18 Hidden Gem Podcasts Recommended for Business Leaders


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18 Hidden Gem Podcasts Recommended for Business Leaders

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18 Hidden Gem Podcasts Recommended for Business Leaders

In the quest to stay informed and inspired, we’ve gathered recommendations from CEOs, presidents, and other business experts for podcasts that are true hidden gems. From the economic insights offered by “The Indicator from Planet Money” to the broadened perspectives of “Conversations with Tyler,” here are the top eighteen podcasts business leaders swear by for their unique and valuable content.

  • The Indicator from Planet Money
  • Stanford’s Innovation Lab
  • The Art of Charm
  • Beyond the Boardroom
  • The Tim Ferriss Show
  • Leaders in Tech
  • Indie Hackers
  • The Next Great Thing
  • Big Ideas for Small Business
  • The GaryVee Audio Experience
  • We Study Billionaires
  • The James Altucher Show
  • Building Freedom
  • My First Million
  • The Growth Show
  • Business Accelerator
  • Social Proof Podcast
  • Conversations with Tyler

The Indicator from Planet Money

One podcast that stands out as a hidden gem, particularly valuable for business leaders, is “The Indicator from Planet Money.”

While not exclusively designed for business leaders, its concise, insightful analysis of economic trends and business concepts provides invaluable context for decision-making in any leadership role. Each episode delivers bite-sized yet profound insights into the economic indicators that shape our world, from global economic trends to niche market anomalies.

What sets “The Indicator” apart is its ability to distill complex economic concepts into understandable, relatable narratives. This podcast offers a fresh perspective on economic analysis, making it an essential tool for business leaders seeking to deepen their understanding of the economic landscape without getting lost in jargon. Its focus on both current events and timeless economic principles provides listeners with a broader understanding of the forces that influence business success, making it a powerful resource for strategic planning and innovation.

In my role, where making sense of economic trends is crucial for advising clients on investment strategies, this podcast has been an invaluable resource for staying informed and ahead of market movements. Its insights have informed many discussions with clients and colleagues, reinforcing its value as a tool for anyone involved in business leadership or financial planning.

Garrett SmithGarrett Smith
Financial Advisor, Ascend Investment Partners

Stanford’s Innovation Lab

I always point business leaders toward the “Stanford Innovation Lab” podcast. It’s packed with engaging interviews that don’t just illuminate but also offer real-world guidance on how to tackle the obstacles and seize the opportunities the business landscape throws at you.

For me, this podcast has been a key resource in honing my innovation strategies at Omniconvert, mixing academic insights with practical steps. It hits right at home with its emphasis on using technology and market insight to spur growth, mirroring my own commitment to leveraging customer data.

“The Stanford Innovation Lab” podcast is an essential listen for anyone looking to foster innovation, presented in a way that demystifies complex ideas and sparks inventive thinking.

Valentin RaduValentin Radu
CEO & Founder, Blogger, Speaker, Podcaster, Omniconvert

The Art of Charm

I’ll recommend business leaders tune into “The Art of Charm,” hosted by Brian Howie and Aaron Michael. The podcast touches on topics encompassing the psychology of influence and teaches listeners how they can be persuasive. It’s a great show for successful and aspiring entrepreneurs, as it helps you improve your networking skills.

We all understand the importance of building connections to be successful in the corporate world. The show shares many useful tips on how you can build a personal brand, build rapport in your respective industry, and grow your network by leveraging your charisma.

Chris KlosowskiChris Klosowski
President, Easy Digital Downloads

Beyond the Boardroom

One podcast that consistently flies under the radar, yet offers immense value for business leaders, is “Beyond the Boardroom.” It’s a treasure trove of insights, focusing on the less conventional aspects of leadership and business strategy.

The discussions explore the personal journeys and philosophies of business innovators, offering a unique blend of professional wisdom and personal growth strategies. Its candid conversations provide listeners with a holistic view of leadership, making it an invaluable resource for those looking to lead with authenticity and vision.

Gregory RozdebaGregory Rozdeba
CEO, Dundas Life

The Tim Ferriss Show

One hidden gem of a podcast that I highly recommend for business leaders is “The Tim Ferriss Show.”

While Tim Ferriss is well-known for his bestselling books and entrepreneurial success, his podcast offers a unique blend of interviews with top performers across various industries, insightful discussions on personal development, and practical tips for optimizing productivity and performance. What sets “The Tim Ferriss Show” apart is Ferriss’s ability to delve deep into the minds of his guests, extracting valuable insights and actionable advice that listeners can apply to their own lives and businesses.

Each episode of “The Tim Ferriss Show” is a treasure trove of wisdom, offering a diverse range of perspectives and strategies for success. From renowned entrepreneurs and CEOs to world-class athletes and artists, Ferriss brings together an eclectic mix of guests who share their experiences, challenges, and lessons learned on their journey to mastery.

Whether it’s learning about unconventional business strategies, cultivating resilience in the face of adversity, or optimizing health and wellness for peak performance, “The Tim Ferriss Show” offers invaluable insights and inspiration for business leaders looking to elevate their game and achieve their goals.

Joe DaviesJoe Davies
Co-Founder and CEO, FATJOE

Leaders in Tech

Leaders in Tech” is a podcast that dives deep into the stories of technology leaders and the companies they’ve helped build or transform. It uncovers the strategies, failures, and pivotal decisions behind some of the tech industry’s most successful ventures.

What makes this podcast stand out is its focus on the human element behind tech leadership, providing valuable lessons on resilience, innovation, and the importance of vision in driving technological advancement. It’s an excellent resource for leaders looking to understand the dynamics of leading in the fast-paced tech sector.

Phil StrazzullaPhil Strazzulla
Founder, SelectSoftware Reviews

Indie Hackers

One hidden gem of a podcast I’d recommend for business leaders is “The Indie Hackers Podcast” by Courtland Allen. It’s a bit off the beaten path but offers an incredible treasure trove of insights for entrepreneurs and leaders interested in the tech and startup world.

What makes it stand out is its focus on the stories of indie entrepreneurs who have successfully built their businesses and side projects into profitable ventures, often with minimal initial investment. Each episode dives into practical strategies, the realities of bootstrapping, and the personal journeys of founders, providing a mix of inspiration and actionable advice. It’s perfect for leaders looking to innovate, pivot, or simply find fresh perspectives in the digital landscape.

Bhavik SarkhediBhavik Sarkhedi
Growth Head & CMO, Content Whale

The Next Great Thing

Leaders need to know what’s coming next, or at least where to find out about it. That’s why one of my favorite podcasts is Andrew Greenstein’s “The Next Great Thing.” It’s focused on calling out all the little factors that make standout digital products and experiences.

I like how this podcast always pushes past simplified “secret sauce” discussions to dig into the practical elements of success. I also like that each episode is only about a half-hour long, and it usually updates once or twice a month, so it’s easy to keep up with.

Shaun StewartShaun Stewart
President, ChargeLab

Big Ideas for Small Business

One hidden gem I recommend for business leaders is the “Big Ideas for Small Business” podcast. Tim Hayden, the host, does an incredible job leading discussions on a wide range of topics crucial for growing a business and building a fulfilling life.

What makes this podcast stand out is its focus on real success stories from leaders who’ve been there. It’s perfect whether you’re just starting out or already have a thriving business. The breadth of topics covered and the quality of insights make it a must-listen. I highly recommend tuning in and subscribing for valuable lessons and inspiration.

Marco Genaro PalmaMarco Genaro Palma
Freelance CMO and SEO Consultant, GenaroPalma.com

The GaryVee Audio Experience

The GaryVee Audio Experience” is a podcast that I find particularly insightful. Gary Vaynerchuk, a serial entrepreneur and thought leader in the digital marketing space, hosts this podcast. His candid discussions about entrepreneurship, business, and marketing provide a unique perspective that’s both refreshing and thought-provoking.

The podcast’s focus on practical, actionable advice makes it a valuable resource for business leaders looking to stay ahead of the curve. Plus, Gary’s dynamic interviewing style and diverse range of guests ensure that each episode is engaging and informative. I believe this podcast offers the kind of cutting-edge insights that can help business leaders navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

Vicki MorilloVicki Morillo
Head of Marketing, Cordless

We Study Billionaires

We Study Billionaires” is not only an interesting listen, but it is also inspiring for business leaders. Each episode covers a different billionaire and leaves you with practical advice to implement into your own life.

Corey SchwitzCorey Schwitz
CEO & Founder, Skydog Ops

The James Altucher Show

The James Altucher Show” is an excellent resource for business leaders, and his prior content, Ask Altucher, also has life-changing content. The formats differ; however, the running theme is a continuation of his book and ethos, Choose Yourself. He details and outlines ways people have reinvented themselves through making calculated choices that put their best interests forward. You would be surprised how often we make decisions that are not rooted in our best interests.

Developing this awareness and harnessing the power of choosing oneself is transformative. The Altucher podcasts have been transformative for my career, and the very hard choices have become clearer with the guidance of his content and materials. I highly recommend “The James Altucher Show.”

Matthew CapalaMatthew Capala
CEO, Alphametic

Building Freedom

If you’re on the hunt for a podcast that’s a bit under the radar but incredibly valuable for business leaders, check out the “Building Freedom” podcast with Randy Stanbury. While it’s specifically designed for those in construction, trades, and custom home building, the insights and lessons shared are universal.

Randy brings a wealth of experience to the table, sharing advice and stories from running multiple businesses and successfully selling some for over eight figures. It’s not just about the specifics of one industry; it’s about the broader lessons on leadership, strategy, and resilience that any business leader can apply. You can find it at the “Building Freedom” Podcast. It’s a hidden gem that offers practical advice and inspiration, no matter what business you’re in.

Travis SchreiberTravis Schreiber
Director of Operations, Erase Technologies

My First Million

The one podcast I find myself listening to is “My First Million” by Shaan Puri and Sam Parr. The reason I listen to them is because they are a brainstorming powerhouse; when I’m tuned in, it’s like I have a constant brainstorming session in my ear. They invite guests onto their show who share valuable insights and ideas.

The best part is that they don’t just throw out random ideas. They dive into real-world examples and tell their listeners how to implement these ideas. If you’re a curious business leader like me, then this podcast is for you.

Benjamin RojasBenjamin Rojas
Co-Founder, All in One SEO

The Growth Show

A podcast that I frequently suggest to business executives is “The Growth Show” from HubSpot. It’s similar to discovering a secret stash of valuable business insights. What’s impressive is their in-depth exploration of actual success stories from professionals and industry leaders. You receive a variety of useful advice and techniques for expanding your business.

It’s similar to having a coach whispering in your earphones, leading you through the challenges and successes of owning a business. If you are seeking new perspectives to drive the growth of your business, it is worth checking out “The Growth Show.”

Cody JensenCody Jensen
CEO & Founder, Searchbloom

Business Accelerator

One podcast I find myself listening to fairly often is “Business Accelerator.” Michael Hyatt and Megan Hyatt Miller host this show, and it has a slightly different spin from most business podcasts.

Instead of focusing on marketing and other external factors, most of the discussions are about improving internally so we can do better for our business. For example, they cover advice for goal-setting and other tips for self-improvement. I find their advice practical and memorable, and I highly recommend it for people who are looking to level up and become a more impactful leader.

Daman Jeet SinghDaman Jeet Singh
CEO, FunnelKit

Social Proof Podcast

I love the “Social Proof Podcast.” It’s informative, inspiring, and jam-packed with proven business strategies. David Shands, the host, is an entrepreneur and founder of Sleep Is 4 Suckers as well as the nonprofit organization Sleepless Society. He gives valuable advice on being a good business leader and a successful entrepreneur. Thanks to his vast experience, David can identify problem areas in business and show how you can patch them with easy-to-apply, practical, and effective solutions.

I recommend listening to the “Social Proof Podcast” to anyone who wants to grow in their business leader role. It’s a great source of inspiration and knowledge that is offered in an engaging manner. Every episode is rich with gems. It’s a true must-listen!

Agata SzczepanekAgata Szczepanek
Career Expert, LiveCareer

Conversations with Tyler

I’ve found “Conversations with Tyler,” hosted by Tyler Cowen, to be a hidden gem, exploring a broad array of topics through interviews with thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and intellectuals. While not exclusively a business podcast, its discussions on economics, culture, and technology offer unique perspectives that can broaden a business leader’s understanding of global trends and innovations.

Cowen’s ability to delve deep into subjects and draw out nuanced insights makes each episode a treasure trove of ideas. This podcast is particularly beneficial for leaders looking to think more broadly and challenge their assumptions about the world of business and beyond.

Gillian DewarGillian Dewar
Chief Financial Officer, Crediful

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