How Do Bloggers Use Twitter?


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How Do Bloggers Use Twitter?

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How Do Bloggers Use Twitter?

From growing your influence with relevant hashtags to connecting with those who have shared interests, here are five answers to the question, “As a blogger, how do you use Twitter?”

  • Grow Your Brand
  • Find New Audiences Interested in Relevant Topics
  • Use Twitter Lists
  • Find Your Niche Audience
  • Engage Followers and Connect With Bloggers

Grow Your Brand

Twitter helps to increase my brand recognition. I optimize my blog’s promotional content by using Buffer to post it. I include relevant hashtags and a relevant image, as well as “Please Retweet.”

Most people will retweet, especially if you retweet their tweets. If they are in my niche, I follow them. The culture is to follow back like-minded content creators. In this way, my following grows.

Twitter’s tools tell you which hashtags are trending. When I have relevant content, I tweet my content with those hashtags. These tools and methods have enabled me to grow my following and influence.

Janice WaldJanice Wald
Blogger, Mostly Blogging

Find New Audiences Interested in Relevant Topics

I love how Twitter makes it easy to find people interested in the topics I just wrote about. Usually, after writing a piece, I browse Twitter looking for threads mentioning my keywords, and then take part in the discussion.

If it’s natural to refer to my post, I will do it. However, the worst thing to do here is spamming, as the only thing it does is annoy others, so I avoid linking to my blog all the time.


By using this method, I’ve gained many long-lasting readers and established some interesting relationships with other bloggers.

Bartek BonieckiBartek Boniecki
Head of People, US Passport Photo

Use Twitter Lists

As a blogger, Twitter can be a valuable tool to reach and engage with your audience. While many bloggers use Twitter to share their latest blog posts and interact with followers, one feature to use more is Twitter lists.

Twitter lists allow you to group together Twitter accounts based on a specific theme or topic. As a blogger, you can create lists of other bloggers in your niche, industry experts, and even your own readers.

By creating and curating these lists, you can easily stay up-to-date on the latest trends and news in your niche, engage with other bloggers and experts, and even find new ideas for your own blog content.

Dejan KvrgicDejan Kvrgic
Founder, ProContent Services

Finding Your Niche Audience

I have a love-hate relationship with Twitter. I use it daily to get out my blogging articles. Twitter is great for exposure, as the people who follow you should share the same interests as you do, such as video games, food, fashion, hobbies, music, etc.

Make your Twitter a source of that entertainment and post your blogs about that entertainment. You’ll build an audience. That audience will retweet you, and your content will reach more people with similar interests.

Think of Twitter as your news subscription service, and you as the one delivering the news. Blogging and Twitter go hand-in-hand for getting more exposure.

Seth NewmanSeth Newman
Director, SportingSmiles

Engage Followers and Connect With Bloggers

As a blogger, Twitter can be a valuable tool for promoting your content and engaging with your audience. With your focus on factual and tech-related topics, Twitter is a platform that can help you connect with people who share your interests.

Here are some ways you can use Twitter as a blogger:

1. Share your blog posts: Sharing blog posts on Twitter with a catchy headline and link can drive traffic and increase readership.

2. Engage with your followers: Twitter is a platform to engage with followers, build a relationship, and increase audience retention.

3. Connect with other bloggers: Twitter helps you stay updated on the latest industry news by following thought leaders and influencers, enabling you to create timely and relevant content.

4. Stay up to date on industry news: Twitter allows you to follow influencers and thought leaders in your niche, helping you stay informed on the latest industry news to create timely and relevant content.

Cristina BugattyCristina Bugatty
Editor, The Top Facts

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