9 Ways Customer Research Can Improve Conversion Rates


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What is one way customer research can improve conversion rates?

To help you improve conversion rates with customer research data, we asked marketing professionals and business owners this question for their best insights. From finding ideal customers to optimizing the sales funnel, there are several ways to use customer research data that may help you improve conversion rates for your business. 

Here are 9 ways customer research can improve conversion rates:

  • Find Ideal Customers
  • Identify Conversion Paths
  • Understand Customer Personas 
  • Know What the Real Problem is
  • Improved Targeting
  • Understand How Customers Use Your Product
  • Create Hyper-relevant Landing Pages
  • Give Customers What They Want
  • Optimize the Sales Funnel

Find Ideal Customers

Customer research finds the ideal customer and prospective buyers quickly. It aids in marketing strategy on how to target your audiences and broadens the overall market for your business. Market research can be easy to hold and is usually very informative overall for any business and company.

Michael Jankie, Natural Patch

Identify Conversion Paths

Reviewing and analyzing customer conversion paths can be huge for improving your conversion rates. For example, if you see that a piece or category of content regularly drives users to product pages, then you can make it easier for visitors to follow that path by giving greater visibility (via popups or in line offers) to those product pages.

Or, if you see that most customers don’t purchase until their 2nd or 3rd site visit, you can work to try and get them back to your website via a follow-up email or SMS marketing messages. Doing this type of research and analysis is invaluable to creating buyer personas and making worthwhile changes to your customer experience.

Sylvia Kang, Mira

Understand Customer Personas

One way customer research can improve conversion rates is by understanding the different types of customers that visit your website or shop in person, i.e. customer personas. Customer research can help you group your customers into different categories, such as “budget buyers”, “convenience seekers”, ” window shoppers “, and “tech enthusiasts”. This understanding will then allow you to create tailored messaging, design layouts, and calls to action that are most relevant and effective for each type of customer.

Claire Westbrook, LSAT Prep Hero

Know What the Real Problem Is

Knowing the real problem is the first step in improving your conversion rates via customer research. A lot of e-commerce companies are guilty of just randomly changing elements all over their websites and blindly hoping that the conversion will just improve. But what they fail to do is do proper research and segment their data to correctly identify what’s preventing conversions from shooting up.

It’s when trying to sell a product that is slow in sales by redesigning its product page when the real issue lies inside your checkout flow. In doctor-patient terms, it’s like trying to heal a disease without knowing precisely what the sickness is and which part of the body it is located. So diagnosing the real problem is crucial in trying to fix your conversion problems.

Kris Lippi, I Sold My House

Improved Targeting

As an online business, thorough customer research helps to improve conversion rates by providing us with the information required to best target audiences and the types of spaces they’re demanding. We conduct frequent keyword research to determine emerging trends and hot-button markets, often combining our internal findings with external market reports and current economic indicators to determine where best to allocate our digital marketing resources. Since placing additional emphasis on customer research and current search trends, we’ve been able to identify and improve the pages of our website that truly matter to the user, resulting in better search engine rankings that have led to improved conversion rates.

Teresha Aird, Offices.net

Understand How Customers Use Your Product

One way customer research can improve conversion rates is by understanding how people use your product. This includes understanding what tasks people want to use your product for, what features they find useful, and how they would like the product to work. With this information, you can design a user experience that is more intuitive and easier to use, which can lead to more conversions, as the prospect sees more clearly how they’d use your product in their daily life.

Nate Tsang, WallStreetZen

Create Hyper-relevant Landing Pages

Customer research will provide you with a wealth of data, not only about who your buyer personas are, but what issues they have that your product or service can help with. This is one of the most crucial aspects for improving conversion rates across channels – if you know the various issues facing your different user groups you can better create landing pages and content for each of those issues. Your customers will come to your site from various queries and will all have different wants and needs that you can better address if you have done the proper research.

Sam Gallen, collystring

Give Customers What They Want

Conversion rates increase when you give customers exactly what they want. By performing customer research, ideally through primary research, you can gather insights on what customers are looking for and make sure the messaging on your website fits that customer intent and objective. You can put the most important information that customers are looking for on top to reduce bounce rates and increase engagement time as they may continue to read more once they see your website as a source that is relevant to what they are looking for.

Shawn Plummer, The Annuity Expert

Optimize the Sales Funnel

With proper customer research, you can understand the thought process and the customer journey they need to go through to convert. You can then optimize the funnel that you take customers through to ensure it meets their objectives and needs while nurturing them towards a conversion. For example, customer research can help you find out the most pressing problems that the customer segment faces so you can optimize the “unaware” and “problem-aware” stages of the funnel. It would then increase conversion rates for the next step of the funnel and eventually overall purchase conversion rates.

Bradley Katz, Axon Optics

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