The 11 Best Things About Quarantine That Are Totally Unexpected


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What’s the 200th question that’s been asked on Terkel? It’s this…

What’s been the best thing about quarantine that was totally unexpected?

We asked the Terkel community for the totally unexpected things about quarantine. From sweatpants to reconnecting with the arts, here are eleven of the best things people enjoyed about quarantine life. 

  • Slowing Down
  • Starting a Business
  • Returning to Long Forgotten Hobbies
  • Reconnected With the Arts 
  • Personal Development
  • Living to Work vs. Working to Live
  • Working From Home
  • The Pursuit of Outdoor Sports
  • Writing + Publishing a Book
  • Financial Preparation
  • Sweatpants + Basketball Shorts

Slowing Down

The best thing about quarantine was being forced to slow down and get focused on what really matters most to me, both personally and professionally. I didn’t realize how much I needed this time to pause and reflect and am very grateful to have family, health, and perspective as we finally get ready to come out of this difficult period.

Nicole Spracale, Coaching and Consulting

Starting a Business 

If you would have talked to me even 6 months prior to getting my business started, I would have adamantly told you that I had no desire to be a business owner, but we all know that 2020 had some tricks up its sleeve. I am so grateful for the natural progression and the gut feeling that gave my business partner and me the courage to get things started.

Audrey Hutnick, Smallwave Marketing

Returning to Long Forgotten Hobbies

The best, most unexpected thing about quarantine was the ability it gave me to get back into long-forgotten hobbies. Without needing to commute to work or having evening activities most weeks because we were all at home, I was able to get back into playing the piano and reading more fiction just for fun. It was a truly great benefit to an otherwise very challenging year. I’m hoping that I will continue to prioritize these hobbies as we move back into whatever the new normal will look like in the coming months.

Jennifer Klemmetson, Radiall

Reconnected With the Arts 

I reconnected back to a love that I had for the arts when I was a child. I began painting which offered me a wonderfully creative outlet, that is also guiding me on my daily structured business side. It’s a fun hobby I have thoroughly enjoyed picking up. Interestingly, I have been invited to do two (2) art installations. My first installation is in a Flagstaff coffee shop, called “Late for the Train” and very unexpectedly, the story of my installation got written up on the front page of the local paper! The second installation is on display in Blick Art Materials, in Tempe. I have viewed this year, less as a quarantine and more as a chrysalis. I found a wonderful way to share my love for abstract art, combined with story sharing and organization.

Mark Jamnik, Enjoy Life Daily

Personal Development

With minimal movements and social interactions, I took this time to sharpen areas of my knowledge in the areas I felt needed more attention. Initially, I never thought I would have as much time for personal development and neither was this on my plans at the beginning of the year.

Gresham Harkless Jr., CEO Blog Nation

Living to Work vs. Working to Live

The best thing that has transpired during quarantine is the extra time available for self and career reflection. Oftentimes we are living to work vs. working to live and we rush through our lives without noticing some of the more meaningful aspects of it. We forget to be grateful for the everyday small things that support us in our journey through this life. Savoring a hot cup of coffee without having to rush to be somewhere is something to be thankful for. This has been a great opportunity to reset and re-evaluate our lives in a more meaningful way. Do we stay in the job we are in or is there a change needed? Should we move or stay in the same place now that remote work is more readily available to us? Lots to reflect on… the only question, is have you taken the time to reflect on your life?

Bianka Castillo, Recruiting Maven

Working From Home

I now love working remotely. This is a complete 180-degree turn from my previous thoughts of needing my core team centrally located to capture certain creative energy that comes when you have a team working closely together.

LT Ladino Bryson, vCandidates

The Pursuit of Outdoor Sports

I have been an avid outdoor rock climber for a few years now. However, for the past few summers and winters, I have packed up my bags to travel internationally for months at a time, which made it difficult to progress in any sport or hobby. After my plans to travel got canceled this year, I was able to focus my attention on pushing my climbing level and becoming a less “scared” climber. This included cross-training, strengthening, and exercising my balance while I was quarantining. If it wasn’t for this year, I would not have progressed and pursued my outdoor hobbies which creates the life I live today. I was able to check off a lot of bucket list climbs this year, like Castleton Tower in Moab, Utah!

Thylan Le, Markitors

Writing and Publishing a Book

As a result of being in quarantine, I have gotten a lot of extra free time to focus on my passion: writing. When lockdown orders were put into place, I started writing a book on stock market investing just to help others learn about Warren Buffett’s investing strategy. It was a small project to help the time pass. It was released back in July. Since then, it has actually become #1 Amazon Best Seller in Valuation.

Danial Jiwani, Author

Financial Preparation

During the quarantine, I believe that everyone learned the value of a dollar, as well as some of the most creative ways to stretch one. When faced with the reality of a layoff or reduced clients or customers, it can be difficult to make those adjustments — especially when you haven’t planned for them. One of the most important things that the quarantine has taught the entire world is to be financially prepared for any scenario. If we can maintain those ideas and strategies, we can be ready to pivot in an instant during uncertain times, or even increase our quality of life when things return to a “new normal.”

Josh Stomel, Turbo Finance

Sweatpants and Basketball Shorts

I’d be lying if I didn’t cite casual dress as an unexpected benefit of quarantine life. Zoom life is from the shoulders up, which means that I’ve swapped out designer jeans for sweatpants and basketball shorts. I’ve enjoyed working in comfort without workplace judgment on fashion decisions. 

Brett Farmiloe, Terkel

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