How Do I Get a Press Release on Google News?


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How Do I Get a Press Release on Google News?

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How Do I Get a Press Release on Google News?

To help PR professionals navigate the complex world of Google News, we’ve gathered insights from 13 founders, CEOs, and community managers. From optimizing press releases for SEO to understanding the influence of algorithms, these experts share their top tips on how to get your press release featured on Google News.

  • Optimize Your Press Release for SEO
  • Understand Google News Delivery
  • Maintain Quality and Follow Guidelines
  • Conform to Journalistic Standards
  • Research Requirements and Be Authentic
  • Emphasize Relevance and Distribution
  • Implement SEO Best Practices
  • Prioritize Quality Content
  • Combine Originality, SEO, and Distribution
  • Emphasize Timeliness and Writing
  • Submit a News Sitemap
  • Build High-Quality Backlinks
  • Understand the Algorithm Influence

Optimize Your Press Release for SEO

One of the most crucial aspects of getting your press release featured on Google News is optimizing it for search engines. It is important to focus on relevant keywords in your press release, as Google News uses these keywords to identify news articles and categorize them on its platform.

Therefore, incorporating these keywords into the headline, sub-headline, and content is vital for attracting the attention of Google News. Also, ensuring that the press release follows journalistic standards and provides valuable and newsworthy content is crucial.

By prioritizing SEO efforts and crafting high-quality content, your press release will have a better chance of being featured on Google News, which can significantly increase its visibility and reach.

Jefferson McCallJefferson McCall
Co-founder and HR Head, TechBullish

Understand Google News Delivery

To get a press release on Google News, PR professionals should focus on optimizing their content for visibility and traffic. Conducting keyword research is crucial for finding the right search terms that people are likely to use. Google News uses three ways to deliver news to its users: Top News, Personalized News, and Deep Context and Diverse Perspectives.

Therefore, PR professionals should focus on the relevance of content, freshness, location, language, interests, usability, and user preferences for topics or publishers. Ranking on Google News is determined algorithmically, but machine learning also recommends personalized content.

Business Wire Interactive Media releases can help improve visibility and engagement. Grow your following by allowing readers to follow your publication, which can increase the chances of your content being shown in personalized placements.

Samuel FletcherSamuel Fletcher
Co-founder, SupplyGem

Maintain Quality and Follow Guidelines

Maintaining high-quality content is crucial. Press releases should be well-written, accurate, and adhere to journalistic standards. Establishing authority and trustworthiness is important. Representing reputable organizations and providing reliable information supported by evidence enhances the chances of inclusion.

Following news formatting practices, including clear headlines and timely information, is essential. Using reputable distribution channels and staying updated with Google News guidelines can further improve visibility. By understanding and adhering to these guidelines, PR professionals can increase the likelihood of having their press releases featured on Google News.

Josh AmishavJosh Amishav
Founder and CEO, Breachsense

Conform to Journalistic Standards

Your press release must be written in a newsworthy style and format. To get your press release on Google News, it must conform to the journalistic standards of an online news article.

That means including all necessary information, such as who, what, when, where, and why. It also means focusing on facts instead of opinions or marketing language. You should strive for accuracy, objectivity, and brevity.

Marcos IsaiasMarcos Isaias
Founder and CEO, Misaias

Research Requirements and Be Authentic

It’s a simple decision, but a PR professional should optimize their press release in order to be featured on Google News. Much like other things PR professionals do, a press release should be dealt with in the same way. An excellent step is to research Google News’s requirements to know exactly how to get featured.

PR experts must use the correct keywords in order to get a high ranking. Google News also sifts through different press releases in order to decide which one will suit their platform. PR professionals must make peace with the fact that there are no shortcuts.

They really need to invest in writing authentic content. Plus, they shouldn’t forget to optimize it in order to be featured on Google News.

Eli PasternakEli Pasternak
CEO, Liberty House Buying Group

Emphasize Relevance and Distribution

One important thing for a PR professional to know about getting a press release on Google News is the significance of relevant and newsworthy content. Google News primarily features articles and press releases that are timely, credible, and provide valuable information to readers.

To increase the chances of inclusion, it’s crucial to ensure the press release follows standard journalistic practices, contains concise and attention-grabbing headlines, includes relevant keywords, and is distributed through reputable press release distribution services or directly to news outlets.

Also, optimizing the press release for search engines can enhance its visibility and chances of being featured on Google News.

Brian ClarkBrian Clark
Founder, United Medical Education

Implement SEO Best Practices

To get your press release on Google News, you need to optimize it for SEO. Ensure your press release has relevant keywords in the headline, subheadings, and throughout the text. Use links to provide additional context and provide value to readers and search engines.

Add meta tags to your page to better describe the content and highlight important keywords. Finally, publish your press release on a trustworthy website. By following these SEO best practices, your press release has a better chance of being featured on Google News and driving traffic to your website.

Basana SahaBasana Saha
Founder, KidsCareIdeas

Prioritize Quality Content

PR professionals should prioritize quality content when aiming to get a press release on Google News. The press release should be well-written and informative and avoid excessive promotional language.

It’s important to structure the press release like a news article, with an attention-grabbing headline, concise summary, and relevant subheadings. Timeliness is crucial, so submitting the press release promptly to coincide with breaking news or significant events can improve its chances of being featured.

Including credible sources and quotes, as well as multimedia elements like images or videos, can enhance the press release’s credibility and engagement. By following these guidelines, PR professionals can increase the likelihood of their press releases appearing on Google News.

Vikas KaushikVikas Kaushik
CEO, TechAhead

Combine Originality, SEO, and Distribution

To get a press release featured on Google News, PR professionals should focus on several key factors. First, the content must be original and timely, offering unique insights or perspectives. It should go beyond promotional material and provide genuine newsworthiness, addressing topics of public interest and industry trends.

To enhance discoverability, optimizing the press release for search engines is essential. This involves incorporating relevant keywords, crafting interesting headlines, and providing concise summaries. Using reputable distribution channels and working with established press release distribution services can also increase the likelihood of getting noticed by Google News editors.

By considering the uniqueness and relevance of the content, PR professionals can improve their chances of getting press releases featured on Google News. This can lead to increased visibility, wider audience reach, and successful public relations outcomes.

Vikrant ShauryaVikrant Shaurya
CEO, Authors On Mission

Emphasize Timeliness and Writing

PR professionals should ensure two key requirements: the release should appear urgent, almost like breaking news; the content should be well written. Google News places a premium on timely and newsworthy information, so PR professionals should ensure their releases are timely and relevant to current events. Content with proper formatting, accurate information, and engaging headlines will more likely be featured.

Marco Genaro PalmaMarco Genaro Palma
Co-founder, TechNews180

Submit a News Sitemap

PR professionals can increase their chances of publishing on Google News by submitting a news sitemap. By including important details such as publication date, headline, and article URLs, a news sitemap helps Google News identify and crawl your press releases more effectively. This proactive step improves the visibility and indexing of your content, making it more likely to appear.

Matias RodsevichMatias Rodsevich

Build High-Quality Backlinks

Focus on building high-quality backlinks from reputable news sources, authoritative websites, and industry blogs. While quality backlinks alone don’t guarantee success, they are essential in enhancing your website’s overall authority, visibility, and credibility.

Google values backlinks from authoritative and trustworthy websites. When such websites link to your press release, Google views it as a signal that your content is reliable and, therefore, worthy of consideration to include in Google News. It also helps establish your website as a credible authority in your industry or niche. Then journalists feature your press release in their articles, which gives you even more links.

Building a strong backlink profile also improves organic search rankings. The higher your visibility in search results, the greater the likelihood that your press will be discovered and included by Google News.

Agata SzczepanekAgata Szczepanek
Community Manager, MyPerfectResume

Understand the Algorithm Influence

Once your press releases make their way onto Google News, you relinquish a certain level of control as the algorithms take the reins.

The intricate workings of these algorithms determine the selection and ranking of news articles. This means that your press release’s visibility and positioning are subject to the algorithms’ decisions, which may change.

As a result, changes in the algorithms’ criteria or ranking factors may affect the exposure and reach of your press release, potentially influencing the number of readers who come across your news.

While you can optimize your content and follow best practices, there is no guarantee that your press release will always receive the desired level of exposure or reach the intended audience. It’s crucial to be aware of this dependency and consider it as part of your overall PR strategy.

Nina PaczkaNina Paczka
Community Manager, Resume Now

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