How Do I Manage My Inventory on Etsy?


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How Do I Manage My Inventory on Etsy?

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How Do I Manage My Inventory on Etsy?

Managing inventory for your Etsy store can be a challenge, but we’ve gathered expert advice from marketing managers and founders to help you succeed. From organizing your workspace for efficiency in using tools to track inventory, discover the top four tips these professionals shared on effectively managing your Etsy store inventory.

  • Organize Workspace for Efficiency
  • Optimize Space With Storage Solutions
  • Monitor Inventory and Enhance Processes
  • Use Tools to Track Inventory

Organize Workspace for Efficiency

To effectively manage your inventory, you should have a designated space for all the items and goods you need regularly. Organize your workplace in such a way that essentially everything is within your reach and every single piece of equipment is right where it belongs. A well-set-up studio or a storage facility will make all the difference.

Natalia BrzezinskaNatalia Brzezinska
Marketing and Outreach Manager, ePassportPhoto

Optimize Space With Storage Solutions

Optimizing space for best-selling items is a must for effective Etsy store inventory management. Keep what sells best and closest in reach to maximize output. One simple way to do this is to invest in bins and large totes for immediate access when restocking. They also come in handy at trade shows and other sellers’ events, too.

Alexandre RobicquetAlexandre Robicquet
Co-founder and CEO, Crossing Minds

Monitor Inventory and Enhance Processes

Our Etsy store has provided our company with exposure to new customers in a convenient online marketplace framework. Within this structure, we are continually attentive to the need to manage our inventory for this specific marketplace effectively.

We work hard to avoid situations where inventory and demand are out of balance. While small fluctuations are to be expected, we need to identify efficient monitoring practices to avoid any significant imbalances. We audit our inventory every two weeks and analyze the product against performance.

We have successfully identified and implemented unique enhancements to further protect from these imbalances. For example, we can separate our video book covers from our video-playing modules, which allows us to stock all of our uniquely designed covers separately.

This helps us maintain sufficient inventory while remaining limber to build our product based on each new order.

Ashley KennyAshley Kenny
Founder, Heirloom

Use Tools to Track Inventory

For an Etsy store, inventory management is essential to having the proper products on hand and being able to process orders quickly. I always keep track of my inventory levels. To make sure that I have enough stock to fulfill my orders, I frequently check the inventory levels. And to monitor your inventory levels, you can use a spreadsheet or inventory management software. I have been using Megaventory.

Daniel Foley CarterDaniel Foley Carter
Founder, Daniel Foley SEO

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