20 Effective Ways Professionals Network Online


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20 Effective Ways Professionals Network Online

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20 Effective Ways Professionals Network Online

In the digital age, networking has transcended physical boundaries, prompting professionals to find new ways to connect online. We’ve gathered insights from Founders, CEOs, and various industry experts on this topic. From joining focused volunteer networks to showcasing work on portfolio platforms, explore the twenty diverse strategies these professionals use to effectively network online.

  • Join Focused Volunteer Networks Online
  • Post Valuable Content on LinkedIn
  • Utilize Facebook Groups for Business
  • Engage Audiences with Instagram Features
  • Network in Niche Professional Microsites
  • Make Connections via X (Formerly Twitter) Conversations
  • Participate in Online Professional Book Clubs
  • Engage with University Alumni Networks
  • Enhance Profiles with Connectivity URLs
  • Attract Inquiries with Personal Website
  • Network in Niche Slack Communities
  • Host Knowledge Exchange Webinars
  • Appear as Guest on Industry Podcasts
  • Start Conversations on Common Interests
  • Build Relationships Through Online Mentorship
  • Arrange Exclusive Networking Dinners
  • Explore Hashtags and Communities
  • Share Knowledge on Tech Forums
  • Participate in Online Forums and Q&A
  • Showcase Work on Portfolio Platforms

Join Focused Volunteer Networks Online

I’ve found that joining a volunteer network that has a focused purpose is a great way to network online. By getting involved in online meetings and activities, especially those centered around charitable or diversity-related causes, I’ve been able to meet and connect virtually with hundreds of people. This shared purpose and commitment to a cause provides a natural and meaningful reason to engage with others. It’s a fantastic way to expand your network from the comfort of your own home while contributing to a cause you are passionate about.

Ajay MistryAjay Mistry
Founder, Gambit Partners

Post Valuable Content on LinkedIn

Posting highly valuable posts daily on LinkedIn has been the #1 way I have grown my brand’s community. I make sure to post content that will A) provide my followers with a solution to their pain points, and B) start deep and constructive discussions that address a common concern their niche has. People engage a lot with these types of posts because there is a deep resonance there.

Charlene LazewskiCharlene Lazewski
Media & Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Expert, Charlene and Co. Media

Utilize Facebook Groups for Business

When I was in the early stages of building my coaching business, I used a relevant Facebook group to land my first clients. So, depending on your networking goals, this can be a highly effective way to network and connect with people outside of LinkedIn (which is a more typical choice). Whatever platform you use, though, focus on giving people value. For example, tell relatable stories, ask questions, and figure out what pain points they have that you can solve. If you can get people’s attention and connect with them on a deeper level, they’ll be much more likely to remember you.

Luisa ZhouLuisa Zhou
Founder, LuisaZhou.com

Engage Audiences with Instagram Features

I have utilized the live and Stories feature through Instagram to try and attract the right people when it comes to networking opportunities. Connections don’t magically appear, and I find you need to be proactive about it if you want to network successfully. You’d be surprised by how many other business professionals or businesses are looking at your content, which is why I find things like polls, quizzes, and engaging posts can attract attention and encourage others to interact with you, leading to potential networking opportunities.

You are able to see who is interacting with or even looking at your content, and it may be someone you want to connect with. This type of content can be a leeway into making contact, which is a simple but effective way to network.

Severine DiazSeverine Diaz
Founder, Band of Brothers Tour

Network in Niche Professional Microsites

As EchoGlobal scaled, I needed to connect with far more influencers and collaborators digitally. Large general networks felt saturated and had low yields. So, I researched microsites rallying the leading HR technologists, recruiters, staffing entrepreneurs, and TA investors. While specific, these meticulously curated circles pre-filtered my inbound connections for value. Every startup founder or big company talent chief there faced similar challenges to mine in sourcing and scaling talent, so shared goals bonded us. By offering insights and assisting others in a spirit of community service with no hard sell, my organic brand grew. Laser-networking within that small pond of motivated experts proved wildly effective—our partnerships expanded rapidly. Get connected where your contributions matter most!

Lou ReverchukLou Reverchuk
Co-Founder and CEO, EchoGlobal

Make Connections via X (Formerly Twitter) Conversations

As a professional designer, I’ve found X/Twitter to be an invaluable tool for networking online, especially within the ‘build in public’ community. With a relatively small following, I’ve managed to make significant connections. Engaging in conversations, sharing progress and insights about my business, and participating in relevant hashtags like #buildinpublic and #indiehackers have helped me connect with people in similar fields. The most surprising aspect was meeting someone from my own city through X/Twitter, leading to an in-person coffee meeting. This experience underscored the power of social media in fostering real-life professional relationships and community building.

Juan Carlos MunozJuan Carlos Munoz
Co-Founder, CC Creative Design

Participate in Online Professional Book Clubs

If you enjoy reading, consider joining online book clubs or reading groups that focus on professional development or industry-related literature. These groups offer opportunities to discuss books, share insights, and connect with professionals who have similar reading interests. Engaging in thoughtful book discussions can lead to meaningful networking connections.

Additionally, participating in online book clubs and reading groups allows you to refine your communication and discussion skills. You’ll practice articulating your thoughts and ideas clearly, which can be a valuable asset in any professional setting.

Moreover, these groups often have scheduled meetings or discussions, providing structure and accountability to your reading and learning goals. This commitment to regular participation can help you stay up-to-date with relevant literature and contribute positively to your personal and career growth.

Rosie LangelloRosie Langello
Founder, Book Vibe

Engage with University Alumni Networks

If you’re an alumnus of a university or institution, I suggest tapping into your alumni network. Many universities maintain online platforms or social media groups dedicated to alumni. Join these groups and engage with fellow alumni, as they often share a common educational background and can provide valuable networking opportunities. Alumni often support fellow graduates and can provide valuable networking opportunities, including mentorship, job referrals, or industry insights.

Ryan ZomorodiRyan Zomorodi
COO & Co-Founder, Real Estate Skills

Enhance Profiles with Connectivity URLs

Elevate your social media presence by incorporating your URL link, such as a LinkTree or Popl Profile URL, into your Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn profiles. This simple yet effective step enhances connectivity, providing easy access to your information. Whether through text or scheduled calls, this approach streamlines interaction and enriches your online engagement.

Nick EischensNick Eischens
COO, Popl

Attract Inquiries with Personal Website

I’ve successfully networked online through inbound traffic to my own website. I use my personal brand for my online business, and when the website gets traffic, I receive personal inquiries constantly. Occasionally, I have made some valuable connections through emails I’ve received on my contact form.

Scott SiddersScott Sidders
Co-Founder and CEO, Scott & Yanling Media Inc.

Network in Niche Slack Communities

I often use niche Slack groups to network. There are always like-minded people having great conversations about topics that are relevant to me. The groups I belong to, such as PeopleGeeks and Ladies Get Paid, are free and great ways to get known in your field.

Kelli AndersonKelli Anderson
Career Coach, Texas General Insurance

Host Knowledge Exchange Webinars

In the rapidly evolving world of NFTs and blockchain, networking is key, and one strategy I’ve found particularly effective is hosting and participating in Knowledge Exchange Webinars. These online seminars provide a platform not just for sharing insights but also for interactive dialogues with peers and enthusiasts. For instance, in a recent series, I delved into the intricacies of smart-contract security. The real-time feedback and questions from the audience not only enriched the discussion but also fostered valuable connections. These webinars have expanded my network and deepened my understanding of diverse perspectives within the blockchain community.

Artem MinaevArtem Minaev
Co-Founder, CryptoDose

Appear as Guest on Industry Podcasts

If you have expertise or insights to share, consider reaching out to podcast hosts in your industry and offering to be a guest on their shows. Guest appearances on podcasts expose you to a wider audience, including the host’s existing network. Engage with the podcast’s audience by promoting your episode on social media and responding to comments and messages. Engaging in conversations with listeners can lead to connections with like-minded professionals who appreciate your insights.

Gillian DewarGillian Dewar
Chief Financial Officer, Crediful

Start Conversations on Common Interests

Not trying to sell my services, but genuinely starting a conversation about interests has helped me a lot. This way, I try to connect with connections on a personal level, which helps build an authentic relationship rather than a transactional one. When we talk about interests, the flow of topics becomes much easier. This enables both parties to open up, share their interests, and find common ground. Ultimately, this helps to build the much-needed trust, which aids me later in building more connections. After building a genuine connection, you can definitely talk to them about your services or ask for any advice regarding them, but making them comfortable is the first step to building a good connection online.

Chetan PatilChetan Patil
Owner, Suemybroker

Build Relationships Through Online Mentorship

My mentorship has allowed me to teach eager recruits. Helping people navigate our industry’s intricacies is rewarding. I may reflect on my experiences and learn more about my career while helping them improve.

On the other hand, online mentorship platforms have given me access to expert expertise. I’ve grown faster and gained new insights by studying their achievements and failures, like a personal success plan.

Diverse opinions are one of these platforms’ biggest benefits. Through my interactions with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and sectors, I’ve gained a more complete worldview. These online interactions have become real-life friendships and collaborations.

Moreover, online mentoring systems remove geographical restrictions. I’ve met global mentors and mentees, forming a global network. This has enhanced my career and enabled worldwide cooperation and projects.

Adam YoungAdam Young
CEO, Event Tickets Center

Arrange Exclusive Networking Dinners

I know a renowned chef whose tables are booked years in advance. Leveraging my special access to him, I arrange invitations for elite dinners with my professional contacts from online platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter Communities. Such exclusive events accelerate not just networking but also deal-making. Good food creates an atmosphere where long-lasting relationships can develop. Through the controlled availability of such private dining institutions, I have realized that eating together helps to speed up professional relationships and collaboration among unlikely candidates.

Andrew JumaAndrew Juma
Owner, Digital Worldwide News

Explore Hashtags and Communities

I have taken time to learn about the different communities available and decide where I feel my specific interests and the knowledge that I can share are a match. Also, getting a workflow, checking into trending hashtags on Twitter, or exploring communities on LinkedIn, for example, helps to find people to connect with and build a supportive network.

Rachelle Dené PothRachelle Dené Poth
Spanish and Steam Teacher, Consultant, ThriveinEDU LLC

Share Knowledge on Tech Forums

I use tech forums to build relationships with professionals in my industry. Being in the IT field, tech forums are a great place to share knowledge or best practices you have that can help someone. Sometimes, these connections also help in collaboration, leading to more exposure. Many reputable forums also organize events, webinars, or conferences that again help in networking. I get to keep myself updated on the trends, which helps to take the conversation further and build potential connections. Overall, this is the best online way I have found to network in my field, which has helped me develop my skills and grow professionally.

Scott LardScott Lard
General Manager, Partner, IS&T

Participate in Online Forums and Q&A

For me, participating in online forums and Q&A sites like Quora or industry-specific platforms has been a great way to build my expertise. My experience has shown me that this interaction lets me share my expertise and helps me improve personally and professionally.

First and foremost, these platforms allow you to engage with a diverse and global community of people with similar interests or expertise. I’ve built a solid network of like-minded people by actively participating in discussions, answering questions, and sharing insights. This network has expanded my understanding and provided new opportunities.

Offering advice and thoughts on various platforms has also helped me share my experience. I gain respect and authority in my profession by answering questions thoroughly and engaging in meaningful debates. This can boost industry recognition, bringing new clients, partners, and jobs.

Participating in forums and Q&A sites also benefits others. Sharing has taught me more. Discussing diverse ideas, challenging my assumptions, and keeping up with my field’s current trends helps me stay informed. This ongoing learning keeps me sharp and ahead in my field.

Joseph Manktelow-PimmJoseph Manktelow-Pimm
Editor, 7Gents

Showcase Work on Portfolio Platforms

If you have a portfolio of work or projects, consider using online portfolio platforms like Behance or Dribbble (for designers) to showcase your achievements. These platforms attract professionals and potential clients looking for specific skills or services. Make sure to optimize your profile with relevant keywords and descriptions to make it discoverable. When you receive inquiries or project requests, engage with potential clients and collaborators professionally. Building a strong presence on portfolio platforms can lead to networking opportunities and project collaborations.

Dr. Scott KatzmanDr. Scott Katzman
Orthopedic Surgeon, NJ Spine & Orthopedic

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