8 Ways to Boost Content Shareability on Social Media Platforms


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8 Ways to Boost Content Shareability on Social Media Platforms

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8 Ways to Boost Content Shareability on Social Media Platforms

To help you enhance the shareability of your content on social media, we’ve gathered insights from top executives and marketing professionals. From unleashing visuals and humor to personalizing your content, here are the nine invaluable tips they’ve shared. Dive in to discover how these leaders are making their content more shareable.

  • Unleash Visuals and Humor
  • Invest in Emotionally Resonant Content
  • Simplify Sharing With Social Buttons
  • Pack Value into LinkedIn Posts
  • Implement Open Graph Meta-Tags
  • Craft Intriguing Headlines
  • Boost Shares With Memes
  • Personalize Your Content

Unleash Visuals and Humor

The magic lies in visuals. Did you know that posts with eye-catching images generate a whopping 650% higher engagement? It’s like adding rocket fuel to your content! But wait, there’s more! Inject personality and humor into your posts.

Real-life examples and relatable anecdotes can skyrocket shares faster than a rocket-powered unicorn. So, buckle up and unleash the Shareability Supercharge!

With captivating visuals and a sprinkle of humor, your content will soar across social platforms, gathering likes, comments, and shares along the way. Get ready to conquer social media like a viral sensation!

Himanshu SharmaHimanshu Sharma
CEO and Founder, Academy of Digital Marketing

Invest in Emotionally Resonant Content

My top tip for improving the shareability of content on social media platforms is to invest in creating emotionally resonant content. Studies have shown that content that elicits strong positive emotions, such as awe, amusement, or joy, is more likely to be shared.

This is because such content offers a psychological reward—it feels good to share something that has made us feel something, and we expect it will do the same for others.

Also, content that is inspiring, surprising, or even heartwarming can often spark conversations and foster a sense of community, making it more shareable. Of course, it’s crucial that this content aligns with your brand values and resonates with your audience.

Remember, a share isn’t just a metric; it’s a public endorsement of your content. When someone shares your content, they’re not only spreading your message; they’re also enhancing your brand’s credibility among their own followers.

Matt JanawayMatt Janaway
CEO, Marketing Labs

Simplify Sharing With Social Buttons

To make it easier for readers to share my content, I always include social-sharing buttons on my website and blog posts. These buttons allow users to share the content they find valuable with their social media networks instantly.

By simplifying the sharing process, I encourage more people to share my content, ‌increasing its reach and visibility. For instance, I would place social-sharing buttons prominently at the end of my blog posts, making it convenient for readers to share the content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Adil AdvaniAdil Advani
Marketing Director, AnySoftwareTools

Pack Value into LinkedIn Posts

One tip I’ve had success with is always making sure my LinkedIn posts are filled with as much value as I can give. Readers will scroll through hundreds of posts just on LinkedIn.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, make sure you pack as much value as you can into a post. Include media, include unique input, and take a different approach. Either make it unique or make it resonate with a specific audience.

Taylor ScherTaylor Scher
SEO Associate, TaylorscherSEO

Implement Open Graph Meta-Tags

One tip for improving the shareability of content on social media platforms is to implement Open Graph meta-tags on web pages on your website.

The Open Graph Protocol is supported by social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as applications such as WhatsApp and Skype. Open Graph meta-tags are special HTML tags that are defined by the Open Graph Protocol and provide structured information about a webpage’s content.

Adding Open Graph meta-tags to a web page allows website administrators to control how content appears when links are shared on social media platforms. The presence of Open Graph meta-tags ensures that the shared content is displayed in a consistent and visually appealing manner, and makes it more likely to be clicked on.

Finally, note that Twitter uses Twitter Cards, which are like the Open Graph Protocol, and deliver similar benefits when sharing links on the Twitter social media platform.

Thomas FullerThomas Fuller
Digital Marketing Consultant, Thomas P. Fuller

Craft Intriguing Headlines

Internet users prefer to scroll through social media platforms quickly, and your content will be ignored if you don’t impress with the first thing they see: the headline. With an intriguing and skillfully-worded headline, your content will capture more interest and encourage more social media shares.

Today’s most popular and successful content contains headlines that include lists or statistics, cliffhangers, or some sort of twist. For example, the wild clickbait headlines on Upworthy and Buzzfeed are well-renowned for grabbing readers’ attention right away.

For your content to be shareable on social media, make sure that each piece has headlines with these elements: insider attraction by appealing to a specific audience, a mystery factor, and an appeal to trendy topics. This strategy can be a little uninspired, but getting more shares and better results for the content is always the end product.

Samantha HawrylackSamantha Hawrylack
CEO, SJ Digital Solutions LLC

Boost Shares With Memes

At TechNews180, we’ve found that memes can help. Memes capture moments and strike a chord instantly. When your audience enjoys a meme, they’re more likely to share it and spread your message.

This brings more eyes to your socials. Don’t shy away from trying this out. Remember to keep it engaging and relevant to what you do. Also, make sure there is a PDF version, as this makes it easier to share.

Marco Genaro PalmaMarco Genaro Palma
Co-Founder, TechNews180

Personalize Your Content

One potent strategy to amplify shareability on social media is the personalization technique. This approach involves crafting content that resonates deeply with your audience’s unique interests, desires, or pain points. Doing so makes your content more appealing and relatable, inspiring individuals to share it within their circles.

The secret to successful personalization lies in knowing your audience well. Conduct thorough audience research to understand their preferences, aspirations, and challenges.

Use this knowledge to tailor your content accordingly. Personalize your language, visuals, narratives, or humor to echo your audience’s persona.

Madhurima HalderMadhurima Halder
Content Manager, Recruit CRM

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