How Can I Track an Email? 9 Answers


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How can I track an email?

How can you track emails effectively? From employing UTM codes to tracking clicks to having a complete look at the email header, what are some effective ways to track emails? How do you measure the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign?

Here are nine answers on how to track an email:

Answer 1: Employ UTM Codes to Track Clicks or Links

When you’re sending out emails, whether it’s an email campaign or outreach emails that contain links, it’s super important that you’re able to track any clicks or traffic that come from them. One way to ensure that everything is tracked properly is through the use of UTM codes. The little codes that you attach to your landing page links ensure that you see every click and you can set them to be very specific for each campaign – making your life that much easier when it comes to analytics.

What’s more is that this allows you to view the data from Google Analytics, which provides a unified way of viewing our traffic sources as compared to individualized data channels if you only track your emails using your email marketing software.

Rain Flores, Clark Staff

Answer 2: Use a Reputable Email Tracker Like Mailalert

You can use an email tracking tool such as Mailalert to track every email you send. This email tracking app comes as a Chrome extension that you can download and set up for your Gmail account. Mailalert features unlimited tracking for all your emails, and will not attach any logo or signage on tracked emails. One thing that truly sets this tool apart is that you can track how many times recipients click on links contained in the email for free. You’ll have to pay for this feature when using other email tracking tools on the market.

Joe Flanagan, 90s Fashion World

Answer 3: Track Links With Tracking Software

Email tracking can provide useful insights on some of the basic metrics surrounding an email campaign. Tracking links are one tool you can use to measure these metrics. By using email tracking software that encodes the links you place into your emails, you can gather information on what users are actually clicking on in your emails. Depending on the quality of software you’re using you may even be able to distinguish between simple clicks and true engagement with your linked content. This can help you to understand how to redesign and re-target the efforts of your email campaigns in the future. Combined with other metrics the use of tracking links can give you a clear understanding of your outreach efforts, and help you to improve the success of your campaigns.

Caleb Ulffers, Haven Athletic

Answer 4: Use Unique Identifiers Like Hash or a GUID

I can track an email by using a unique identifier, such as a hash or a GUID, and then tracking the changes that occur to that identifier. By doing this, I can create a log of when the email was sent, received, and read. For example, if I send an email with the subject “test” and include the identifier “ABC123” in the body of the email, I can track when that email is sent, received, and read by monitoring the changes to the ABC123 identifier. This will help me keep track of when my email was sent, received, and read.

Aviad Faruz, FARUZO New York

Answer 5: Track With Hubspot Sales

Personally, I think HubSpot Sales does a great deal more than just take account of email tracking. We use it because it helps us overall with sales productivity. We are able to manage sales teams, forecast sales funnels, and monitor leads.

Because HubSpot Sales makes it possible for you to know when someone reads your message, hits on a link, or receives an attachment, it’s also efficient and an optimal approach to tracking emails.

This allows you to also keep in touch with your contacts quickly when gauging their responses and scheduling follow-up reminders.

Evan McCarthy, Sporting Smiles


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Answer 6: Use Gmail’s Inbox Zero or Asana’s Tasks

Use tools or software, including Gmail’s Inbox Zero and Asana’s tasks. These applications allow you to see which emails have been read easily, unread, or marked as done. You can also set up filters so that certain types of emails are automatically forwarded to another email address. Additionally, many providers now offer tracking tools for newsletters and other automated messages sent through their platforms.

Johannes Larsson,


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Answer 7: Utilize Tracking Pixels

Email openings and clicks can be monitored with the use of tracking pixels. Cookies are little pieces of code that a tracking server loads to learn more about your subscribers and the content they engage with. The use of tracking pixels is analogous to that of cookies.

However, it is impossible to disable tracking pixels. That’s why professionals in the field of digital advertising consider them a must-have tool. Your recipients’ engagement with your messages can also be monitored with simple tracking links.

Instead of using a standard URL format for your email, you can use these custom links. When a user clicks on a link that can be tracked, your service provider’s server is notified and the relevant data is collected for transmission to you.

Paul Walsh, Weselltek

Answer 8: Use Mailtrack Feature in Google Chrome

Google chrome features Mailtrack which is an e-mail tracker and adds two check-up marks when the email is opened. But in other cases, email trackers like MixMax can be installed. It allows you to track your mail and notifies you when it is opened by the receiver. Rather than selecting each mail, you can simply activate track all mails and receive notifications about them. The platform is free to use but you can go for the advanced features which require a monthly subscription. There are also many free trial offers.

Cole South, Synchronize

Answer 9: Have a Complete Look at the Email Header

A great way to track an email is to have a complete look at the email header. That is where the actual information lies. The email header of a mail has the links to where your mail is going i.e. the routing information. It can also be called the meta-data of the mail. This way you can track the IP Address of the Email. Tracking the email is something that increases customer satisfaction, but it also has a very thin line of crossing boundaries. We need to be responsible for that. Aside from this, it’s important to know where our emails land to boost our performance.

Helmut Biemann, On Demand Painters

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