How Can I Use Salesforce for Customer Retention?


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How Can I Use Salesforce for Customer Retention?

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How Can I Use Salesforce for Customer Retention?

From relying on automation to focusing on personalization, here are eight answers to the question, “What are your best tips for using Salesforce for customer retention?”

  • Implement Automation
  • Account for Lead Scoring and Engagement History
  • Organize Your Data
  • Identify and Target Inactive Customers
  • Use Social Media to Reach Your Customers
  • Integrated Salesforce With Your Customer Support Platform
  • Offer 24/7 Customer Support
  • Personalize Each Workflow per Segment or Customer

Implement Automation

One of the most effective ways to use Salesforce for customer retention is to implement automation. Automation can help you manage customer data and segment customers into targeted groups.

You can also set up automated triggers that allow you to take immediate action when certain conditions are met, such as sending out promotional emails or offering discounts. Automation not only helps you stay organized and on top of customer activities, but also allows you to focus your resources and energy on more meaningful customer interactions.

Aviad Faruz, CEO, FARUZO

Account for Lead Scoring and Engagement History

Lead scoring is a process in Salesforce where leads (potential customers) are assigned a numerical score based on their behavior and attributes, such as the pages they’ve visited on your website, the forms they’ve filled out, and their job titles.

This score helps you determine which leads are most likely‌ to become customers and prioritize your follow-up efforts accordingly. Engagement history‌ is a record of all interactions between your team and a customer, including email, phone, and in-person communication, as well as notes and tasks related to the customer.

By using this feature, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of a customer’s needs, preferences, and pain points, and use that information to personalize your retention efforts.

Trey Ferro, CEO, Spot Pet Insurance

Organize Your Data

Salesforce allows you to store and organize customer data in a centralized location, so it’s important to make sure that your data is accurate, up-to-date, and complete. This will help you to better understand your customers and make better decisions.

Will Gill, Event Entertainer, DJ Will Gill

Use Social Media to Reach Your Customers

You must be responsive on social media because data shows a 15% rise in churn if you don’t respond to your clients via social platforms. So, if your clients are asking you questions on Twitter, respond to them there.

To keep track of these exchanges, you could utilize Twitter’s Advanced Search tool, but you don’t want to become mired in that extra work. This is quite helpful for giving talks with your connections a more personal touch. Just before critical meetings with them, you can check out their social media profiles to see what they’re talking about or what their hobbies are.

Brian Clark, Founder, United Medical Education

Integrate Salesforce With Your Customer Support Platform

You need to figure out how to handle client concerns well. By connecting Salesforce to your customer support platform, you may reduce this. When your customer support team has access to all customer data, it will be easier for them to stay on top of any unresolved customer issues and ensure that nothing is missed.

A unified client service platform from Salesforce called Support Cloud enables customer support teams to quickly receive a full picture of all client interactions, including those that take place over the call, over mail, on online media, and through connected devices.

As a result, without having to leave the platform, your customer care team can respond to customers immediately while being fully aware of their past interactions. By putting this approach in place, you can transform negative feedback into positive endorsements.

Daniel Thompson, Co-Founder, Salt Water Digital

Offer 24/7 Customer Support

Customers are more likely to be loyal to your brand if they are sure that you are always available to respond to their queries when they raise them and offer extensive support that helps them use your product or service better.

Salesforce can help you streamline this with its customer support automation tools that enable setting up chatbots and creating FAQs and other support resources that enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Alvin Wei, Co-Founder and CMO, SEOAnt

Personalize Each Workflow per Segment or Customer

Take the time to really get to know your customers and create specific processes that cater to their individual needs—you’ll be surprised how much more engaged they become! Also, make sure you’re tracking and analyzing customer data so that you can gain valuable insights into what’s working and where you can improve.

You may also want to explore using Salesforce marketing automation features to automate customer communications and create highly personalized experiences for your customers. Doing this will help keep them coming back time and time again.

Last, don’t be afraid to ask customers for feedback—it could provide invaluable insights that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Ask for feedback on your products and services, sales processes, customer service experiences—you name it! Your customers will appreciate the personal touch, and it will only help to strengthen their loyalty in the long run.

Aaron Jerez, CEO, Home Bar Select

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