5 best media pitch examples to land you press coverage


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5 best media pitch examples to land you press coverage

From dark tourism to media pitch to proven sales pitches, here are five answers to the question, “What are the best examples of a media pitch you curated that landed you press coverage?”

  • Wrote About Dark Tourism
  • Found a Perfect Match
  • Shared Views on UK Government
  • Offered Support for Mental Health During the Holidays
  • Pitched to Provide Insight and Expertise

Wrote About Dark Tourism

I curated a pitch for a piece that landed in the New York Times:Dark Tourism: Destinations of Death, Tragedy and the Macabre – The New York

The piece was about the trend known as Dark Tourism. It was a fun piece to conceive and create, and the pitch was no exception as we knew it would be targeted to the biggest and best media out there. We’re glad we made it to the New York Times. We could hardly believe it when it happened.

Natalia Brzezinska, Marketing & Outreach Manager, UK Passport Photo

Found a Perfect Match

This novelty piece got published in The Sun, where my client, Mudbrick Herb Cottage, got a mention for her unique solution:I’m a gardening expert – this is how to banish slugs & weeds and why NAPPIES are the secret to healthy plants | The Sun

My pitch on her behalf was straight to the point, and because she was a perfect match in terms of expertise, it was a perfect match:

“Would you be interested in speaking with Sandra, the nursery owner and gardening expert from Mudbrick Herb Cottage who can offer some helpful tips about pest and insect control from an organic gardening perspective? Please let me know if there’s any specific answers you’d like for her to answer, or if you’re after some general tips and what format/how many words etc. Look forward to hearing back!”

Emily Amor, SEO Manager, Digital Darts

Shared Views on UK Government

Recently, I reached out to Hackernoon to share my view of the UK government’s intervention in the Meta-Giphy deal, which landed me press coverage in a highly relevant media outlet. Link:UK CMA Intervention in Meta-Giphy Deal Could Signal Increased Tech Space Regulation | HackerNoon

Goran Luledzija, CEO, Localizely

Offered Support for Mental Health During the Holidays

In light of the tragic death of celebrity Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss, my client Michael Klinkner, a licensed social worker, could share tips to help people who may struggle with depression, grief, and other issues during the holidays with FOX 10 Phoenix. Here is the article:Phoenix area mental health expert shares advice on mental health during the holiday season

Charlotte Shaff, President & Owner, THE MEDIA PUSH

Pitched to Provide Insight and Expertise

I only respond to media pitches where I know I can provide valuable insight and expertise. Otherwise, it’s a waste of time for me and the reporter.

As a SaaS sales professional, I always respond to sales queries because I know I can provide a knowledgeable answer. The question asked for this link was, “Provide your best sales prospecting tip.” I knew that this was a pretty broad question and that it would be competitive because everyone from salespeople to C-suite has to do prospecting of some sort, whether that’s front-line cold calling to emailing VC firms for fundraising. And so, as someone who has sent thousands of cold emails and made over 15,000 cold calls in the last two years, I drew upon my expertise to give a tip that I thought no one else would submit.

I settled on a tip about scraping mobile phone numbers from email signatures in out-of-office replies, and to my delight, the pitch ended up getting published!

18 Proven Sales Prospecting Techniques & Tips From Experts

Adam Purvis, Founder, AdamJohnPurvis

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