon my diverse experiences, particularly in SaaS and digital transformations, I’ve discovered that cross-promotion with complementary brands can significantly broaden the reach and effectiveness of your content, amplifying earned media exposure.

For instance, while orchestrating a rebranding campaign for a tech startup, we collaborated with influencers and other tech companies on a series of webinars and shared blog posts. This not only diversified our content but also introduced our brand to new, relevant audiences. The reciprocal sharing of content among our partners led to a substantial increase in organic engagement and mentions across various online platforms, demonstrating the strength of collaborative efforts in expanding earned media reach.

Moreover, investing time in crafting stories that resonate with your audience, grounded in real-world outcomes and learnings from your business, proves invaluable. By sharing case studies that showcased how our strategies propelled client growth, especially through digital channels, we not only established credibility but also encouraged organic shares and discussions online. These narratives, deeply rooted in authentic business victories and challenges, acted as a magnet for earned media, attracting attention from industry publications and forums.

Additionally, I’ve leveraged my expertise in SEO and content marketing to ensure that all content, be it collaborative projects or case studies, is optimized for maximum online visibility. Incorporating SEO best practices into our content creation process meant that our most impactful stories were discoverable by a wider audience, thus increasing the likelihood of earning media from authoritative industry voices. Through a blend of strategic partnerships, compelling storytelling, and SEO optimization, I’ve been able to significantly enhance earned media impact for various brands in today’s digitally driven market landscape.

Haiko De PoelHaiko De Poel
Owner, Mass Impact

Tailor Stories for Specific Media Outlets

As an entrepreneur focused on amplifying my company’s message, I’ve found that one of the most effective strategies is to craft stories and angles specifically tailored for each media outlet. The goal is to provide real value to reporters by pitching viewpoints directly relevant to their audience and beat.

For example, instead of blasting the same generic pitch to everyone, I research target publications to understand their readership, the topics they cover, and the experts they tend to feature. Then, I craft a custom storyline explaining why my unique insights are a fit, like how our new technology impacts families for a parenting magazine.

This level of personalization and effort makes me a reliable resource to reporters seeking fresh perspectives from CEOs and founders in the tech industry. I don’t overload them with pitches but make sure that the few I send are meaningful and well-researched. The result is a much higher likelihood of being featured in earned media stories that reach each outlet’s engaged audience. It takes more work, but ultimately delivers more impact.

Alex AdekolaAlex Adekola
CEO, ReadyAdjuster

Create Shareable Interactive Content

A key strategy for maximizing earned-media impact is creating content that audiences feel compelled to share. This could include formats such as an interactive infographic, an industry-specific quiz, or a calculator that people will want to come back to and share with their networks.

By providing interactive and engaging content for your target audience, you increase the likelihood of it being shared organically, which will amplify your reach and impact through earned-media channels.

Matias RodsevichMatias Rodsevich
Founder, PRHive

Showcase Social Proof and Awards

We leverage social proof by showcasing awards, recognitions, and partnerships prominently in our communications and on our platforms. This strategy taps into the psychological principle that people are influenced by their peers, making our brand more attractive not only to potential customers but also to media outlets looking for credible stories to cover.

Highlighting these accolades and affiliations serves to validate our brand’s reputation and accomplishments, making our content more appealing for shares and earned media coverage.

Tim WhiteTim White
Founder, milepro

Leverage Influencers as Brand Amplifiers

One key strategy I would recommend for maximizing the impact of earned media (unpaid publicity and media coverage) is leveraging influencers and stakeholder voices.

Having reputable, trusted voices that customers see as credible third-party validators can amplify your brand messaging and earned media tremendously. Work on cultivating relationships with influencers relevant to your industry—both macro-influencers with large followings as well as micro-influencers who are highly engaged niche experts. Provide them with insider information, exclusives, product previews, etc., so they become brand advocates excited to create content featuring your brand organically.

Additionally, identify customers, clients, partners, and even employees who are highly enthusiastic fans and advocates for your brand. Mobilize this stakeholder community to repost, share, and engage with any positive earned media you receive. Their authentic voices add credibility and reach that can magnify your owned and earned media efforts exponentially.

The key is making influencers and stakeholders feel valued and incentivized to be part of your brand narrative. Their voices as third-party validators carry immense weight in today’s skeptical consumer landscape.

Brian MeiggsBrian Meiggs
Founder, My Millennial Guide

Publish Engaging and Relevant Content

Creating strong and engaging content is one key strategy for maximizing earned media impact. This means publishing relevant, timely, and valuable content to your target audience. By doing so, you can increase the chances of having your content shared by others through word-of-mouth or social media.

Another important element to consider is the use of influencers. These individuals have a strong following and influence within your target market. By partnering with them, you can tap into their audience and expand your reach beyond your own network.

Tristan HarrisTristan Harris
Demand Generation Senior Marketing Manager, Thrive Digital Marketing Agency

Enlist Brand Ambassadors for Authentic Promotion

We’ve established a brand-ambassador program that enlists passionate customers and fans to share their experiences and love for our brand.

By carefully selecting ambassadors who align with our brand values and have a significant following or influence, we create a network of credible voices that can authentically promote our brand. This program is designed to foster genuine relationships and provide ambassadors with the tools and content they need to share their enthusiasm, naturally extending our brand’s reach and increasing the chances of earning media attention through their networks.

Ryan HammillRyan Hammill
Executive Director, Ancient Language Institute

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