What are creative copywriting examples from copywriters?


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creative copywriting examples

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What are some creative copywriting examples from copywriters?

From “Headed to work? So are the burglars,” to the elegance of simplicity, here are six answers to the question, “Can you share any excellent examples of creative copywriting from your portfolio, or from something you’ve seen?”

  • Headed to Work? So Are The Burglars
  • Capturing Our Family Values Over 100 Years
  • Portmanteaus, Anyone?
  • Anywhere but Behind the Wheel: Don’t Text and Drive
  • They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano
  • Stripping It Back Is Your Best Bet

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Headed to Work? So Are the Burglars

To answer this question, we’ll begin with plain old, run-of-the-mill copywriting. That’s when you take important information and magically transform it into writing that’s clear, concise, conversational, and easy to understand. But sometimes, you’re going to want to make your audience actually feel something too, and this is where creative copywriting takes the stage.

There are a million ways to make your copywriting creative, but a few of the most commonly employed elements are the unexpected twist, the clever wink, and the heartstring tug. I found this fine example of creative copywriting on the Internet.

It’s a billboard from Bay Alarm that makes its point with a simple yet witty headline. In just one finely-crafted sentence, Bay Alarm exudes confidence, entertains its audience, and makes light of something as scary as burglary. It’s powerful, effective, and creative.

Guy Reingold, Creative Director and Copywriter, Guy Reingold

copywriting example bay alarm

Capturing Our Family Values Over 100 Years

Creative visual storytelling is essential for any business, especially family businesses. It allows you to share your unique story and journey timeline with potential customers in a way that resonates with them.

In my case, it’s a 100-year-old narrative that captures the attention of our family values. By telling your story in a visual timeline manner, you can make a lasting impression on those who come into contact with it on an emotional level and build relationships that will last for years to come. Or, in my case, five family generations later.

Marc Werner, CEO and Founder, GhostBed

copywriting example werner

Portmanteaus, Anyone?

I wrote that tagline for Austin Powers Goldmember. It was one of many that I and other copywriters, working separately, conceived for the one-sheet, also known as a movie poster.

The tagline is a portmanteau, or the joining of multiple words or phrases to create a new one. They are everywhere today: athleisure, glamping, Bennifer.

They remind me of one of my favorite examples of creative copywriting: “Life’s Turns in a Sentence.” Crafted by Leo Burnett Zurich for Swiss Life, the campaign combined two radically different sentiments into single sentences that show life’s twists and turns (and the need for insurance).

Some examples: “She’s my everything went wrong,” “You’re the only woman I love a man now,” and “I never want children are great.” Combining words, phrases, and sentences to create something new is fun. You should come up with one.

By the way, New Line Cinema went with someone else’s tagline for Austin Powers Goldmember, “The secret will be exposed.”

Mike Roe, Creative Director and Copywriter, yellowell

creative copywriting exmaples from mike roe

Anywhere but Behind the Wheel: Don’t Text and Drive

A while ago, we were working on the “Don’t Text and Drive” campaign because, according to statistics, it’s the number one reason for road accidents worldwide.

But instead of frightening people, we showed it from an unexpected side: the video shows a nun reading something with her head bent over. When the camera approaches, we see she is texting someone instead of reading a sacred book. And creative copy appears: “Anywhere but Behind the Wheel: Don’t Text and Drive.”

Check the case here: Video – Dmytro The Copywriter

Dmytro Mamontov, Senior Creative Copywriter, Dmytro The Copywriter

creative copywriting exmaples from Dmytro Mamontov

They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Piano

This is one of my favorite ads of all time. What I love most about this ad is how it uses storytelling to intrigue the reader. If you’ve read this headline, there’s no way in the world you will not read further.

Once you read the whole thing, you can relate really hard. Who among us wouldn’t want to impress our friends with our shiny skills?

Ahsan Raza, Creative Copywriter, Qureos

classic copywriting example

Stripping It Back Is Your Best Bet

With this one client, a copy agency that took its craft seriously, I tried to nail the true insight of its story, stripping back every layer of the idea, to finally reveal its true essence: Damn. Good. Copy.

Simplicity, and sometimes even stating the obvious, can truly be your best bet in copywriting. When something you write needs more explanation, rethink it, rewrite it. Because every single word needs to lead to an ultimate and powerful conclusion.

Johanna Rüdinger, Creative and Art Director, Copywriter, Johanna Rüdinger

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