Growing Your Network on Threads: 6 Tips for Discovering New Connections


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Growing Your Network on Threads: 6 Tips for Discovering New Connections

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Growing Your Network on Threads: 6 Tips for Discovering New Connections

To help you maximize your networking potential on the Threads app, we’ve gathered six strategies from top executives and digital marketing professionals. From joining communities and discovering people to engaging, initiating, and adding value in discussions, these experts share their best tips for expanding your network and making the most of the app’s features.

  • Join Communities and Discover People
  • Follow the Followers
  • Leverage Stories
  • Comment, Connect, and Converse
  • Participate, Utilize Recommendations, and Direct Message
  • Engage, Initiate, and Add Value in Discussions

Join Communities and Discover People

On the Threads app, be a “Chat-Charming Explorer” to discover connections like a digital Indiana Jones! Data reveals that 80% of users expand their network using the “Join Communities” feature.

So, plunge into communities like a fearless adventurer! Now, for a real-life quest: Meet Jane, a networking dynamo! She joined a marketing community on Threads, shared her insights like treasure, and won allies aplenty. But wait, there’s more! Use the “Discover People” feature to find hidden gems, and unleash your networking prowess! Remember, charm with witty chats, explore communities, and uncover fresh connections like a savvy detective. Let Threads be your networking treasure map!

Himanshu SharmaHimanshu Sharma
CEO and Founder, Academy of Digital Marketing

Follow the Followers

A strategy that new Threads app users can employ to expand their network and discover new connections is this:

Look at who your followers follow besides you, as well as your favorite existing accounts, and see who they follow.

By doing this through those other accounts that are likely of similar mindset, sense of humor, etc., you have a better-than-average chance of finding ones that you will enjoy and/or find useful.

Vincent OrleckVincent Orleck
President, Social Media Club Phoenix

Leverage Stories

One effective strategy is leveraging the “Story” feature, similar to Instagram Stories. Users can create engaging and interactive content for Threads Stories, drawing attention and sparking conversations with existing and potential connections.

Users should post diverse content to maximize networking possibilities, including personal experiences, professional updates, industry-related news, or engaging questions. Sharing such content provides valuable insights into the user’s professional persona and invites others to engage, fostering meaningful interactions.

Lastly, remember to engage actively with others’ Stories as well. Commenting on or responding can initiate conversation and build rapport, leading to a broader, more robust network.

Madhurima HalderMadhurima Halder
Content Manager, Recruit CRM

Comment, Connect, and Converse

One of the fastest and most overlooked ways to build connections on Threads is by commenting on other users’ posts. Many people wrongly view social media marketing as a megaphone when they should think of it as a conversation-starting tool.

Taking time to provide a thoughtful comment or ask a question on another person’s Threads account, especially someone you don’t follow, is a great way to start a genuine conversation and build a new following. Plus, that new connection’s followers will see your comment and the conversation you’ve started. It’s the best way to grow quickly and strategically on the Threads app.

Jessica AriesJessica Aries
Digital Marketing Strategist and Consultant, By Aries

Participate, Utilize Recommendations, and Direct Message

One strategy users can employ on the Threads app to expand their network is by actively participating in discussions within their existing communities and interest groups, which exposes them to a wider range of individuals with shared interests.

They should also make good use of the app’s recommendation feature, which suggests new threads based on their activity and interests. This can help users discover new connections and groups relevant to their networking goals.

To maximize the benefits, users should also leverage the direct messaging feature to foster more personal and meaningful interactions with potential connections, while maintaining a complete and up-to-date profile to attract and facilitate connections with others.

Brian Clark 
Brian Clark, Founder, United Medical Education

Engage, Initiate, and Add Value in Discussions

To expand your network and discover new connections on the Threads app, engage in group discussions, complete your profile with a professional bio, utilize search features to find relevant professionals, initiate personalized conversations, add value to discussions, and be proactive in seeking connections.

By leveraging these strategies, you can make the most of the Threads app’s networking potential and build meaningful relationships with like-minded professionals. Remember to be genuine, respectful, and professional in your interactions to foster valuable connections.

Aviad FaruzAviad Faruz
CEO, Know Mastery

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