What are the best HARO alternatives?


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7 HARO Alternatives

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What is similar to Help a Reporter Out?

What are some alternatives to Help A Reporter Out (HARO)? From Terkel to Help a B2B Writer Out, there are several HARO alternatives that can help grow your business’s online visibility.

Here are 8 answers for HARO alternatives:

  • Terkel
  • Help a B2B Writer
  • Facebook Groups
  • SourceBottle
  • Databox
  • Qwoted
  • JustReachOut
  • ProfNet
alternative to Help a Reporter Out


Terkel is a question and answer site that helps marketers build visibility online by sharing their expertise. More than 10,000 experts answer questions on Terkel to get insights featured in articles on sites like Fast Company, Yahoo, Zapier, and 400+ more publishers. Unlike HARO, Terkel creates the entire piece of content for Publishers. By creating the content, Publishers are spared the time spent selecting insights, verifying expertise, and other steps in the content creation process. Because questions are personalized to the expertise of sources, Experts enjoy a high success rate and have transparency into whether their insights will be published with features like “Track Your Answer.” There’s no cost for Publishers to post a question and receive content, while Terkel offers Experts a free, “Lite” plan with up to 5 answer submissions per month.

Brett Farmiloe, Founder, Terkel

Help a B2B Writer Out (HaB2BWO)

Help a B2B Writer is an excellent alternative to HARO. You can register as a source, detail exactly which topics your expertise covers, and then source requests are sent to your inbox that directly pertain to those criteria. The requests appear in your email almost daily, and the specificity ensures that you’re never bombarded with queries that aren’t relevant to you.

Stephen Light, Nolah Mattress

Facebook Groups

Some Facebook groups are great to gather insights and conducting surveys. They are especially great if we are looking for statements of people from a particular industry or those that share the same passion. It can also be a way to tap into the communities unlikely to seek press coverage.

Michael Sena, SENACEA


SourceBottle is another great resource in addition to Help a Reporter Out (HARO) and Terkel. It was founded in Australia and is very similar to HARO. It’s a free, connection platform that connects journalists and bloggers to reputable sources for their articles. It also provides PR reps, subject-matter experts, and the average company brand awareness for either their clients or themselves.

Katie Lyon, Allegiance Flag Supply


Databox is an industry expert in understanding and executing the best strategies to collect important data. In doing so, they also provide opportunities for niche experts to respond to their queries. Weekly, they send out a list of queries based on a variety of business topics, but honing in on data, statistics and marketing. Slightly different than your typical journalist query, all of the chosen responses will appear on Databox, they do have a high Domain Rating and a strong following.

Lindsay McCormick, Bite


Qwoted is an online community of journalists, bloggers, and PR professionals who share expert sources and quotes for stories. Like Terkel and Help a Reporter Out, Qwoted helps reporters find sources and quotes for their stories.

Matthew Ramirez, Rephrase


JustReachOut is a full suite PR tool that will help you as a business owner to scale your business outreach program to journalists and other top bloggers in your niche for link-building purposes. The platform is a convergence of the best business journals, podcasts, and blogs to ensure that you can pitch to media practitioners in your industry or those with content that relates to your target audience. The platform has a plethora of analysis tools that allow you to get in-depth audience insight to improve your pitches.

Ryan Yount, Luckluckgo


I like Terkel, but I also use ProfNet: a widely-respected alternative to HARO. ProfNet is a subsidiary of PR Newswire, which also owns HARO. I find that some of the queries are duplicates, which is why I appreciate having Terkel… But the service itself is robust and the queries are updated often. I only wish they had a more modern-looking user interface. Their UX isn’t the best.

Richard Clews, Pants and Socks

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