What are some questions to start a conversation?


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Questions to Start a Conversation

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What is one question that is guaranteed to start a conversation?

To help you start conversations with other people easily, we asked communication coaches and people managers this question for their best conversation starters. From “What Was Your Highlight of the Day?” to “Are You a Cat Or a Dog Person?,” there are several questions that are comfortable for anyone to ask to easily strike a friendly conversation with others.

Here are 17 questions these professionals usually ask to start a conversation:

  • What was your highlight of the day?
  • What if There Was No Internet?
  • Which is a Better Metaphor for Business – Pie Or Pizza?
  • What Are You Passionate About?
  • What is Your Favorite Podcast?
  • What Led You to Your Current Job?
  • What’s the Best Thing You’ve Ever Bought Off Amazon?
  • What is the Most Memorable Meal You’ve Ever Had?
  • Working On Anything Exciting Recently?
  • What’s Your Favorite Web Series?
  • How Do You Find My Outfit?
  • Have We Met Before?
  • What Model is Your Car?
  • What’s the Most Beautiful Place You’ve Ever Visited?
  • What Are Your Future Plans?
  • What’s Your Favorite Thing to Do?
  • Are You a Cat Or a Dog Person?

What Was Your Highlight of the Day?

This question has always helped me to start a conversation with someone I know.
They will always be left thinking when this question is asked, and ultimately you can have a great conversation. It is the smoothest conversation starter for sure, and it may change depending on the place and situation you are in for someone you don’t know and want to start a conversation with.

Madhurima Halder, Recruit CRM

What if There Was No Internet?

One of the questions may be, “How would your life be different if you didn’t have the internet?” This inquiry can help you understand what the individual does, the personality of the person, and the person’s outlook on life. This will also give you a good first impression in front of the individual and is a wonderful method to start a discussion. As the saying goes, “initial impressions are everything.” This is a great place to start.

Samantha Odo, Precondo

Which is a Better Metaphor for Business – Pie Or Pizza?

Unorthodox and thought-provoking – a perfect recipe for a conversation starter.
A business is a box of pizza – there’s small, medium, and large sizes with a variety of ingredients at play that make them work. Without certain key elements, neither can work efficiently; a business can’t operate without employees, and pizza is practically non-existent without its toppings. 

See what I did there? By virtue of briefly answering my own question here, I’ve provided perspective to a question that has perhaps never been asked of you before. Thus, it required some thought and a bit of creativity. It’s also likely that your initial sentiments were vastly different from my own. That’s the beauty of a question that is guaranteed to start a conversation.

Dan Gray, Kotn Supply

What Are You Passionate About?

Asking questions is a great way to get to know someone, but not all questions are created equal. Some questions are so generic that they can be easily answered with a one-word response, while others are so personal that they can make the person being questioned feel uncomfortable.

However, there is one question that is guaranteed to start a conversation, and that is “What are you passionate about?” This question allows the person being asked to share whatever he or she is most enthusiastic about, which can lead to a lively discussion.

In addition, it shows that you are interested in learning more about the other person, which can help to break the ice and build rapport. So next time you’re looking to start a conversation, ask the other person what he or she is passionate about. Chances are good that you’ll end up having an interesting and engaging conversation.

David Gu, Neutypechic

What is Your Favorite Podcast?

What is your favorite podcast? I love this question because most people listen to at least one podcast today and it immediately provides valuable insight into the other person. If they say something you also know, you already have something in common and if it is a podcast you have never heard of you get to learn something new.

Patrick Robinson, Paskho

What Led You to Your Current Job?

The key to starting a whole conversation – and not just swapping a couple of sentences – is to invite thoughts on something both simple and profound. We all have a story or two about the surprising and challenging path our lives have taken, and sharing those stories is something everyone enjoys. No matter where we are in life today, all of us have come through a unique set of highs and lows that have made us who we are. Inviting someone to share their story, in whatever level of detail they’re comfortable with, is a great way to start a real conversation.

Daniel Apke, Land Investing Online

What’s the Best Thing You’ve Ever Bought Off Amazon?

What’s the best thing you’ve ever bought off Amazon? I love this question because it immediately provides valuable insight into the other person and will also likely make them chuckle. The fact that most people shop on amazon today also helps build a sense of connection between both people and is light enough to make sure you don’t accidentally press on any sensitive topics too early on in the conversation.

Michael Burghoffer, PicoSolutions

What is the Most Memorable Meal You’ve Ever Had?

The most effective icebreaker is usually a compliment. Because, it creates positivity and interest in the person, and then ask anything best with the situation. However, “What is the most memorable meal you’ve ever had?” is the question I usually ask.

I’ve heard tales of basic family meals to tales of extravagant meals in other places in exotic locations. People discuss their surroundings, what was going on, and why it was so unforgettable.

Some folks would describe a supper that was so basic that it satisfied a hunger that had gotten so great that nothing else would do. And when asked in a group setting, other listeners constantly compete to share their tale of a memorable dinner. Always insightful, always fascinating conversation.

Kathryn Snapka, The Snapka Law Firm

Working on Anything Exciting Recently?

To start any conversation, there has to be an idea before both individuals so that they can proceed with the conversation further. Working on anything exciting recently? is the preferred question to start any conversation with as it will give a sort of basis for the upcoming conversation. This question will make the other individual think that you are interested in their daily activities, and it will give a kind of boost to your conversation. Any questions related to each other’s working lives will eventually provide momentum to your conversation to a greater extent. There are many other questions as well, but I find this one preferable.

Louis Russell, Kuhamia

What’s Your Favorite Web Series?

You hit a conversation by asking, what is the favorite web series of the person in front of you. Nowadays, there is a trend of various web series, from dramas to American television shows. People are obsessed with them. There are so many genres from horror to comic, that can convert you into a binge watcher that it is impossible to get away. Most people do watch anime or series, so this question is very interesting and could lead to a great and fun conversation. If your choices match, you can connect greatly, and even if they don’t, you will get to know a lot about new dramas and can start exploring them. This question can not bore people hence, it is the perfect one to hit a conversation right.

Jeremy James, Blue Water Climate Control

How Do You Find My Outfit?

After nearly 2 years of complete lockdown and limited socialization, most of us have forgotten or have become extremely poor at conversations. As someone who has to connect with various individuals every day, I’ve discovered that maintaining a conversation isn’t half as difficult as breaking the ice. Even thinking about starting a conversation might trigger social anxiety. However, if you ask them their opinion on anything, they are likely to respond. You might ask them if they think your outfit is appropriate and then continue your talk.

Phillip Imler, National Parks

Have We Met Before?

The question “Have We Met Before?” Is guaranteed to start a conversation because I believe this question intrigues the other person to answer it out of curiosity whether or not they have met before. I have myself encountered this question many times especially in waiting areas or at a parking lot and have a long chat with the person asking it. So, without any doubt, this question is a conversation starter.

Becca Klein, BeccaKlein

What Model is Your Car?

I used to hate taking Ubers. Stuck in a small confined space with a stranger, with an underlying tension of needing something to say. Not one to bury my head in my phone for 20 minutes, I spent years struggling to make conversations. Then I found the secret.

The one question to kick-start any conversation with an Uber driver that never fails to light them up is “Hey man, I really like your car! What model is it?”

Mentioning anything about their car never fails to ignite an enthusiastic conversation. Suddenly they’ll be telling you about the car, the miles, how reliable it is, the best option to go for if you want a reliable car to drive a lot, and so on. I always end the ride with a smile on my face after a great chat. While I’m not a huge car guy, it’s great to be able to turn an awkward situation into a friendly and positive one.

Craig Galloway, Tech Detective

What’s the Most Beautiful Place You’ve Ever Visited?

“What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever visited?” This is a guaranteed conversation starter as the question is specific yet broad. Someone might start talking about their favorite vacation spot, others a random cafe they’ve found. There’s a lot of room to get the conversation going once you kickstart the topic.

Deian Isac, BnBmagician

What Are Your Future Plans?

The one question that will always start a conversation is “What are your future plans?”
This question is guaranteed to start a conversation because it’s so open-ended. It gives the person you’re talking to an opportunity to share their goals and aspirations, which can spark all kinds of different conversations. It helps establish common ground, which makes people feel at ease and comfortable with each other. It also shows that you want to know more about them and are genuinely interested in what they want out of life.

Amy Gilmore, Learn Financial Strategy

What’s Your Favorite Thing to Do?

This is the perfect question because people like to talk about their passions and hobbies and plus if you share these passions then it is easier to relate with the person. This will put both on the same level and give room for further conversation. The goal is to ask a question that leads to further conversation!

Tyler Hull, Modern Exterior

Are You a Cat Or a Dog Person?

This question never gets old. Whether you are a cat or dog lover, or like neither, the answer says a lot about your personality. Typically, dogs are people pleasers, easy to train, and give unconditional love, whereas cats are loyal to no one and you can’t buy their affection easily.  It’s the perfect ice breaker and more often than not sparks a debate that leads easily onto other topics.

Tara Bennet, Mediumchat Group

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